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Maggie's crew in the HOH... - bbrules3
10:59PM 02/08/2005

HOH, and Kay/Jan after Kay;s talk with April - ferretkiss
11:00PM 02/08/2005
Here's more of the Kay/Janie crying conversation.. - candys72
11:35PM 02/08/2005

Beau getting feisty with Howie - bbrules3
11:03PM 02/08/2005

Maggie and crew call "Goodnight Cappy!" and put on eye masks NT - bbrules3
11:04PM 02/08/2005

HOH group singing and BB calls "Stop singing!" - bbrules3
11:08PM 02/08/2005

April, Jen and Ivette going through Maggie's candy - bbrules3
11:15PM 02/08/2005

April has another breakout on her arm supposedly from "beau's head" - bbrules3
11:18PM 02/08/2005

Another classic Howie quote: - drummer_inblack
11:20PM 02/08/2005

Around the feeds.... - bbrules3
11:23PM 02/08/2005

Howie screams "Sarah put your bra on and get in here you bitch!" NT - bbrules3
11:23PM 02/08/2005

April telling HOH group about her conversation with Kaysar... - callmejenn
11:29PM 02/08/2005

Howie all over Sarah... - bbrules3
11:29PM 02/08/2005

"Janelle please put on your microphone!" All: DUMBASS! NT - bbrules3
11:30PM 02/08/2005

Maggie saying that K was taking things like a good sport... - callmejenn
11:31PM 02/08/2005

They all have a bet going - bbrules3
11:32PM 02/08/2005
James and Sarah are bickering back and forth..... - bbrules3
11:36PM 02/08/2005
I believe it's just Howie that the bet applies to. NT - drummer_inblack
11:35PM 02/08/2005

Howie wants Sarah to go with him, her tv boyfriend instead - bbrules3
11:38PM 02/08/2005

HOH group discussing next HOH comp and votes for eviction this week - Caribou
11:41PM 02/08/2005

HOH group all agrees only thing to screw up plans is if James or Sarah wins HOH. Just a note here - April most outspoken in support of Kay. NT - Caribou
11:42PM 02/08/2005

James giving Howie advice... - bbrules3
11:42PM 02/08/2005

April - I think that Rachel likes us more than Sarah - Caribou
11:44PM 02/08/2005

HOH group spying on the house with the TV....they discover that Racheal and Howie are on the couch together... - callmejenn
11:45PM 02/08/2005

April speaking up on behalf of Rachel who is STILL crying. April feels really bad. April says everyone has feelings. NT - Caribou
11:45PM 02/08/2005

Howie and Rachel are alone in the living room now... - bbrules3
11:45PM 02/08/2005

Jennifer - she (Rachel) probably just wants attention from Howie and that's how she gets it because he wasn't giving her attention today NT - Caribou
11:46PM 02/08/2005
Jen is reading how she tries to manipulate into Rach's actions. NT - Augustkm
11:49PM 02/08/2005

Howie peeing with the door open...Rachel laughing "Oh my god.." NT - bbrules3
11:48PM 02/08/2005

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