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Topic #2079930
amIsane - Crapettes and HOH 0 Replies #2079930 9:22PM 04/08/2005
Talking about Veto comp.
Ivet tells them that she does not mind pawning herself. That Ap can pick Jenn for veto. Iv says she has to pick Beau. They devise a plan to get rid of Jam I believe. They all play for veto and take one off and them vote Jam out(I am confused, feeds keep switches)
Feeds switch to HOH
They say Magg was with Rach in first veto, that Rach kicked @ss. They are talking of putting Ap up with Maggie.
How hatyes April, that she goes off on tangents. That April plays completely emotional. She is not a threat. That How has to walk on egg shells around Ap because she accuses every guy sexual. Jam says she has been f@cking them up. How says she has been going back and forth. She never shuts up. How says one day Ap says to him "Er was going to put your @ss up and Magg says Shh Shh"
How wonders if BB is gonna give him pouppouri.(sp??)
Then here comes Beau in HOH LOL
Jam (after Beau leaves)
Never has there been such @ss kissing. Esp Jenn
How says Jenn has been nice to him throughout. But that Ap started bringing him water and sruff like 2 days ago.
How "America, you need to give us Michael or KaysaR"
Jam "As much as I love Kay, but I owe Mike an apology"
Sar"Yea, Mike deserves another chance"
How "Yea, It is going to be Magg and Ap. Obviously Ap is the pawn, but she deserves to be up there for being such a pain in the @ss."
Sar suggests a deal with Ap
Jam says no, we tried a deal and it did not work. We have the #s to take out whoever we want
Rach to Sa "We can not say anything to Ap, she will run back and tell them everything"
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Topic #2079935
Disneyisme - Howie asks, "do you guys feel okay? I don't feel good and I feel warm." 0 Replies #2079935 9:22PM 04/08/2005
He says it could be that they sat around all day. James said "well I had about 6 helpings of turkey and I feel fine."
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Topic #2079970
amIsane - Jam wants to know if How are gonna come work out with them 0 Replies #2079970 9:25PM 04/08/2005
or sit in HOH and listen to the "peons" complain.
They are going to reconviene after working out and Jam talks about l;ast week them (crapettes) spending all there time up there(HOH) yet complaining about it before that.
All leave HOH to work out
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Topic #2080010
Disneyisme - April and Jen are in HOH now, asking to talk to Howie...Jan rang the door bell 0 Replies #2080010 9:27PM 04/08/2005
and now she is in HOH too....lol, April says to Howie "well we thought we would come in here as a pair." Janelle, laughs and says "oh sorry" but she doesn't move...Howie says to Jane "do you mind I'll talk to them now, is that cool?"

Howie asks them "do you want to be in here alone or can Janelle stay? your call." April says "I don't care, you may as well stay Janelle."
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Topic #2080019
Chrisha - Howie is calling out April & Jennifer on their attitudes in the house. NT 0 Replies #2080019 9:28PM 04/08/2005
The intellectual Howie is coming out.
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Topic #2080040
jmmram - Howie asks April and Jen if they hold him accountable for Eric leaving and they say no. NT 0 Replies #2080040 9:29PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080075
Disneyisme - Janelle says in HOH, "ok, I'll just sit here and not listen." 0 Replies #2080075 9:32PM 04/08/2005
April starts right in saying that "we didn't want you up last week, we didn't want you up for a reason." Howie "oh really?" April says: "do you know who wanted you and Rachel up last week?....." Howie cuts her off "this is my thing here, I know what's going on around here, I am not stupid. We've been battling a little here, and you guys have occassionally told me to watch my back, and I appreciate that, but really, do you know WHY Cappy walked out those doors? Do you hold me accountable for that?" April says "I never heard your name come up."
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Topic #2080101
Caribou - Howie displays Jedi mind abilities to April and jen in HOH 0 Replies #2080101 9:34PM 04/08/2005
Howie has an American Flag kerchief on his head. He's walking around the room putting things away while questioning April and Jen. When he asks questions, April tried to start in talking about other things and he stopped her cold to make her answer his specific questions.

