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Caribou HOH thinks James is one of BB producers' kids and that's why he can't say what he does. NT 0 1:15AM 01/08/2005
Caribou April and Beau tell them all to be on their best behaviour with Kays' group so they can all go together next week 0 1:20AM 01/08/2005
TheAntiHamster Maggie admits that it feels horrible to hear someone say "You walked right into my plan." 0 1:22AM 01/08/2005
Caribou FISH everywhere NT 0 1:22AM 01/08/2005
Anonymous K talks with J and H about James, they plan to talk later when they can be more secretive NT 0 1:29AM 01/08/2005
Anonymous Howie: If me or you(Janelle) get HoH we need to strike a Deal with Maggie and put Ivette and April up. NT 1 1:32AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Howie and Janelle talking about the plan to oust James. They agree to it as well, just as HOH does, even though the two sides 0 1:33AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Janelle tells Howie she doesnt' believe Maggie et al will go after Sarah once James is gone. Janelle seems scared. They'll talk about it when the time 0 1:35AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Kaysar out of shower and now he tells Howie and janelle more details 0 1:41AM 01/08/2005
Caribou FISH again on all feeds NT 0 1:42AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Kaysar says Rachel is freaking out, said she's not sure who she can trust. Howie says Rachel wasn't for James from the get go. 0 1:48AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Kaysar tells them about James going up to HOH and putting his hand on the bible and swearing he'll help turn against Kays' group. Says HOH laughed at 0 1:54AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Kaysar tells them he put all his trust in them and then tried to do the same for james and james still screwed him. 0 2:00AM 01/08/2005
Lawyerman Kaysar to Howie/Janelle, "Play the game normal, but know that you have an enemy on your side." NT 0 2:02AM 01/08/2005
BB6Fan06 Kaysar: "This is the worst mistake he has made" Howie: Who? Kaysar: Him(James} NT 0 2:02AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Now Kay, Howie and Jan figure James knows by the long convo with April that Kay had, because he asked Kay about it and said it seemed 0 2:04AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Kaysar worried that Rachel is upset with him. Relaying convo they had. 0 2:11AM 01/08/2005
Caribou HOH crowd all asleep, half in bed and half on floor. Kaysar apologizes to Howie and janelle and they say its not necessary, not his fault. 0 2:18AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Howie tried to wake Rachel, didn't work. He goes to kitchen NT 0 2:24AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Kay and Jan still in bathroom, sad talking about it. Howie arrives and reports he can't get Rachel to wake up. Kaysar says leave her. They're both 0 2:26AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Howie feels more comfortable in this game now he says. Janelle and Kay agree. Kays' been uneasy for a couple days. 0 2:34AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Howie heads to bed in GR. Sarah and james are asleep. Kay and Jan stay in bathroom 0 2:39AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Kaysar says if he hadn't shown respect with people, instead of putting fear into them, he wouldn't know this now. They came to him because they knew 0 2:42AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Janelle - alright Kaysar i'm going to bed i can't deal with this anymore. Kaysar - me too. They hug. NT 0 2:48AM 01/08/2005
Caribou Janelle - i'm sorry james f**** you over. Kaysar tries to reason it out that he didn't really...but then discovers "yea i guess he did ***** me over" 0 2:49AM 01/08/2005
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