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lacycatherine BB: Good Morning HG, The Veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours NT 0 9:40AM 01/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie outside with Rachel (a tad earlier) 0 9:48AM 01/08/2005
wickedgames Howie and Rachel conversation 0 9:49AM 01/08/2005
nojobny Howie comes back outside to Rac on the round lounger after BB announced that 0 9:51AM 01/08/2005
Billy Rachel and Howie are still the only ones up, Rachel commenting that it's almost 10:30AM, and it's sad. 1 10:23AM 01/08/2005
aahend No audio on feeds NT 0 10:35AM 01/08/2005
aahend Rachel outside talking to herself NT 0 10:36AM 01/08/2005
Disneyisme We got FISH chances are BB is telling them to get their *** out of bed. NT 0 10:43AM 01/08/2005
Vaseflower2000 Kay is now up. NT 0 10:49AM 01/08/2005
Anonymous BB: BEAU PLEASE STOP SINGING!!!! NT 0 10:52AM 01/08/2005
Anonymous BB: I said its time to get up for the day!!! BB is pissed today NT 0 10:54AM 01/08/2005
Vaseflower2000 We have fish NT 0 10:56AM 01/08/2005
Bonita Everyone is up eating breakfast - Maggie and Kaysar at the table talking quietly. NT 1 11:29AM 01/08/2005
Anonymous Janelle is up... 0 11:31AM 01/08/2005
lacycatherine Maggie and Ivette are talking as they are getting ready for the day. 1 11:44AM 01/08/2005
Disneyisme Kay and Maggie a few moments ago 0 11:52AM 01/08/2005
Atticus BB: PLEASE stop singing. NT 0 11:57AM 01/08/2005
Anonymous BB: "HG's: Did you know that over 1500 batteries will be used to power your wireless microphones this season?" 0 12:07PM 01/08/2005
PPan BB: "HouseGuests, did you know that 1,500 batteries will be used 0 12:08PM 01/08/2005
Disneyisme Kaysar, Howie and Beau are outside and Kaysar says to Howie 0 12:17PM 01/08/2005
Anonymous F1-shot of Kaysar in pink lounger/F2 long shot of Kay in BY talking/F3 Ivette talking up a storm about traveling to NC from FLA/F4 Kit table... NT 0 12:21PM 01/08/2005
Disneyisme Outside the talk turned to the Summer of Secrets 0 12:22PM 01/08/2005
Anonymous Kaysar telling all to April and Maggie NT 0 12:22PM 01/08/2005
Anonymous James and Ivette talking alone quietly on F1 - 0 12:24PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Kaysar talking with APril and givng her a lot of dirt on James and things he has said 0 12:27PM 01/08/2005
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