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Topic #2062038
citanul - Sarah and James cuddling, Howie giving Jan a back massage in GR. NT 0 Replies #2062038 4:40PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2062175
citanul - Janelle now giving Howie a vigorous back massage. 0 Replies #2062175 5:06PM 02/08/2005
Jan: You like that? Right underneath the shoulderblade?
How: Yeah, feels good.
J: I feel something under there, you feel it? What is that?
H: It's my heart.
J: Oh, sorry. (laughs)

James and Sarah watching occasionally.
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Topic #2062233
Disneyisme - April, Janelle and Rachel are in the kitchen, April says now the DR says 0 Replies #2062233 5:18PM 02/08/2005
no cigarettes if they win HOH. Janelle whines "why???" Rachel says they don't want to promote an un-healthy lifestyle." April says "no, it's because I quit."

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Topic #2062257
Disneyisme - They are talking about playing chess..and April yells to BB "I want some cards! If you think it's such a big deal 0 Replies #2062257 5:22PM 02/08/2005
that I quit smoking then give me a friggin present for it b*tches!" April says "poor Matt, he is so humiliated."
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Topic #2062288
Disneyisme - April says "Kaysar! What are you doing?" He says "grabbing your fat." 0 Replies #2062288 5:26PM 02/08/2005
Jennifer says he was grabbing her back fat yesterday and April says that he calls Sarah 'chunk'. Janelle says that Kay told her there are 3 reasons why he wouldn't date her; A) because I am too flirty, B) because I'm an alcoholic and c) he said he's never seen a womens a** get so big so fast....they are all laughing.
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Topic #2062316
Disneyisme - Outside now, Kaysar is telling Janelle "yesterday in front of me and Howie you said 0 Replies #2062316 5:30PM 02/08/2005
you weren't going to talk strategy anymore with anyone, making Howie uncomfortable. Don't let the only 2 people you trust think you won't talk strategy with them..." Janelle says she was saying that in front of James, and Kaysar interjects "James wasn't here, it was just you, me and Howie." Janelle says "OH...the cameras were listening." Kaysar says they can still hear you...
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Topic #2062405
citanul - Beau is combing Kaysar's hair. Now giving Howie a haircut. Jenn, Rachel, April and Kaysar watch. 0 Replies #2062405 5:45PM 02/08/2005
James in there now having a shower.
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Topic #2062554
Anonymous - Beau is giving james a haircut NT 0 Replies #2062554 6:11PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2062789
citanul - Iv to Beau: Janelle's been using your bible a lot. I don't know what she's up to. 0 Replies #2062789 6:49PM 02/08/2005
A few minutes later feeds cut to Janelle reading bible in barracks.
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Topic #2063021
citanul - HGs eating supper - Kay, James, & Sarah outside, everyone else indoors. Janelle absent from feeds. NT 0 Replies #2063021 7:22PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2063041
Anonymous - James/Sarah alone outside, he degrades her more, "Dumbass to the planes" 0 Replies #2063041 7:26PM 02/08/2005
"Dumbass" to her for asking if he'd ever cheat on her. He says he wouldn't have given up his "rotation" if he didn't want to be with her. He says eventually they'll annoy each other. She says "you'll never annoy me". She fonds over him nauseatingly. She says "I luvvvv you".. he says "whatever"

Now i must go puke
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Topic #2063066
citanul - Janelle sleeping in GR with Bible open next to her. Everyone else inside at the table or counter. NT 0 Replies #2063066 7:32PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2063120
itsank2 - camera guy on one having fun showing james w/kaysar picture in the background NT 0 Replies #2063120 7:42PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2063149
carly - Maggie teases Kaysar - She says she did something (missed it) He says "No." she says "Yeah. I swear on your life" 0 Replies #2063149 7:47PM 02/08/2005
They both laugh. He fake kicks her and says "jerk".
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Topic #2063152
citanul - Beau trimming Kaysar's hair. Maggie in WC too, blowdrying her hair. 0 Replies #2063152 7:47PM 02/08/2005
Howie singing carpet chomper song in background.

