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Jennifer arrives in kitchen and janelle says "good morning!" Jennifer says never sleep with April when she's got gas - Caribou
2:14AM 03/08/2005

Janelle lays on floor in dining room so Howie can massage her back because it really hurts. Howie sits on her butt and says "oh thank you god" - Caribou
2:16AM 03/08/2005

Howie calls James a prick and a piece of ***** while whispering about game to Janelle and kaysar. Jenn still wandering around down there somewhere. NT - Caribou
2:25AM 03/08/2005

Jan & Howie head off to bed; Kaysar stays in the kitchen/dining area. - drummer_inblack
2:31AM 03/08/2005
and he tells Janelle to spend the day tomorrow figuring out what she wants to tell Mike. Let Kaysar know and he'll tell him for her. NT - Caribou
2:32AM 03/08/2005

Janelle: "Do you think she (Ashlea) would've had a chance in this game?" Kaysar: "Not a chance." NT - drummer_inblack
2:34AM 03/08/2005

Howie's gone to bed. Jenn sleeping in barracks too. Janelle and Kaysar stand at HGs photo wall talking about photos NT - Caribou
2:41AM 03/08/2005

Janelle finally goes to bed. Kaysar staying up to "sit and think" for 20 minutes or so he said. - Caribou
2:56AM 03/08/2005

Janie and Kaysar say goodnight. Kaysar says to Janie "I love it when you wake up in the morning and... - LittleOldLady
2:57AM 03/08/2005

Kaysar praying in dining room with prayer mat NT - Caribou
2:57AM 03/08/2005

All hamsters in bed for the night now NT - Caribou
3:02AM 03/08/2005

Kaysar hugging his pillow on f1 NT - nikki3
7:18AM 03/08/2005

Rachel getting out of bed, checks out the kitchen goes into bathroom NT - nikki3
7:34AM 03/08/2005

rachel in workout gear, starts a bundle of laundry, goes into wr, gets on treadmill NT - nikki3
7:44AM 03/08/2005

Rachel in BY eating breakfast, deep in thought NT - nikki3
8:19AM 03/08/2005

Rachel in BR applying makeup NT - nikki3
8:59AM 03/08/2005

FISH - rooski
9:17AM 03/08/2005

bb madly says "it is time to get up for the day" NT - itsank2
9:40AM 03/08/2005

HG's are talking about April's horrible gas last night... - callmejenn
9:54AM 03/08/2005

HOH group was giving Jenn third degree about why she didn't sleep up there last night. - Sunflake
9:56AM 03/08/2005

April had asked Jenn last night for her to not say anything to anybody about the gas and stomach troubles that she was having... - callmejenn
9:56AM 03/08/2005

James sucking up to April during Breakfast - DebbieInc
10:11AM 03/08/2005

April: How many people vote today 8? - callmejenn
10:13AM 03/08/2005

BB now calling each of the HG's to the DR to vote. NT - DebbieInc
10:13AM 03/08/2005

Jenn telling her convo with Sarah.... - Anonymous
10:17AM 03/08/2005

Apparently Sarah trying to get info from Maggie concerning - DebbieInc
10:18AM 03/08/2005
Maggie was whispering this to April and now Jenny in WC NT - DebbieInc
10:19AM 03/08/2005

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