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Please God there is no way this guy (James)can with this game? -ape - ihateeric
3:13PM 02/08/2005

Maggie says that James is either trying to negatively spin her ability as an ER nurse. - Disneyisme
3:14PM 02/08/2005

Beaus is going to take a shower in HOH for 1/2 hour..Jenn says - Disneyisme
3:16PM 02/08/2005

April says "trust me no one will vote for James to win. Even Ivette.." Feeds switch to BY. NT - Disneyisme
3:17PM 02/08/2005

kitchen, james/janie/kaysar - ihateeric
3:20PM 02/08/2005

James, Kay and Janelle are in the kitchen..James says "I asked BB if we were the worst HG's ever, they - Disneyisme
3:23PM 02/08/2005

Janie, "I've tried to be bulimic I'm not going to lie. I tried to be anorexic,too. It just didnt work." NT - ihateeric
3:24PM 02/08/2005

Janelle "I tried to be bulemic, I'm not gonna lie. I tried to be anorexic too, it just didn't work!" giggles NT - Anonymous
3:24PM 02/08/2005

Kaysar to Janie "You look good" Janie "Really" Kaysar "If I had lower standards, I'd go for you" NT - ihateeric
3:24PM 02/08/2005

Kaysar chases Janie around house "i love you, janie! I love you janie, just one hug" NT - ihateeric
3:25PM 02/08/2005

janie to kaysar "you're a virgin who cant drive" NT - ihateeric
3:25PM 02/08/2005

Janelle says "what should I make for lunch? I need to take my pills." - Disneyisme
3:28PM 02/08/2005

Janie "I'm on edge today, the slightest thing is going to set me off" NT - ihateeric
3:28PM 02/08/2005

Janelle says she is on edge today and the slightest thing will set her off. - Disneyisme
3:29PM 02/08/2005

Janelle says "I'm going to kill someone." James says "they will probably put you up with a penalty nom then." NT - Disneyisme
3:30PM 02/08/2005

Janie "i'm gonna kill someone" - ihateeric
3:30PM 02/08/2005

Kaysar says he has an appointment with Beau at 5 for a hair cut. Howie has one at 6. NT - Disneyisme
3:31PM 02/08/2005

Janelle is ahving a fit that she can't find her yogurt in the fridge. She gets the cottage cheese out - Disneyisme
3:34PM 02/08/2005
Maybe not, James is back in the kitchen now. NT - Disneyisme
3:34PM 02/08/2005

BB: HG's please check the store room." NT - Disneyisme
3:35PM 02/08/2005
K is excited to find.... - Zazny
3:36PM 02/08/2005
WOW, they go in and find oranges and sour cream...Ivette "no salsa?" NT - Disneyisme
3:35PM 02/08/2005

Kay + Janie going to play chess. NT - ihateeric
3:38PM 02/08/2005

BB: Jan please put on your mic. JAN: It's in my bra, sorry BB! NT - Anonymous
3:44PM 02/08/2005

Jan took Kay's Queen. Kay "You think yer so freakin cool, dont you?" NT - ihateeric
3:50PM 02/08/2005

Janie "check"ed Kaysar. NT - ihateeric
3:52PM 02/08/2005
apparently Kaysar managed to beat Jan...we hear her running thru kitchen calling him a cheater - Bilbo
4:21PM 02/08/2005

Howie-ism: I'm going to have money saved like squirrels pack up nuts for the winter. NT - citanul
4:27PM 02/08/2005

Sarah to Howie "If you wanna break down and be a nice guy, you could have a great girl like Rach" Howie not being serious. NT - ihateeric
4:28PM 02/08/2005

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