Rachel comes in to watch the grooming, and it's not long before April shows up too. They discuss strategy about cutting Kaysar's hair. Howie enters singing the song. The bathroom is dubbed "Salon de Beau."

Howie: Beau, he's going from an Arab to what? Beau: I don't know.
H: You're going Greek.
April: You look like Lenny Kravitz.

Sarah on F1 watching fish. James arrives for some cuddle-time. Sarah talks about fish named Pepperoni.
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Topic #2063190
citanul - FISH (for a minute or two) NT 0 Replies #2063190 7:52PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2063512
Anonymous - HOH crew all cuddled up in hammock...very cute NT 0 Replies #2063512 8:33PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2063749
citanul - Sarah plucking gray hair from James' head in GR. James: What did I do to deserve this? 0 Replies #2063749 9:12PM 02/08/2005
Now they are wrestling on the bed.

Sarah: Stop! You're going to break the bible!! (ed note: she was reading it earlier)

James ends up on top, and checks out his hair in the mirror. Lots of banter.

J: I'm not feeling this haircut too much. But it's better than nothing I guess.
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Topic #2063782
citanul - F1&2: Howie talking to Maggie & Beau in hammock, discussing gay sex. F3&4: Kaysar, Rachel & April in hot tub. 0 Replies #2063782 9:19PM 02/08/2005
April: Do you think Michael and Janelle will really...

Kaysar: I am going to stay away from that question.

Conversation cut short when Janelle appears. Kaysar runs over and jumps in the pool. Not long before he's back in the hot tub. Janelle back inside.
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Topic #2063841
citanul - Kaysar giving Rachel a massage in the hot tub. 0 Replies #2063841 9:29PM 02/08/2005
April: Kaysar is going to be married within a year. He's never had so many women tempting him, he's like, "I gotta get married now."
Kaysar: I have goals. There are some things that I need to get out of the way first.
April: Is a woman one of those goals?
Kaysar: Eventually.


April: I said to Rachel, what about Kaysar, and she told me she had to test drive him first.
Rachel: I was being honest.
Kaysar: What if you test drive someone and it doesn't work out?


Ap: That's why you need a virgin Kaysar. I'm sure you'll do your research about it, and read all about it.
Rachel: If she's had lots of test drives she'll be able to show him the ropes.
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Topic #2063983
callmejenn - Howie, Beau and Maggie talking about masterbating... 0 Replies #2063983 10:02PM 02/08/2005
The longest Howie has gone without pleasuring himself is 88 days.

Beau said he was 17 before he started masterbating...11th grade. He then later corrects himself and says he was in 9th grade.
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Topic #2064100
ihateeric - Maggie 2 Beau "rachel has such a crush on Howie. It's sad. NT 0 Replies #2064100 10:21PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064240
bbrules3 - Howie is propositioning April. She replies "I'm married Howie" NT 0 Replies #2064240 10:43PM 02/08/2005
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Topic #2064245
bbrules3 - Janelle and Kaysar talking strategy walking around the backyard. 2 Replies #2064245 10:44PM 02/08/2005
James and Sarah playing chess upstairs. Sarah screams "son of an assmunch" as James makes a good move.
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bbrules3 - Kaysar calls James a "f-cker" to Janelle.. #2064257 10:48PM 02/08/2005
Mentioning that James will think it is the greatest thing in the world when Kaysar leaves. The two of them are discussing veto, how to work James out of the game etc.
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bbrules3 - More strategy...... #2064286 10:54PM 02/08/2005
K: I want you to do the best in this game and the best after the game.
J: What's gonna happen after Thursday? Saturday we'll get a clue for the safe. Sunday is veto.
K: If James gets it you cheer like hell, pretend you're happy.
BB: Ivette stop that!
Maggie asked Kaysar who to talk to when he's gone, he said Janelle.
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Topic #2064265
bbrules3 - Janelle can cry on cue but the tears will be real when Kaysar leaves. 0 Replies #2064265 10:50PM 02/08/2005
Janelle says "Are you sure I'm not leaving Kaysar?"
K: I'm gonna make sure it's a landslide in your favour
K: You're awesome Janelle..I'm very fortunate that I met you
J: I thought you'd be in this game longer, it sucks. I thought Mike would've been too.
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