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Topic #2067980
ihateeric - Kaysar beats Sarah "Wow, you beat me a lot faster than James" 0 Replies #2067980 2:46PM 03/08/2005
k: I'm really good at this game.
s: i'll play you again.

They play chess. Sarah whistles.
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Topic #2067988
JenJen - Janelle and James looking at a map, talking about travel... 0 Replies #2067988 2:49PM 03/08/2005
Janelle has traveled the middle east, she says she loves Beirut, and Tel Aviv is beautiful. James has traveled to Sarajevo. Janelle says she spent a semester in Russia as an exchange student.
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Topic #2067991
Nantucket - James & Janelle talking in the gold room. Janelle said her ex cheated on her with her worst enemy. James said 0 Replies #2067991 2:50PM 03/08/2005
so that would be like Michael sleeping with Ivette. She said yeah. They are now talking about travel. She said she's traveled a lot and so has Michael. James wants to honeymoon in Equadoor (sp?)
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Topic #2067994
ihateeric - Janie and James in Gr 0 Replies #2067994 2:50PM 03/08/2005
Janie is talking about her ex-boyf. They talk about the Bible. They look at the map.
Janie says she has been all over the Middle East, so has Michael. James has been to Sarajevo for a religious thing. James wants to go to Austria. Janie wants to go to Austraila. James wants to honeymoon in Equador, he saw it on the travel channel.
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Topic #2068017
ihateeric - Howie: Book Rea-der, Straight A Stu-dent NT 1 Replies #2068017 2:55PM 03/08/2005
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Zazny - Sung like the infamous Ivette song -- K: Is that your PG-13 version? NT #2068019 2:56PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068031
ihateeric - Janie: Ohhhhh How-ie. Howie: You're so intelligent, janie. You're so smart. NT 0 Replies #2068031 2:57PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068035
Moonshadow - Ivette: "Desperation calls for desperate measures." LOL NT 0 Replies #2068035 2:59PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068064
joannie - The HOH gang is whispering in the HOH bathroom. NT 0 Replies #2068064 3:03PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068079
joannie - Female BB voice interupts. 0 Replies #2068079 3:05PM 03/08/2005
"Maggie, can you please bring your camera to the DR?"
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Topic #2068090
joannie - HOH gang dispurses with some parting words from Ivette. 0 Replies #2068090 3:07PM 03/08/2005
"We can't trust Howie and Rachel."
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Topic #2068106
joannie - Sarah/James/Kaysar/Janelle in the GR NT 0 Replies #2068106 3:10PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068122
joannie - Maggie/April/Jenn in BY loungers 0 Replies #2068122 3:13PM 03/08/2005
Jenn is playing with Maggie's toes.
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Topic #2068175
Zazny - April upset with Ivette 0 Replies #2068175 3:23PM 03/08/2005
April is talking to Maggie who is characteristically uninvolved, but appears to be listening.

April says it's odd that James seems "okay" about Beau now. She feels that Ivette may have been spreading good word to James since he's her partner. April feels that her talks with James are different because when April went to Kaysar, she felt the positive would benefit everyone and the downside would only backfire on April herself.

M: Why is everyone gunning for me?
A: Kaysar was thinking about putting you and Ivette up, and I asked why Maggie? Because a single person who got their partner out will be coming back with a vengeance. Which is... Later on I am gonna tell Ivette, this is how it looks
M: Why, what would that benefit
A: This is not why we're butting heads. Nothing is [good enough] for her [everything I do is wrong to her]. I take jokes well...

