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Kaysar et al still talking about James. Kaysar says he knows James will try to take credit for things Kaysar has done. - Caribou
12:00AM 01/08/2005

April - you've made more friends over the last week because of what you did.... - Caribou
12:01AM 01/08/2005

Kaysar wants April and Beau to let Eric know that Kaysar really does and did respect him. April and Beau agree and April says when people sit back and - Caribou
12:09AM 01/08/2005

Kaysar - i'm good friends with Janelle and Howie because I know their friendship is true. April says same thing for her with her group. NT - Caribou
12:10AM 01/08/2005

Problem with the hookah equipment, but April is relieved that there is still tobacco left NT - Caribou
12:11AM 01/08/2005

Problems with hookah, April keeps waiting for Kay to get it 'smooth' not harsh before she partakes (and coughs). - TheAntiHamster
12:14AM 01/08/2005

April tells Kaysar to tell his group to come to her when Kaysar leaves on Thursday so she can guide them to get rid of james. Kaysar just says "i'll - Caribou
12:16AM 01/08/2005

Kaysar tells them to let Maggie etc. know there's no hard feelings. He just doesn't get along with Ivette. Beau says he has no problem pesronally with - Caribou
12:22AM 01/08/2005

Kaysar tells them that James is listening to Ivette with the plan to go against her later. He's using Ivette. NT - Caribou
12:24AM 01/08/2005

April tells Kaysar to talk to her about his plans for James over the next few days. She keeps telling kaysar what will work and what won't as if he - Caribou
12:32AM 01/08/2005

Kaysar and Howie in BY - plan to take shower. Kaysar talks as if about nothing but motions to howie he needs to talk to him, wants him to stay up. - Caribou
12:34AM 01/08/2005

HOH Room - Mag says that she was done with James when he said to Kay I can give you Eric NT - Anonymous
12:38AM 01/08/2005

Beau went in BY just to hug Kaysar. Now he's up in HOH and waiting for April. He's excited to talk to maggie, ivette, jenn about his convo with kay NT - Caribou
12:39AM 01/08/2005

Beau - we got so much ***** out of kaysar its not even funny. Beau gets a beer from HOH fridge. NT - Caribou
12:39AM 01/08/2005

Kaysar in bathroom with Howie and Rachel, telling them about James. I switched feeds to HOH to hear April's convo NT - Caribou
12:42AM 01/08/2005

April tells them she told Kaysar that james is f'g him over. HOH crowd hanging on every word. - Caribou
12:45AM 01/08/2005

Ivette and Jennifer hear about james playing them, especially playing Ivette. They're not happy but act like they sort of knew already. NT - Caribou
12:49AM 01/08/2005

You can see the hurt in Kaysar's eyes that James betrayed his trust. He really liked James. NT - starrynite
12:56AM 01/08/2005

4 feeds view for a bit - Kaysar snowing James and Sarah in GR while Rachel watches intently. Says his whole night was ruined - Caribou
12:58AM 01/08/2005

April and Beau say they loved talking with Kaysar and he's such a nice guy. Maggie is going to have a discussion with Kaysar tomorrow - Caribou
1:00AM 01/08/2005

Ivette says she can't believe James is playing her. Jennifer says we knew that, that he was trying to get at you. Ivette got out of bed. She's now - Caribou
1:05AM 01/08/2005

Maggie: James tries to make it look like he is benefitting other people when he is really benefitting himself NT - Caribou
1:06AM 01/08/2005

Ivette says Kaysar used her original plan and claimed it as his own. Ivette doesn't like this that people steal her ideas NT - Caribou
1:06AM 01/08/2005

HOH Sheep Meeting - Beau's busting at the seams to talk - Anonymous
1:09AM 01/08/2005

Ivette doesn't believe Kaysar loves Janelle because they never talk. Beau and April tell her they always talk, Ivette just doesn't think they talk NT - Caribou
1:10AM 01/08/2005

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