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feed 3: Rachel on orange couch looking off into space ( for awhile) - BHnoah
4:41PM 03/08/2005

Maggie and April HOH room...Maggie told April that thier plan to break up James from the others bu telling the S5 that James is bad, is working. - Anonymous
4:46PM 03/08/2005

Aprl and Maggie in HOH, April is lamenting on how she has never been able to kick the cigarette habit. Hipnosis hasn't worked. - hoarsewhisperer
4:46PM 03/08/2005

OH GOD-- April crying in HOH room with Maggie - BHnoah
4:49PM 03/08/2005

Jennifer is on the eliptical and Beau is using the weight machine NT - edinboro
4:50PM 03/08/2005

April can't understand "why they can't give me a fuc*** patch. She's genuinelly having a hard time with NO nicotine. NT - hoarsewhisperer
4:50PM 03/08/2005
April wants to get Pregnant in the future. NT - hoarsewhisperer
4:51PM 03/08/2005

Beau, Jen and Ivette in work out room. Jen has burned 83 calories. So far no game talk NT - hoarsewhisperer
4:57PM 03/08/2005

April to Maggie: "But what if I was born to smoke?" NT - RealitySwan
5:04PM 03/08/2005

Feed2: Beau says to April " I wonder if we are gonna have America's Choice this week" and April - BHnoah
5:19PM 03/08/2005

BB "Lock down, everybody inside" NT - edinboro
5:20PM 03/08/2005

Howie, Rachel, Jen in kitchen, camera does closeup of Janelles' picture, NO KEY! NT - hoarsewhisperer
5:22PM 03/08/2005

Janelle in bed, as usual, and reading bible... - fgjadfg
5:52PM 03/08/2005

Ivette and Sarah playing chess...no words spoken NT - hoarsewhisperer
6:02PM 03/08/2005

Rachel, James, April and Howie in kitchen cooking. Making Fish. Beau dipping carrots. - hoarsewhisperer
6:05PM 03/08/2005

Howie: It's gona be a quarterback challenge tomorrow....as he tosses the paper towels NT - hoarsewhisperer
6:08PM 03/08/2005
Howie is convinced tomorrow's challenge is a football challenge NT - hoarsewhisperer
6:09PM 03/08/2005

Feeds 1 and 2 HG's cooking Feeds 3 and 4 are Ivette and Sarah - Denise
6:09PM 03/08/2005

There's Wine in the Storage Room - valentine
6:10PM 03/08/2005

Howie: You Guys!! Dinner is in Five! (minutes.) NT - valentine
6:11PM 03/08/2005

A Bottle of Rose, A Bottle of White - valentine
6:15PM 03/08/2005

Beau Zzzushes Howie's Hair - valentine
6:17PM 03/08/2005

Dinner Time - valentine
6:25PM 03/08/2005

"In the Kitchen with James" New strategy NT - starrynite
6:28PM 03/08/2005

Maggie: I've Never Seen Rambo or Rocky. - valentine
6:28PM 03/08/2005
..and maggie keeps doing some kind of dance in her chair...wiggling her shoulders up and down and smiling. NT - AlexaRae
6:29PM 03/08/2005

Now Howie Sits Down and Tucks Into a HUGE Plate of Food - valentine
6:32PM 03/08/2005

James is Wearing Two Bracelets, - valentine
6:37PM 03/08/2005
The red bracelet is for Multiple Sclerosis NT - Marley
8:16PM 03/08/2005

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