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Around the hot tub - Fetch
9:02PM 03/08/2005

Beau: What is that? What is that? Is it a roach? - Fetch
9:06PM 03/08/2005

Update of BB Live Internet Feeds So Far Today -- 7:30 am to 7:00 pm BB Time - ChiPrincess
9:07PM 03/08/2005

April: Beau is sooo drunk. He gets so gay when he's drunk. - Fetch
9:18PM 03/08/2005

Howie and Rachel in the hot tub - helena
9:23PM 03/08/2005

Howie says he wants to get a lightsaber and black speedos - helena
9:32PM 03/08/2005

BY crew...Maggie, Ivette, Kaysar (smoking hookah), Jen, Apil and (Rachel and Howie in hot tub) NT - helena
9:35PM 03/08/2005

Beau has had a full bottle of wine. Everyone is laughing and happy in the with the exception of James, Sarah and Janelle (who is working out) NT - helena
9:39PM 03/08/2005

Now only April sitting in the lounge and Rachel and Howie in the hot tub - helena
9:43PM 03/08/2005
April asked Kaysar if he and Howie were going to make love tonight. Kaysar "I am not going to make love to anyone." NT - Anonymous
9:48PM 03/08/2005

James and Sarah playing Chess again - mountainmama
10:02PM 03/08/2005

Back to the Hottub - mountainmama
10:17PM 03/08/2005

Sarah is popping zits on Howie and Kaysar. ewwww. NT - callmejenn
10:20PM 03/08/2005

Sarah says Howie has a pimple in the same place Kaysar does... - mountainmama
10:21PM 03/08/2005

Howie asks James for his little black book. James: Sure, I'll hook you up Howie. - citanul
10:27PM 03/08/2005

Kaysar tries to save a beetle that walked into the spa NT - Zazny
10:33PM 03/08/2005
Alas, he is too late and it is dead. The guys have a moment of silence and Howie says a few words. :) NT - citanul
10:34PM 03/08/2005

Howie took an outdoor shower (was very cold), he then screamed and jumped into the pool with Kaysar. NT - callmejenn
10:38PM 03/08/2005

James said that he was surprised to find friends in the house...he wasn't expecting it. NT - callmejenn
10:40PM 03/08/2005

James asks the hot tubbers whether they think Maggie's really a dolphin trainer. - Fetch
10:46PM 03/08/2005

Rachel, Howie, James, Kaysar wonder about Ivette - Zazny
10:49PM 03/08/2005

J: She [Maggie] has a street mouth. But she isn't regimented enough to be ex-military. She's definitely a police officer. NT - Zazny
10:50PM 03/08/2005

BB tells James to put the pool sweeper back together; J: Let's see if I get a thank you - Zazny
11:10PM 03/08/2005

Jan says they didn't call her to DR to record her goodbye NT - Zazny
11:40PM 03/08/2005

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