BB: HoH please go to your room

Jen is doing Ivette's toenails as zebra colors, and A joins I/J/B at the BY table
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Topic #2068194
Atticus - Howie just broke up with her TV Girlfriend Sarah. LOL NT 0 Replies #2068194 3:27PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068206
loolooloo - Kaysar and Janelle reading the bible 0 Replies #2068206 3:29PM 03/08/2005
Kaysar: it's strange how people think Christianity was untainted before St. Paul.
Janelle: Oooh! I was born in St. Paul!
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Topic #2068212
Atticus - Howie tells the group that he is not allowed to discuss Jedi Council Locations. NT 0 Replies #2068212 3:30PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068251
Atticus - Howie: "I don't want to be Regular How, i want to be Super Howie, Not to worry though I will get my cape back at the stroke of midnight NT 0 Replies #2068251 3:38PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068322
TheBigSista - april and ivette 0 Replies #2068322 3:52PM 03/08/2005
talking about who they wanted out before veto - they wanted to boot out james - but were saying how manipulative kaysar.

april saying but we had decided james was the one to go

ivette reminds april that kaysar had done the whole threatening her and giving her 3 safe weeks.

ivette also pointing out that april was safer with kaysar but ivette and beau were in danger.

april brought this up as ivette jumped up with joy when sarah won veto.

ivette said that she was not sure with the whole james kaysar vote and that she was not sure with it even before veto with taking out james. ivette said toapril she didnt feel comfortable with keeping james.

ivette wanted kaysar out cos she feared kaysar was gonna come back and bite him in the ass and april says we cant be selfish in the this game (yes she actually said this i nearly choked).

april saying that you have to take one for the team etc and ivette saying how she has stood up for others in the game - april saying when james says she is spineless- ivette says that he has never said that to her and so she cant call him out on it. ok aprils poison is annoying me gotta switch feeds
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Topic #2068381
Zazny - Ivette's plan to oust James 0 Replies #2068381 4:03PM 03/08/2005
She tells this to A and M

Put up Janelle and Rachel.

Janelle picks Howie for veto.
Rachel picks Maggie.

She says this won't be suspicious. Then James gets the backdoor.

The jist of Ivette's argument with April is that James doesn't get any of the clues that Ivette is giving him. Ivette is basically telling him she won't turn her back of Maggie, but James keeps saying that Maggie is his first target. She believes the backdoor is the only way you can get rid of James, just like Kaysar did for Eric.
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Topic #2068456
BHnoah - Ivette telling Maggie and April that James told her that Maggie is evil, 0 Replies #2068456 4:14PM 03/08/2005
April is shady, Beau is....... Then Ivette said does he relieze he comes to me with this saying your evil. Then says how Maggie is her only connection to "Cappy" and she is very close to her

Maggie saying James tactic is going to everyone-- saying how he's been honest, and trying to break up the house
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Topic #2068507
Zazny - M: To be called evil is really a sh**ty thing NT 0 Replies #2068507 4:20PM 03/08/2005
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Topic #2068534
Zazny - A about I: She's so moody. She's making me moody 0 Replies #2068534 4:23PM 03/08/2005
Maggie agrees that it's weird that Iv was too happy that James won veto.
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Topic #2068550
BHnoah - Maggie and April talk about Ivette after she went to the bathroom 0 Replies #2068550 4:25PM 03/08/2005
April saying I don't get her, she's so moody

April also said how she was way too happy when Sarah won POV and they both agreed that was very selfish because they know she was only concerned with herself (cause if Kaysar stayed she be on her way out) and the group had descided James was the one to go

ivette came back from bathroom

now Maggie is talking about what she wrote in her HOH blog
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Topic #2068573
Zazny - Maggie tells the others to "blow her cover" to Sarah 0 Replies #2068573 4:30PM 03/08/2005
To finally clue her in to the truth about her job. She wonders why he didn't believe that she was a nurse. (All of the Cappys are around)

A: He thinks he's smarter than you[, so he thinks you should have a job that is "smarter"]
M: Why wouldn't a nurse be smarter than him...Because he's an arrogant S.O.B.? It's amazing that he puts so much status in an occupation
I: My ass is on fire, guys
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Topic #2068588
Zazny - Friendship believe there is a pattern in HOH wins 0 Replies #2068588 4:33PM 03/08/2005
First they go it's every other one [Rachel (them), then Eric (us), then Kaysar (them), then Maggie (us)], but Jen decides that Rachel was really one of their side when she won, so the pattern may be 2-1-2.

I: Big Brother Gods, please listen to us. There will still be feistiness if he [James] leaves

Jen starts talking about someone's gas last night.

They see dragonflies
M: Dragonflies are good luck, guys
J: There's 5 of them!
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