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DebbieInc Maggie claiming that Sarah is pretending she knows something 0 10:21AM 03/08/2005
DebbieInc Jennifer and April primping in front of the mirror 0 10:26AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Howie, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, Jen and Sarah sitting around the kitchen table. Just small talk. Voting going on. NT 0 10:55AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Howie started to tell Rachel (RAY RAY as he calls her) that she has nice boobies. He stopped and corrected himself to say nice glasses. He's trying to 0 10:59AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Howie was making a sexual comment to Ivette. James reminded Howie of their deal for Howie to stop with the "degrading comments'. James tells Ivette 0 11:06AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Rachel is making eggs for Howie. He says "thanks ray ray". (very cute) NT 0 11:07AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Gold Room- Sarah asked James if her shirt made her look pregnant. He said he doesn't like shirts like that on girls because they always make girls 0 11:10AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Kaysar is back in bed. James and Sarah tryed to get him back up saying" whasup Kaysar". He doesn't want to get up. NT 0 11:11AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket April, Ivette, and Maggie out at the pool. NT 0 11:13AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Rachel serves Howie his eggs out back. He says they are beautiful and he wants to take a picture. She said that she's sure the camera's have gotten 0 11:23AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Kind of creepy. I just noticed Jennifer is laying on a chair directly behind Howie. She's very quiet as usual. NT 0 11:24AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket April, Rachel, and Howie discussing how all the men are the ones being evicted. James is the one who brought it up earlier. April didn't notice until 0 11:26AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket LOL! Ivette is in the pool and shouted " Hi Howie, I miss you" He said hi Ivette bird. She asked him what he was eating 0 11:29AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Fish... NT 0 11:34AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket We're back and Sarah & James are playing chess. NT 0 11:42AM 03/08/2005
lacycatherine Sarah and James playing chess. Maggie and Jen talking outside. 0 11:43AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Maggie and her crew are out back. Maggie is laughing about her plan to play into the fact that James and Sarah think she's a cop. NT 0 11:48AM 03/08/2005
lacycatherine FISH NT 0 11:50AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Maggie and April are talking about Rachel seeming upset and quiet the last few days. April offered to talk if she wants. Rachel said she was fine. NT 0 11:54AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Maggie keeps making extremely annoying dolphin noises. Maggie is also trying to make Sarah think she could be a dolphin trainer. NT 0 11:55AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Kaysar was just outside with them. They like his shirt that he got at urban outfitters. He goes inside and April says that she really like Kaysar. NT 0 11:59AM 03/08/2005
Nantucket Maggie was trying to get Sarah outside with them. April calls Sarah stupid. NT 0 12:00PM 03/08/2005
lacycatherine Maggie trying to get Kaysar, Howie and Sarah to come outside 0 12:01PM 03/08/2005
Denise Feeds 3 and 4 are Maggie and her Crew, they're still talking 0 12:14PM 03/08/2005
ihateeric Ivette to Kaysar 0 12:49PM 03/08/2005
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