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Janelle said that Howie needed to have his feet resurfaced and he asked if she needed her vagina resurfaced. He apologized. NT - Red_Planet
12:00AM 31/07/2005

Ivette finally gets back in: spills what she heard - Zazny
12:15AM 31/07/2005

April volunteers to go next; M: can you do it with the same finesse as Ivette? NT - Zazny
12:15AM 31/07/2005

Ivette wants to tell James that "the other group" wants him out too - Zazny
12:19AM 31/07/2005

I: Kaysar's behind it all!; M: ...Interesting... NT - Zazny
12:20AM 31/07/2005

Ivette has volunteered to hide in the lazy susan tomorrow evening to hear them better. (ed:ghetto girl idea again..hope she gets caught) NT - Panda4
12:21AM 31/07/2005

A: I kinda feel guilty [about spying]; M: Good for you. Feel guilty for the rest of us NT - Zazny
12:39AM 31/07/2005

Rachel thinks next HOH may be about each other; they (R/Jan/How/Kay) agree to discuss favorites tomorrow - Zazny
12:55AM 31/07/2005

Rachel now up and talking with Jan/Howi/Kay in BR. They are telling each other their favorite color. Rachel - Panda4
12:57AM 31/07/2005

Jan is sure that Howie will be replacement nom, says she's easy to get rid of NT - Zazny
1:04AM 31/07/2005

Howie at the TMI Department - Zazny
1:12AM 31/07/2005
tommorow they will celebrate Howie's one month anniversary for not blowing a load (joke on all the birthday celebrations) NT - Hypnotoad
1:14AM 31/07/2005

Janelle says they interviewed her brother; Howie says the same with his mother ("they loved her, she couldn't commit to 3 months") NT - Zazny
1:38AM 31/07/2005

Howie said BB asked him to put people down that fit certain categories; Janelle said they told her just put people down and FISH NT - Zazny
1:39AM 31/07/2005

Howie says the song will never make TV "It's distasteful"; Jan: So's Ivette.... NT - Zazny
1:42AM 31/07/2005
Some of the lines in song were: - CougarSpy
2:00AM 31/07/2005

How/Jan/Kay in WC - Anonymous
1:58AM 31/07/2005
Kaysar tells Janelle that he's sure Michael would drop any girl for her. NT - drummer_inblack
2:00AM 31/07/2005

Janelle considering requesting to be nominated - lawheeze
2:46AM 31/07/2005

K, Howie and Janie in the kitchen. - lawheeze
3:01AM 31/07/2005

More K/Janie/Howie at the table - lawheeze
3:15AM 31/07/2005

Howie, Janie, Kaysar have just gone to bed. NT - BBmaKee
3:22AM 31/07/2005

Kaysar is up. Sitting at the table arranging the coasters in a decorative pattern on it. - Anonymous
4:46AM 31/07/2005
Now he's back to bed. NT - Anonymous
4:49AM 31/07/2005

No Sign of Life Yet From the HG. All Still in Bed. NT - valentine
6:06AM 31/07/2005

Spooning Action in the Gold Room - valentine
6:29AM 31/07/2005

Janelle Just Got Back in Bed With Howie - valentine
6:32AM 31/07/2005

Jennifer Just Left the HOH Suite - valentine
6:42AM 31/07/2005
she is using the bathroom NT - Anonymous
6:43AM 31/07/2005
And, Yes, She's Still in the WC. NT - valentine
6:45AM 31/07/2005

Jennifer is back to bed NT - Anonymous
6:52AM 31/07/2005

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