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Topic #2050925
Caribou - Janelle in bed with Howie, giving him a back massage. Kaysar gets his hookah equipment from kitchen and takes it to bed in barracks. NT 0 Replies #2050925 2:50AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2050935
Caribou - ALL HAMSTERS IN BED. Finally. NT 0 Replies #2050935 2:54AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051633
NMFireman - Sarah up and going through her morning routine NT 1 Replies #2051633 7:06AM 01/08/2005
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libbylip - I believe that is Rachel up. NT #2051645 7:10AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051661
CruiseCritic - Nothing happening except for Rachele on treadmill in gym NT 0 Replies #2051661 7:18AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051680
CruiseCritic - Rachel now on floor next to gumball machine doing situps NT 0 Replies #2051680 7:28AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051696
CruiseCritic - Rach just walked into bathroom and wiped her back off with a towel and 0 Replies #2051696 7:31AM 01/08/2005
took her hair out of ponytail and tied it up on her head. now spraying deoderant on and walking out and looking out patio door. SHe is the only one up and walks thru the kitchen now and thru the liv rm. she is in the storage room now and talking to herself out loud. i think she said "all this food is sweet". Now in freezer and talking again..sje grabbed something out of freezer and a pile of bananas. now turning around and grabbing something else..maybe bread?
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Topic #2051703
CruiseCritic - Walking back to the kitchen now and talking out loud again 0 Replies #2051703 7:33AM 01/08/2005
heard her mention "margarine". SHe is at the sink, just looked in fridge and said "no eggs, no margarine". Looks like she is heading back to storage room....
back in storage room and grabbing eggs, margarine out of fridge
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Topic #2051711
CruiseCritic - No skim milk, g damn it, fn idiots, noone tells when they are out of milk 0 Replies #2051711 7:35AM 01/08/2005
looks like she is back to storage room again for milk, she is aggravated. She just said "hello" - "hello" and the feed is now showing bedrooms. she is asking for milk, vanilla yogurt and some OJ please?
Skim milk, FISH.
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Topic #2051714
Anonymous - Rachel asking for 1% Milk, Vanilla Yougart, and Orange Juice NT 0 Replies #2051714 7:36AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051718
CruiseCritic - Rach is now going in storage room for the third time and grabbing some 0 Replies #2051718 7:37AM 01/08/2005
oranges..just picked something else up and said "those are disgusting" and tossed them. looking in fridge for skim milk ..she just said "skim milk" out loud. She has items and now BACK on way to kitchen for the final time...HOPEFULLY. she is talking to herself quietly now
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Topic #2051720
CruiseCritic - Rach just said "Freaken people, don't tell them when we are out of stuff" NT 0 Replies #2051720 7:37AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051729
CruiseCritic - Rach now sitting in green chair in LR? just said "wow" out loud... 0 Replies #2051729 7:40AM 01/08/2005
she is looking at the fish. she just put green chair back to kitchen table. now she is back in the ktichen at the sink washing her hands. Now in kit fridge..didnt take anything out. threw away papertowel. she is putting away the dishes that are on the kitchen counter (there are A LOT)
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Topic #2051735
CruiseCritic - putting dishes away still; seems like she is talking to herself outloud thru all of this... NT 0 Replies #2051735 7:41AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051745
CruiseCritic - Rachel stocking fridge with items she got from storage room NT 0 Replies #2051745 7:44AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051758
CruiseCritic - Just cleaned something off kitchen floor and is now going over and turning on the stove 0 Replies #2051758 7:49AM 01/08/2005
back in fridge again and she is grabbing some butter/margarine? throwing egg cartons away now as she put the eggs in the egg holders in the fridge. she has oranges, eggs, muffins and something else on kitchen counter. SHe just said "do the eggs" out loud. cracked 2 eggs and went back to fridge and said "c'mon people, g-sus". she poured some milk and put it back in fridge. she added milk to her eggs and is now scrambling them up. on her way to stove with eggs and butter.
back at kitchen coutner with cutting board and is cutting oranges in 1/2 and making some fresh OJ
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Topic #2051775
CruiseCritic - Rachel using 4 oranges for her juice. OJ is now made and she is pouring herself a glass 0 Replies #2051775 7:54AM 01/08/2005
she has a pretty nice glass full and is putting her dirty dishes in sink and washing them (cutting board, knife and juicer). she just put her glass of OJ in the fridge and is over to the stove. just added butter to hot pan and now the eggs and a little seasonings. stir the eggs up and go grab the english muffins/bagels? Eggs are cooking up quick.
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Topic #2051785
CruiseCritic - Rachel just went in BR and is getting pills? vitamins out of box on floor and on her way 0 Replies #2051785 7:56AM 01/08/2005
back into the kitchen. she just set a handful of pills on the counter. walked over to the eggs and said "d*** it"

grabbed a plate and just put the eggs on it and is rinsing her dishes. i think I hear someone else talking....(unless it was her)
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Topic #2051793
CruiseCritic - She just buttered her muffin and psrinkled sugar? on it and is now back in fridge 0 Replies #2051793 7:59AM 01/08/2005
and rinsing something off in the sink. drying her hands now and just said "d** it" again. now grabbing some silverware and her OJ out of fridge and is heading outside with her breakfast of eggs, grapes, muffin and OJ. feed still on empty kitchen, but you can hear her moving a chair on the patio. shot now on rach eating her breakfast. she seems pleased with her eggs
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Topic #2051821
CruiseCritic - Rachel still only one up, sitting outside staring into space. looks like she is done with her breakfast 0 Replies #2051821 8:07AM 01/08/2005
and is just looking around. 2 feeds are on her and F3 is on 2 PPL sleeping on floor in HoH room. F4 looks like a shot of one of the beds in the GR.
Rachel just sitting there with her arms crossed at table with her OJ in front of her
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Topic #2051838
CruiseCritic - Rachel grabs plate and OJ and heads back inside to the kitchen 0 Replies #2051838 8:14AM 01/08/2005
she is now taking the full garbage bag out of the trash can.
Putting in a new bag now
now taking trash into storage room and putting it in the bin in there. she is looking around in there now...she is talking to herself again. still looking for something...
now back in the fridge mumbling again out loud and now in freezer. takes something out heads for the door and goes back to the fridge, opens it, looks around, closes door. she is now leaving SR
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Topic #2051847
CruiseCritic - Not much happening, Rachel saying "hello" Hi, sorry, could I get some more sour cream too please?" "yes, thanks" NT 0 Replies #2051847 8:15AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051852
CruiseCritic - Rachel just going thru fridge, not much else right now..... 0 Replies #2051852 8:17AM 01/08/2005
seems like she is making sure they have everything they need.
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Topic #2051915
Anonymous - Rachel is now taking a shower NT 1 Replies #2051915 8:34AM 01/08/2005
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Anonymous - Rachel's done showering NT #2051919 8:37AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2051992
lacycatherine - Rachel is sitting outside getting some sun NT 0 Replies #2051992 9:00AM 01/08/2005
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Topic #2052126
pittsburgh24 - Howie is up NT 1 Replies #2052126 9:31AM 01/08/2005
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lacycatherine - Outside talking to Rachel NT #2052176 9:37AM 01/08/2005
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