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ihateeric Kaysar beats Sarah "Wow, you beat me a lot faster than James" 0 2:46PM 03/08/2005
JenJen Janelle and James looking at a map, talking about travel... 0 2:49PM 03/08/2005
Nantucket James & Janelle talking in the gold room. Janelle said her ex cheated on her with her worst enemy. James said 0 2:50PM 03/08/2005
ihateeric Janie and James in Gr 0 2:50PM 03/08/2005
ihateeric Howie: Book Rea-der, Straight A Stu-dent NT 1 2:55PM 03/08/2005
ihateeric Janie: Ohhhhh How-ie. Howie: You're so intelligent, janie. You're so smart. NT 0 2:57PM 03/08/2005
Moonshadow Ivette: "Desperation calls for desperate measures." LOL NT 0 2:59PM 03/08/2005
joannie The HOH gang is whispering in the HOH bathroom. NT 0 3:03PM 03/08/2005
joannie Female BB voice interupts. 0 3:05PM 03/08/2005
joannie HOH gang dispurses with some parting words from Ivette. 0 3:07PM 03/08/2005
joannie Sarah/James/Kaysar/Janelle in the GR NT 0 3:10PM 03/08/2005
joannie Maggie/April/Jenn in BY loungers 0 3:13PM 03/08/2005
Zazny April upset with Ivette 0 3:23PM 03/08/2005
Atticus Howie just broke up with her TV Girlfriend Sarah. LOL NT 0 3:27PM 03/08/2005
loolooloo Kaysar and Janelle reading the bible 0 3:29PM 03/08/2005
Atticus Howie tells the group that he is not allowed to discuss Jedi Council Locations. NT 0 3:30PM 03/08/2005
Atticus Howie: "I don't want to be Regular How, i want to be Super Howie, Not to worry though I will get my cape back at the stroke of midnight NT 0 3:38PM 03/08/2005
TheBigSista april and ivette 0 3:52PM 03/08/2005
Zazny Ivette's plan to oust James 0 4:03PM 03/08/2005
BHnoah Ivette telling Maggie and April that James told her that Maggie is evil, 0 4:14PM 03/08/2005
Zazny M: To be called evil is really a sh**ty thing NT 0 4:20PM 03/08/2005
Zazny A about I: She's so moody. She's making me moody 0 4:23PM 03/08/2005
BHnoah Maggie and April talk about Ivette after she went to the bathroom 0 4:25PM 03/08/2005
Zazny Maggie tells the others to "blow her cover" to Sarah 0 4:30PM 03/08/2005
Zazny Friendship believe there is a pattern in HOH wins 0 4:33PM 03/08/2005
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