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Crapettes and HOH - amIsane
9:22PM 04/08/2005

Howie asks, "do you guys feel okay? I don't feel good and I feel warm." - Disneyisme
9:22PM 04/08/2005

Jam wants to know if How are gonna come work out with them - amIsane
9:25PM 04/08/2005

April and Jen are in HOH now, asking to talk to Howie...Jan rang the door bell - Disneyisme
9:27PM 04/08/2005

Howie is calling out April & Jennifer on their attitudes in the house. NT - Chrisha
9:28PM 04/08/2005

Howie asks April and Jen if they hold him accountable for Eric leaving and they say no. NT - jmmram
9:29PM 04/08/2005

Janelle says in HOH, "ok, I'll just sit here and not listen." - Disneyisme
9:32PM 04/08/2005

Howie displays Jedi mind abilities to April and jen in HOH - Caribou
9:34PM 04/08/2005

April says that the very person that Eric saved was doing this (making a stab in the back motion). She says - Disneyisme
9:36PM 04/08/2005

Jennifer: (james) only one playing dirty in this game. She says this in HOH. NT - Caribou
9:38PM 04/08/2005

April is on one of her non-stop rants about James being a sorry, un-ethical a-hole and that they - Disneyisme
9:39PM 04/08/2005
Howie pacing the whole time she talks NT - Caribou
9:40PM 04/08/2005

Oh thank you BB God for FISH NT - Disneyisme
9:40PM 04/08/2005

BB calls Jennifer to the Diary Room while she is in HOH NT - Zazny
9:40PM 04/08/2005

A: When I walk past that f**er [James] I want to kick him in his fu***ing nuts NT - Zazny
9:43PM 04/08/2005

Howie gets up and walks away from table saying "yea i've heard this all before". april is going on and on about getting james out. please tell her the - Caribou
9:43PM 04/08/2005

April is telling Howie that if she is 'still' in the house next week, she will get that - Disneyisme
9:44PM 04/08/2005

Janelle asks why Maggie was trying to turn her tv off? April says that was the plan but she's double talking, can barely make sense of it NT - Caribou
9:46PM 04/08/2005

Ap and Jenn come to HOH,immed as the others left - amIsane
9:46PM 04/08/2005

Janelle's tough questions to April - Caribou
9:48PM 04/08/2005

April gunning against James. Asks Howie "are you bsing me or are you just telling me what you think i want to hear" (paraphrased) - Caribou
9:51PM 04/08/2005

They went ot FISH and came back and Janelle says "sorry BB it was my big boobies." NT - Disneyisme
9:51PM 04/08/2005

Howie - i'm all about getting rid of james and sarah. James this week, whoever gets HOH next week, get Sarah NT - Caribou
9:53PM 04/08/2005

Goodie, now we can hear more APRIL. She says "so next week, if I get it or any - Disneyisme
9:54PM 04/08/2005

howie telling april i am all about getting rid of him and getting rid of sarah, its now or never. - ferretkiss
9:54PM 04/08/2005
if i dont get this guy off and get him out of the way, i cannot compete next week. april: absolutely NT - ferretkiss
9:55PM 04/08/2005
howie telling april he needs to back door james because he hasnt been successful... - ferretkiss
9:59PM 04/08/2005

Ap about Jam"He is the one causing all the prob. in this house. Me and Jan are good friends now" NT - amIsane
9:55PM 04/08/2005

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