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Topic #2049967
Caribou - Kaysar et al still talking about James. Kaysar says he knows James will try to take credit for things Kaysar has done. 0 Replies #2049967 12:00AM 01/08/2005
Kaysar says James already tried to take credit for the chess game veto and Kaysar thought, oh please I gave that to you. April says she wishes she had known what his plan was and she could have helped Kaysar do things differently.

Now Kaysar talking about what he did and why and what he wants in life etc. Same stuff we've heard before. April agreeing and kissing his butt basically.
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Topic #2049976
Caribou - April - you've made more friends over the last week because of what you did.... 0 Replies #2049976 12:01AM 01/08/2005
April says Kaysar looks so high...look at his eyes. Kaysar says he knows he is.
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Topic #2050015
Caribou - Kaysar wants April and Beau to let Eric know that Kaysar really does and did respect him. April and Beau agree and April says when people sit back and 0 Replies #2050015 12:09AM 01/08/2005
watch the show, they would see it and know finally.

Kaysar says he's smart and can come up with diabolical plans but he has certain morals and won't do everything he could do. Beau mentions James watching them right now.

Kaysar brings up James gunning for Eric. April says she thought y'all wanted Eric and he agreed. Kaysar told Eric to stay out of veto, to not get involved or deal is off, he knew about Maggie and him so Kay wanted to put pressure on Eric. James then freaked out and came to Kaysar and wanted to play on his team. Kaysar realized James was up to something. Kaysar says he saw everything already and that's why he felt the deal with Eric was off.

Kaysar wanted ivette or maggie out to lessen Eric's strength, it wasn't personal, and he wondered why Eric was trying to play him for a fool.

April says James told Ivette, repeatedly over 45 minutes, that he saved her he saved her and April thought you MOFO.

Kaysar was pushed to nominate and evict Eric he's explaining. Beau says is that why you were upstairs in your room alone? Kaysar says yea, James kept trying to push me to do it do it. Kaysar telling them that James was the one who wanted Eric up and for Eric to be evicted.

April says when James came up to HOH the other day he was pretty much in tears, he kept apologizing to Ivette. Kaysar says that's why he keeps telling him to calm down and think logically and not get emotional. Kaysar says he asked James if he was f'g him over and James said no. April says she knew it.

Kaysar - he just shot himself in the foot because i'm gonna make sure he doesnt' get anywhere

April shares now about Sarah begging for them to save James because she cant' be without him.
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Topic #2050026
Caribou - Kaysar - i'm good friends with Janelle and Howie because I know their friendship is true. April says same thing for her with her group. NT 0 Replies #2050026 12:10AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050030
Caribou - Problem with the hookah equipment, but April is relieved that there is still tobacco left NT 0 Replies #2050030 12:11AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050049
TheAntiHamster - Problems with hookah, April keeps waiting for Kay to get it 'smooth' not harsh before she partakes (and coughs). 0 Replies #2050049 12:14AM 01/08/2005
Kay says they haven't been able to get it going properly all night.
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Topic #2050069
Caribou - April tells Kaysar to tell his group to come to her when Kaysar leaves on Thursday so she can guide them to get rid of james. Kaysar just says "i'll 0 Replies #2050069 12:16AM 01/08/2005
take care of it"

Kaysar trying to get the hookah lit again.

April - that mofo has 9 lives
Kaysar - james is a good competitor. i'm gonna make it my personal goal to take him out.
April - he ruined our whole f'n plan this week. you're not shittin' me are you about what you're saying?
Kaysar - you can go back and backtrack through every conversation.
April - i knew that you would know I was telling the truth because Sarah told us everything and you would know what you said

April now saying these people have never done anything to me. Kaysar says she doesn't have to explain.

April says her lungs hurt. Asks if they can smoke some canteloupe this week. Kaysar says tomorrow.

Kaysar to Beau - don't get all gay with my hookah ok?
They laugh

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Topic #2050101
Caribou - Kaysar tells them to let Maggie etc. know there's no hard feelings. He just doesn't get along with Ivette. Beau says he has no problem pesronally with 0 Replies #2050101 12:22AM 01/08/2005

April asks who came up with plan to talk to Maggie. Kaysar says it was his idea. He was just trying to save his butt but knew 99% chance she wouldn't take it.

