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Anonymous April wants to work with Kaysar to get James out NT 0 12:27PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic April and Kaysar still chatting outside and now FISH NT 0 12:28PM 01/08/2005
nojobny Now it's kay / Apr / Jen outside. Maggie went in to get coffee for her and April. NT 0 12:30PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic WOW- Kay saying to Mag and APril "Do not be buddy, buddy with the other side" 0 12:32PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic - Does Howie trust me at all? K- NO NT 0 12:33PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Maggie says James is going to assume leadership of your team? K says he knows 0 12:34PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Talking about James and being in the same fields 0 12:38PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic There is nothing we can do, he is off the block this week and it sucks - Maggie NT 0 12:39PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic April says when sara uses veto on James, he will go apologize to Janelle.. NT 0 12:40PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Maggie asks why people from your group want me to put up howie.. 0 12:41PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Jen just doing her nails at table while Kay, Mag and APril chat about JAMES 0 12:43PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Maggie says she asked James who was smarter "you or Kaysar" and James could not answer that NT 0 12:44PM 01/08/2005
nojobny For the people without feeds, Kay is sitting above all the girls on the outside fridge. April/Mag/Jen (who has not said a peep) are 0 12:45PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Kay now talking How James can lie with a straight face NT 0 12:46PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic "Sarah, Please go to the DR" - still outside with Maggie, April and Kaysar...Jen has not said a word NT 0 12:48PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Ivette has joined the BY group - her relative (aunt) is a psychologist NT 0 12:50PM 01/08/2005
babyd James tells Jan that we work as a group, but the work as 1 12:52PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic F4 - GR with James and Janelle. SHe is lounging on one bed 0 12:53PM 01/08/2005
nojobny Oh Sarah was F'n with James! LOL 0 12:56PM 01/08/2005
Quench HG this is a lockdown please go outside - Sarah still in DR NT 1 12:56PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Sarah entered GR and announced the veto wasnt used and 1 12:56PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Janelle has sore ankles, Howie and Kay on way out of barracks to go outside NT 0 12:57PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Heard April just say "its a lock down guys" James sitting next to Jan 0 12:59PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic James talkign to Maggie how she has to take someone else off.. 0 1:01PM 01/08/2005
CruiseCritic Just standing around with misc chitchat and asking what day it is..Manic Monday NT 0 1:03PM 01/08/2005
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