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Janelle in bed with Howie, giving him a back massage. Kaysar gets his hookah equipment from kitchen and takes it to bed in barracks. NT - Caribou
2:50AM 01/08/2005

ALL HAMSTERS IN BED. Finally. NT - Caribou
2:54AM 01/08/2005

Sarah up and going through her morning routine NT - NMFireman
7:06AM 01/08/2005
I believe that is Rachel up. NT - libbylip
7:10AM 01/08/2005

Nothing happening except for Rachele on treadmill in gym NT - CruiseCritic
7:18AM 01/08/2005

Rachel now on floor next to gumball machine doing situps NT - CruiseCritic
7:28AM 01/08/2005

Rach just walked into bathroom and wiped her back off with a towel and - CruiseCritic
7:31AM 01/08/2005

Walking back to the kitchen now and talking out loud again - CruiseCritic
7:33AM 01/08/2005

No skim milk, g damn it, fn idiots, noone tells when they are out of milk - CruiseCritic
7:35AM 01/08/2005

Rachel asking for 1% Milk, Vanilla Yougart, and Orange Juice NT - Anonymous
7:36AM 01/08/2005

Rach is now going in storage room for the third time and grabbing some - CruiseCritic
7:37AM 01/08/2005

Rach just said "Freaken people, don't tell them when we are out of stuff" NT - CruiseCritic
7:37AM 01/08/2005

Rach now sitting in green chair in LR? just said "wow" out loud... - CruiseCritic
7:40AM 01/08/2005

putting dishes away still; seems like she is talking to herself outloud thru all of this... NT - CruiseCritic
7:41AM 01/08/2005

Rachel stocking fridge with items she got from storage room NT - CruiseCritic
7:44AM 01/08/2005

Just cleaned something off kitchen floor and is now going over and turning on the stove - CruiseCritic
7:49AM 01/08/2005

Rachel using 4 oranges for her juice. OJ is now made and she is pouring herself a glass - CruiseCritic
7:54AM 01/08/2005

Rachel just went in BR and is getting pills? vitamins out of box on floor and on her way - CruiseCritic
7:56AM 01/08/2005

She just buttered her muffin and psrinkled sugar? on it and is now back in fridge - CruiseCritic
7:59AM 01/08/2005

Rachel still only one up, sitting outside staring into space. looks like she is done with her breakfast - CruiseCritic
8:07AM 01/08/2005

Rachel grabs plate and OJ and heads back inside to the kitchen - CruiseCritic
8:14AM 01/08/2005

Not much happening, Rachel saying "hello" Hi, sorry, could I get some more sour cream too please?" "yes, thanks" NT - CruiseCritic
8:15AM 01/08/2005

Rachel just going thru fridge, not much else right now..... - CruiseCritic
8:17AM 01/08/2005

Rachel is now taking a shower NT - Anonymous
8:34AM 01/08/2005
Rachel's done showering NT - Anonymous
8:37AM 01/08/2005

Rachel is sitting outside getting some sun NT - lacycatherine
9:00AM 01/08/2005

Howie is up NT - pittsburgh24
9:31AM 01/08/2005
Outside talking to Rachel NT - lacycatherine
9:37AM 01/08/2005

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