They laugh about it.

April says she knows Kaysar is going because he's a strong threat, not to her but in the game. Kaysar says he told Maggie no hard feelings. He accepts it. He wants Beau and April to let her know that. He tried to play as well as he can and what else can you do, that's it. As much as he doesnt' want to go home, that's it, what can you do.

Kaysar was willing to let go of James but he will not sacrifice Janelle, Howie or Rachel. April says that's exactly how they feel.

Kaysar says it shows a lot that she came and told him this. It means a lot to him. He didnt' feel bad about walking out the door but do people talk bad about him, not like venting but do people truly dislike him. It's not that he wants everyone to like him, he just doesn't want to leave a bad impression. He wants to know if he did something, what can he do to change it on a personal level, for peace of mind, for how he is with people in life.

Kaysar says he would like to believe that they wouldnt' have come to him if they didn't believe his sincerity. Beau says absolutely and April agrees, then April starts right back in on James.
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Topic #2050114
Caribou - Kaysar tells them that James is listening to Ivette with the plan to go against her later. He's using Ivette. NT 0 Replies #2050114 12:24AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050192
Caribou - April tells Kaysar to talk to her about his plans for James over the next few days. She keeps telling kaysar what will work and what won't as if he 0 Replies #2050192 12:32AM 01/08/2005
needs her input. Kaysar mostly goes quiet everytime she does this.

The rest of BY crowd is going to bed. Howie approaches them. Asks if April has smokes left but Beau says no she's out. April asks Kaysar to leave hookah. Kaysar says he can't, he's not allowed or something.

April asks Beau to remind others, whoever goes in DR to ask for nicotine patches for her.

They are done smoking hookah for tonight. Beau and April thank Kaysar for sharing hookah.
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Topic #2050214
Caribou - Kaysar and Howie in BY - plan to take shower. Kaysar talks as if about nothing but motions to howie he needs to talk to him, wants him to stay up. 0 Replies #2050214 12:34AM 01/08/2005
Howie says he knows he's going up. Kaysar says no but i can't talk to you right now. Seems Kaysar wants to wait till others are asleep or in bed at least.

Meanwhile, he and Howie will shower and appear to get ready for bed but go talk instead. Kay asked if janie was still up too and they figure she is.
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Topic #2050243
Anonymous - HOH Room - Mag says that she was done with James when he said to Kay I can give you Eric NT 0 Replies #2050243 12:38AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050245
Caribou - Beau went in BY just to hug Kaysar. Now he's up in HOH and waiting for April. He's excited to talk to maggie, ivette, jenn about his convo with kay NT 0 Replies #2050245 12:39AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050253
Caribou - Beau - we got so much ***** out of kaysar its not even funny. Beau gets a beer from HOH fridge. NT 0 Replies #2050253 12:39AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050263
Caribou - Kaysar in bathroom with Howie and Rachel, telling them about James. I switched feeds to HOH to hear April's convo NT 0 Replies #2050263 12:42AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050273
Caribou - April tells them she told Kaysar that james is f'g him over. HOH crowd hanging on every word. 0 Replies #2050273 12:45AM 01/08/2005
April shares that she said Sarah has been James messenger.

Ok this is going to be a repeat of it all again. If I hear something new, or important spin on something etc., i'll post it.
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Topic #2050296
Caribou - Ivette and Jennifer hear about james playing them, especially playing Ivette. They're not happy but act like they sort of knew already. NT 0 Replies #2050296 12:49AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050356
starrynite - You can see the hurt in Kaysar's eyes that James betrayed his trust. He really liked James. NT 0 Replies #2050356 12:56AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050367
Caribou - 4 feeds view for a bit - Kaysar snowing James and Sarah in GR while Rachel watches intently. Says his whole night was ruined 0 Replies #2050367 12:58AM 01/08/2005
having to listen to those two. He wanted to laugh and have fun with them. April was getting all sentimental kaysar says.

