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Jennifer is up. Howie is using baby talk to her. She doesn't feel good or something is wrong. NT - Nantucket
10:43AM 02/08/2005

Howie doing the dishes and Ivette said thank-you for doing them. NT - callmejenn
10:48AM 02/08/2005

Ivette offered Jennifer french toast. She didn't want any. Howie is now doing the dishes. They thank him. NT - Nantucket
10:48AM 02/08/2005

Howie is thanking BB for two hot chicks he's spending time with. Jennifer & Rachel NT - Nantucket
10:52AM 02/08/2005

Howie asked Jenn if she misses her boyfriend. She said she doesn't really miss people. She misses her home. NT - Nantucket
10:54AM 02/08/2005

LOL Rachel is concerned about the way Howie is washing the dishes. She's taking over for him. He tells her she has nice boobies. NT - Nantucket
10:56AM 02/08/2005

Racheal was little concerned at the way Howie washed the dishes - callmejenn
10:56AM 02/08/2005

Jennifer and Ivette are outside talking about people using them and then disposing of them. Not sure who they are talking about. James? NT - Nantucket
10:58AM 02/08/2005

Jennifer hopes either Beau or Ivette get hoh since April just had a birthday and got lots of stuff and Jenn won luxury. NT - Nantucket
11:07AM 02/08/2005

Jenn and Ivette are wondering if their family and friends are watching the feeds. NT - Nantucket
11:08AM 02/08/2005

Jennifer said her brother is a Howie. He had lots of advice for her before she left. He told her to pretend she was a lesbian so none of the guys - Nantucket
11:09AM 02/08/2005
She also said that she and Maggie joked around about it. [ed note: maybe that explains last night's cuddling.] NT - PSister
11:11AM 02/08/2005

Jennifer has never tryed french toast. She is a picky eater and won't try lots of foods. NT - Nantucket
11:12AM 02/08/2005

Ivette and Jennifer talking about missing "Cappy" so much because he was the first person they liked that left. Gag! (sorry) NT - Nantucket
11:15AM 02/08/2005

Rachel is outside now laying out. Ivette and Jennifer still at the table talking. I'm going to check the other feeds. NT - Nantucket
11:16AM 02/08/2005

Howie just went outside. Sarah is in bed. I think with James, but I can't see him NT - Nantucket
11:18AM 02/08/2005

Kaysar is shown still sleeping too. I assume the others are as well, as they aren't anywhere else on the feeds. NT - Nantucket
11:20AM 02/08/2005

Jennifer was in some movie called I think 2001 or 3001. NT - Nantucket
11:23AM 02/08/2005
Its 3001 (now called Idiocracy) starring Luke Wilson - Anonymous
1:56PM 02/08/2005

after Mag hugged Iv and Jen, Howie said to Rachel - babyd
11:37AM 02/08/2005

no talk between Rach & Howie, Howie stretching his back NT - babyd
11:42AM 02/08/2005

Mag IV and Jen now say this next HOH the most important - babyd
11:57AM 02/08/2005

Houseguests this is a lockdown please go outside. Kayser - babyd
12:09PM 02/08/2005

Everyone outside for lockdown, general conversation. NT - babyd
12:18PM 02/08/2005

James to Kay and Janie, "Awww, Kaysar is so sweet. You guys are going to have beautiful children." NT - ihateeric
12:22PM 02/08/2005

April- BB had us come outside for a lockdown just to wake us up. NT - cussler
12:44PM 02/08/2005

Not on lockdown anymore. James and Janelle working out, Sarah in kitchen. NT - citanul
1:39PM 02/08/2005

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