Howie asked why they think Eric really left this game? He wants their answer, what they THINK. He also wanted to know if they thought Howie was behind anything. April swears Howie's name never came up.

Howie tells them he is smart. He plays strategically. He is not stupid.

Now April, realizing how strong Howie is, finally gets an opportunity to start her verbal work and asks "did Kaysar talk to you about me?" Howie says he mentioned stuff. April now going on about how great Kaysar is and how bad James is.

Howie listening as April goes on. Janelle is in the room too listening. Howie did not ask her to leave.
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Topic #2080123
Disneyisme - April says that the very person that Eric saved was doing this (making a stab in the back motion). She says 0 Replies #2080123 9:36PM 04/08/2005
that James and his girlfriend are responsible. She says James and f'in girlfriend stabbed him (Eric) in the back in front of 5 people.

April says I want to walk by James so bad and ask him in front of everyone "so James, did you tell How and Rachel how you were going to put them up this week if you get HOH?" Jennifer told her not to do it, it will cause too many problems.
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Topic #2080143
Caribou - Jennifer: (james) only one playing dirty in this game. She says this in HOH. NT 0 Replies #2080143 9:38PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080172
Disneyisme - April is on one of her non-stop rants about James being a sorry, un-ethical a-hole and that they 1 Replies #2080172 9:39PM 04/08/2005
want James gone, then the next week his f'in girlfriend. I can't follow April, but for M'fer, SOB, f'in this and m'fer that....seriously.
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Caribou - Howie pacing the whole time she talks NT #2080185 9:40PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080174
Disneyisme - Oh thank you BB God for FISH NT 0 Replies #2080174 9:40PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080187
Zazny - BB calls Jennifer to the Diary Room while she is in HOH NT 0 Replies #2080187 9:40PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080221
Zazny - A: When I walk past that f**er [James] I want to kick him in his fu***ing nuts NT 0 Replies #2080221 9:43PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080225
Caribou - Howie gets up and walks away from table saying "yea i've heard this all before". april is going on and on about getting james out. please tell her the 0 Replies #2080225 9:43PM 04/08/2005
truth if she's going up at least etc.

Howie asked if Kaysar told her to come to them? Is she the liaison for their side? Janelle says yea and that's when Howie said he's heard all this stuff April is saying before.

