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Howie explaining that putting James straight on the block doesn't work, obviously. - Disneyisme
9:57PM 04/08/2005

Ap trying to save her @ss - amIsane
10:00PM 04/08/2005

Howie says "If we try to back door James, BB would want it that way" (possibly no veto), it makes good TV and ratings.... - Disneyisme
10:01PM 04/08/2005

Ap new nickname for James "MOFO" (Ed. LMao!!) NT - amIsane
10:01PM 04/08/2005

Janie... you're an idiot if you are being serious! NT - bullseye
10:02PM 04/08/2005

Janie said, how about you put me and James up, I'll pick a strong person for veto... - Zazny
10:03PM 04/08/2005

Janelle tells everyone to hang on in HOH, she says "what about putting me and - Disneyisme
10:04PM 04/08/2005

April states the obvious that James will pick Sarah for POV and the same thing that happened - Disneyisme
10:06PM 04/08/2005

Evening Recap - Tweeds
10:06PM 04/08/2005

How angry w/ Jam - amIsane
10:07PM 04/08/2005

Rachel, Ivette, and Beau are in the BR, Ivette, laying down says, "is anybody going to let Howie - Disneyisme
10:08PM 04/08/2005

Rachel, Maggie, Beau and Ivette in the BR. They are talking about Eric possibly coming back - Disneyisme
10:11PM 04/08/2005

HOH room - Jenn sitting on bed beside April. She (April) doing most of the talking, in cirlces mostly - Caribou
10:23PM 04/08/2005

Beau knocks on HOH door and Jenn tells April "people are p*ssed that you have been up here so long..." - Disneyisme
10:24PM 04/08/2005

How can not set in stone the Jam / Sar until he talks w/ Rach he says - amIsane
10:25PM 04/08/2005

Iv says she is not gunning after Jan(yea right. lol) NT - amIsane
10:25PM 04/08/2005

April says she wants to call James out at the nomination ceremony, in that he said he would nominate Rachel and Howie. - Disneyisme
10:26PM 04/08/2005
Jennifer says this will make Sarah cry, she'll run to the bathroom in tears. Howie doesn't care because of what they did. NT - Caribou
10:28PM 04/08/2005

Ivette and Beau arrive at HOH. Ivette hesitant to enter. April and Jenn leave. Ivette walks in complaining that she has things to do so let's get this - Caribou
10:27PM 04/08/2005

Ivette can respect Howie because he honoured HOH plans, whoever was HOH. Ivette respects Janelle because even when she was - Caribou
10:30PM 04/08/2005

Ivette afraid to put both james and sarah up and tells Janelle that pointedly. Janelle tells Ivette that's what you guys should have done last week. - Caribou
10:32PM 04/08/2005

Howie and Janelle tell Ivette and Beau that Rachel HATES James. This is news to them but they're glad for it. NT - Caribou
10:33PM 04/08/2005

Ivette says she is scared to put them both up on the block (James & Sarah). Ivette says James - Disneyisme
10:34PM 04/08/2005

Ivette asks if Howie is sure this is the best way. Howie says he wants to backdoor James. If there's no veto this week they can't risk it. NT - Caribou
10:34PM 04/08/2005

Ivette tells them to do what they want to do but says "I can promise you, you Janelle are not my target, you Howie are not my target" NT - Caribou
10:35PM 04/08/2005

Ivette says "do what you're going to do, but I will tell you this, you are definately not my target." - Disneyisme
10:36PM 04/08/2005

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