Meanwhile, in HOH April and Beau speak highly of Kaysar to Maggs etc. They tell Maggie that Kay etc. hates James as much as them. Their whole group wants to come together with them next week to get James out. Maggie likes this. Maggie says it's too bad Kaysar won't be a part of this next week. But what Kaysar did to Eric last week won't be forgotten and Kaysar has to go. Maggie says Kaysar is a done deal, he is going home.
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Topic #2050382
Caribou - April and Beau say they loved talking with Kaysar and he's such a nice guy. Maggie is going to have a discussion with Kaysar tomorrow 0 Replies #2050382 1:00AM 01/08/2005
about who he wants next to him on the block. Ivette looks unhappy to hear that Kaysar genuinely has friendships with Janelle and Howie and Rachel.

April swears the whole room to secrecy so James doesnt' learn this.
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Topic #2050413
Caribou - Ivette says she can't believe James is playing her. Jennifer says we knew that, that he was trying to get at you. Ivette got out of bed. She's now 0 Replies #2050413 1:05AM 01/08/2005
venting a bit... "did he think that he could take cappy's place?"
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Topic #2050422
Caribou - Maggie: James tries to make it look like he is benefitting other people when he is really benefitting himself NT 0 Replies #2050422 1:06AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050424
Caribou - Ivette says Kaysar used her original plan and claimed it as his own. Ivette doesn't like this that people steal her ideas NT 0 Replies #2050424 1:06AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050434
Anonymous - HOH Sheep Meeting - Beau's busting at the seams to talk 0 Replies #2050434 1:09AM 01/08/2005
B & A recounting conversaiont with Kay
M: Lock the door.
A: The deal is....before we...(looking at spy cam)
B: to April, "Do you want to start?"
A: The deal is...listen...the deal is...what I am about to say cannot leave this room...April telling Kay about who was true to him ..the person that you saved last week is f-ing you this week and that's why you are going home.
K: Why does this benefit me?
A: It could hurt me and I could go home next week.
A: blah, blah, storage room story yet again.
A: Over the past few days, sara has been james' messenger.
A: Discussing each groups plan for veto. Telling Kay that Sara said that selling Sara out was Kay's idea.
A: Telling M. that Kay didn't want to put up Eric. Kay told her it was James' idea. Telling M. how James told Kay that he could work over Ivette and that she would trust him like she trusted Eric.
blah, blah, blah
more blah, blah, blah from A. B. & I.
I: No one's getting my love the way Cappy did.
M: (To I) I'm not sharing you. F--- it.
A: Recounting James' paranoia. Telling how Kay was only told parts of stories by James.
A: Telling (to K) how James swore that he would put up Howie and Rachel next week if he got HOH.
M: Damn impressive. (IRT James suggesting she put up Howie and Rachel so Mag would get the blame for trying to break H & R up)
A: Kay apologized to A. for going to M. IRT his plan to get her to keep him.
I: That was my idea. People always taking credit for my ideas. (Note: the idea was to get Mag to put up one of her own people. Ivette is twisting this saying that she suggested he sell out one of his own people, which is not the same plan..)
M: (IRT James) that Mother F***** is bending us over and sticking a d*** up our a$$.
M: Kay is a done deal. He is going home.
A: Kay said he is willing to accept he is going home. He loves Janelle and Howie and wouldn't one of them to go home over him.
M: I'm going to have a discussion with Kay tomorrow to ask him who he wants next to him.
A: Kay said he should have known that James was going to be a problem.
M: I can't believe he (James) got Eric out. (She says this repeatedly.)
B: Kay said that James always wins veto, so you should use the 6 finger plan.
M: Here's the problem. Sometimes you can't always win the veto.
blah blah blah
I: I'm not saying my plans anymore. Cuz everyone's eating them alive.

More talk about how both sides want James to go & that Sara is gonna be Pi$$ed at whoever evicted him.
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Topic #2050442
Caribou - Ivette doesn't believe Kaysar loves Janelle because they never talk. Beau and April tell her they always talk, Ivette just doesn't think they talk NT 0 Replies #2050442 1:10AM 01/08/2005
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