Howie also told April he's his own person, has his own mind.
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Topic #2080244
Disneyisme - April is telling Howie that if she is 'still' in the house next week, she will get that 0 Replies #2080244 9:44PM 04/08/2005
SOB out. They are asking April if Kay really made April the liason to come tell Janelle everything...she says "yes, and he said that Janelle would come to me too." Now April wants to kick James in the nuts..she can't stand him....he's gone, the next week she promises Sarah will be out!
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Topic #2080276
Caribou - Janelle asks why Maggie was trying to turn her tv off? April says that was the plan but she's double talking, can barely make sense of it NT 0 Replies #2080276 9:46PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080281
amIsane - Ap and Jenn come to HOH,immed as the others left 0 Replies #2080281 9:46PM 04/08/2005
Ap "So whats up How, we decided to come in as a pair"
How " I am good looking and HOH, but I am not going to take advantage of that"
Ap"You know we did not put you up last week for a reason, but someone else was"
Jan came and they all say it is ok she stays.
How says that he loves Jan and he trusts her.
How says that he has heard many rumors in the house, and so on. How says that he is a strategist and he says Ap do you trust Mag, Iv and B, apr "Yea I think so"
How thenb if Jam comes and says something, would you believe him?
Ap "No"
How says he feels that like if he was fighting someone, he would rather them out right beat them, rather than them coming from behind and stabbing him.
Apr starts in about Jam.
Ap" It was not just me, 5 people were in this room when that mutherf@cker and his f@cking girlfriend were up here begging us to put you and Rach up"
Ap is talking a mile a minute. cursing like a pirate. Rehashing alot of what she has said before.
AP "He(jam) is a sorry unethical SOB"
Ap "I told Magg downstairs that even if Er comes back that if Jam is gone we will go after Sar next week"
Jan "You promise"
jenn and Ap confirm yes. Apr brings up the bible promise several times. Jenn says "He thinks he is in the clear this week, walking around with his c@ck out"
Ap "It made me mad that earlier Jam is like I am clear this week."
Ap says that for the next 2 weeks they get Jam and Sar out. Jenn says Mike hates them.
Ap says she was alright with Mike until a coupke of days before Mike left. Ap says she swears she and Jenn did not come up with a strategy about sexual harras against Mike
Jenn is called to DR
Ap says just be honest with her, that if they do not want to do this etc. That if she gets HOH she is gunning for Jam. She does not want to go before Jam.
Ap "Jan, I swear when I walked past that SOB I wanted to kick him in the balls. I hate that SOB"
Ap "I swear if we get Jam, even if Er comes back that wee will get rid of Sar the next week. Magg even said it. I swear we will all get along much better without him here. Do yall know about the veto. Sar came and told them that the S6 plan was if Sarah and Jam went up and that the plan was to vote off Sar. But Jam and Sar wanted Crappies help. That if Jam got off, to put Jan up and to vote Jan up."
Sar says that this last veto Jam asked and said that the one person who could not win veto was Jan, so she could save herself and Kay(would save Kay)
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Topic #2080307
Caribou - Janelle's tough questions to April 0 Replies #2080307 9:48PM 04/08/2005
Janelle poses a good question to April which she cannot answer and is slowly realizing it. Janelle says if they had helped her instead of hindering her turning on her tv in veto comp, then she could have used it to save kay and they could have put sarah up.

April's responses to this are that basically they didn't know, sides didn't talk, etc.
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Topic #2080357
Caribou - April gunning against James. Asks Howie "are you bsing me or are you just telling me what you think i want to hear" (paraphrased) 0 Replies #2080357 9:51PM 04/08/2005
Howie not going for that so he says to Janelle "tell her Janie whatever you think she wants to hear"

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Topic #2080366
Disneyisme - They went ot FISH and came back and Janelle says "sorry BB it was my big boobies." NT 0 Replies #2080366 9:51PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080401
Caribou - Howie - i'm all about getting rid of james and sarah. James this week, whoever gets HOH next week, get Sarah NT 0 Replies #2080401 9:53PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080406
Disneyisme - Goodie, now we can hear more APRIL. She says "so next week, if I get it or any 0 Replies #2080406 9:54PM 04/08/2005
of those people out there will put Sarah up. Once James is gone this game will be much better, and a lot cleaner. He will tell you s*** we say about you and he will tell us s*** you say about us and it will all be made up."
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Topic #2080408
ferretkiss - howie telling april i am all about getting rid of him and getting rid of sarah, its now or never. 2 Replies #2080408 9:54PM 04/08/2005
also saying he loved eric and he will be banging down his front door in vegas. this after about 30 minutes of listening to april.
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ferretkiss - if i dont get this guy off and get him out of the way, i cannot compete next week. april: absolutely NT #2080437 9:55PM 04/08/2005
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ferretkiss - howie telling april he needs to back door james because he hasnt been successful... #2080480 9:59PM 04/08/2005
getting him out the other way. april asks if she will be a pawn. ( i cannot tell from watching both hoh convs what howie is really thinking.)

apr: if im going to go up as a pawn i want to know.
how: its a tough decision. there is going to be veto but there is going to be a time where somebody does not win. says if someone does he will take them off and put james back in.

(howie thinks this is the week that BB will f them and do something wtih the veto.)

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Topic #2080427
amIsane - Ap about Jam"He is the one causing all the prob. in this house. Me and Jan are good friends now" NT 0 Replies #2080427 9:55PM 04/08/2005
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