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Topic #2066417
DebbieInc - Maggie claiming that Sarah is pretending she knows something 0 Replies #2066417 10:21AM 03/08/2005
about Maggie's real job. She doesn't actually say this (sarah doesn't), but Maggie says she was looking at her like she knew some secret. Maggie thinks this is so funny....she's told Beau, April And Jenn separately in a matter of minutes.
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Topic #2066444
DebbieInc - Jennifer and April primping in front of the mirror 0 Replies #2066444 10:26AM 03/08/2005
saying that it's been a month now in the BB house. Jenn says it seems longer 'cuz of the people'....once we get rid of the core people, it'll be fun again'.(don't know who she's talking about specifically)
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Topic #2066569
Nantucket - Howie, Maggie, Ivette, Beau, Jen and Sarah sitting around the kitchen table. Just small talk. Voting going on. NT 0 Replies #2066569 10:55AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066589
Nantucket - Howie started to tell Rachel (RAY RAY as he calls her) that she has nice boobies. He stopped and corrected himself to say nice glasses. He's trying to 0 Replies #2066589 10:59AM 03/08/2005
stop with the dirty talk today.
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Topic #2066626
Nantucket - Howie was making a sexual comment to Ivette. James reminded Howie of their deal for Howie to stop with the "degrading comments'. James tells Ivette 0 Replies #2066626 11:06AM 03/08/2005
that for some reason he's still looking out for her.
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Topic #2066639
Nantucket - Rachel is making eggs for Howie. He says "thanks ray ray". (very cute) NT 0 Replies #2066639 11:07AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066666
Nantucket - Gold Room- Sarah asked James if her shirt made her look pregnant. He said he doesn't like shirts like that on girls because they always make girls 0 Replies #2066666 11:10AM 03/08/2005
look pregnant. He said her hair looks nice though.
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Topic #2066674
Nantucket - Kaysar is back in bed. James and Sarah tryed to get him back up saying" whasup Kaysar". He doesn't want to get up. NT 0 Replies #2066674 11:11AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066683
Nantucket - April, Ivette, and Maggie out at the pool. NT 0 Replies #2066683 11:13AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066752
Nantucket - Rachel serves Howie his eggs out back. He says they are beautiful and he wants to take a picture. She said that she's sure the camera's have gotten 0 Replies #2066752 11:23AM 03/08/2005
some pictures. He starts eating and keeps telling her how good they are.

April is out back with them now and she asked Howie to tell her if she starts gaining weight. He tells her that she could gain 8 pounds and still be good.
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Topic #2066759
Nantucket - Kind of creepy. I just noticed Jennifer is laying on a chair directly behind Howie. She's very quiet as usual. NT 0 Replies #2066759 11:24AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066768
Nantucket - April, Rachel, and Howie discussing how all the men are the ones being evicted. James is the one who brought it up earlier. April didn't notice until 0 Replies #2066768 11:26AM 03/08/2005
he brought it up.
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Topic #2066782
Nantucket - LOL! Ivette is in the pool and shouted " Hi Howie, I miss you" He said hi Ivette bird. She asked him what he was eating 0 Replies #2066782 11:29AM 03/08/2005
and he told her about the great breakfast Rachel made him. Ivette replyed that Rachel has great boobies and is a great chief. Howie agreed and told her he's not allowed to talk about boobies today as per agreement with James and Sarah.
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Topic #2066805
Nantucket - Fish... NT 0 Replies #2066805 11:34AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066858
Nantucket - We're back and Sarah & James are playing chess. NT 0 Replies #2066858 11:42AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066861
lacycatherine - Sarah and James playing chess. Maggie and Jen talking outside. 0 Replies #2066861 11:43AM 03/08/2005
All I could hear her say was 'That's f'd up'
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Topic #2066885
Nantucket - Maggie and her crew are out back. Maggie is laughing about her plan to play into the fact that James and Sarah think she's a cop. NT 0 Replies #2066885 11:48AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066899
lacycatherine - FISH NT 0 Replies #2066899 11:50AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066915
Nantucket - Maggie and April are talking about Rachel seeming upset and quiet the last few days. April offered to talk if she wants. Rachel said she was fine. NT 0 Replies #2066915 11:54AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066928
Nantucket - Maggie keeps making extremely annoying dolphin noises. Maggie is also trying to make Sarah think she could be a dolphin trainer. NT 0 Replies #2066928 11:55AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066954
Nantucket - Kaysar was just outside with them. They like his shirt that he got at urban outfitters. He goes inside and April says that she really like Kaysar. NT 0 Replies #2066954 11:59AM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066965
Nantucket - Maggie was trying to get Sarah outside with them. April calls Sarah stupid. NT 0 Replies #2066965 12:00PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2066974
lacycatherine - Maggie trying to get Kaysar, Howie and Sarah to come outside 0 Replies #2066974 12:01PM 03/08/2005
and hang out with her group. They comment on how much they like his shirt. April tells him that she found some of the camel hair in the lint catcher of the dryer. She told him that she was going to keep it so when he left tomorrow she could remember him. When Sarah, Kaysar and Howie go back inside April says she really likes him (Kaysar) and that she could really be friends with him outside of the house. Maggie says that Sarah is so dumb. April asks if she is that dumb and all Maggie says is ... "April" with her face squished up as if to say no.
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Topic #2067059
Denise - Feeds 3 and 4 are Maggie and her Crew, they're still talking 0 Replies #2067059 12:14PM 03/08/2005
about fooling Sarah by telling her that Maggie is a dolphin trainer, they laugh like this is funny @ @. I think Ivette is still in the pool

Rachel now joins them at the table, Beau sings again (no fish)

Maggie leaves to take an advil cold and sinus (somethings clogged I guess)

Jen is laying on the lounge chair, talking in a southern accent (not very well I might add)

Kaysar is up and joins the table outside

Now Jen gets up and joins the table

They're talking about Michael now and things that made them nervous about him, mentioning that he covered himself when he peed in the bathroom (?)

Kaysar now talking about the bet with Howie and how Howie has to refrain from "boobie" comments etc. for 24 hours

Talking about picturing Howie wearing a suit and mentioning him being a drug rep. April said that Howie doesn't call on Doctors just Pharmacists

Rachel complaining about gaining weight, April says she'll find a man, Rachel said what about if Howie and I are married

Kaysar talking about throwing the water bottle when he was arguing with Ivette, trying to explain what happened, and how Ivette was going off on him, and when Ivette called Kaysar a motherf****r that's when he lost it, Maggie wants to know why he wasn't reprimanded, Kaysar said that he was talked to though by the Producers and how he can't act like that

Maggie said she wants to be spanked? (Jokers lined up willing to do it but not for fun)

April put a lemon head in the "ghetto feeder" and they have to take it down because it's attracting ants


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Topic #2067285
ihateeric - Ivette to Kaysar 0 Replies #2067285 12:49PM 03/08/2005
Ivette: Just tell Cappy we are being nice to you, so he doesnt jump you. Let him know we made peace.

Kaysar: Is there a secret word.

Ivette: Just say "camel toe"
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