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Topic #2080464
Disneyisme - Howie explaining that putting James straight on the block doesn't work, obviously. 0 Replies #2080464 9:57PM 04/08/2005
He says "but if we try to back door him, will this be the week that they don't do the veto because someone's coming back in?"
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Topic #2080489
amIsane - Ap trying to save her @ss 0 Replies #2080489 10:00PM 04/08/2005
How says if he puts Jam up immed. he could win veto and he will go nuts. But if he puts up pawns. How says he was just up here talking about it. Ap asks if they decided to put her up with Magg. They pause and don't answer.
Ap says if you are going to put pawns with the chance no veto is won, it is better to put up striong players. I am not, I mean I am a smoker(I thought you did not smoke Ap. LOL) and a physical is bad. I mean I will do all I can to win veto, but it is best to put up 2 strong players as pawns incase no veto is won(LOL!!!)
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Topic #2080502
Disneyisme - Howie says "If we try to back door James, BB would want it that way" (possibly no veto), it makes good TV and ratings.... 0 Replies #2080502 10:01PM 04/08/2005
He says they (BB) will do whatever they can to favor him. He says if we try it this week, we may get f'd (by BB)."

Howie says that James is the most dominant player in BB history.

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Topic #2080507
amIsane - Ap new nickname for James "MOFO" (Ed. LMao!!) NT 0 Replies #2080507 10:01PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080519
bullseye - Janie... you're an idiot if you are being serious! NT 0 Replies #2080519 10:02PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080527
Zazny - Janie said, how about you put me and James up, I'll pick a strong person for veto... 0 Replies #2080527 10:03PM 04/08/2005
A says no way, since he'd pick Sarah, and they'll do the same thing
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Topic #2080540
Disneyisme - Janelle tells everyone to hang on in HOH, she says "what about putting me and 0 Replies #2080540 10:04PM 04/08/2005
James up? Then I can play for POV with a strong player to play it with me. Either way he will go and if he comes off the block then 'she' goes up and she goes." Ding dong went the HOH bell, it's Jenn coming back in.
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Topic #2080563
Disneyisme - April states the obvious that James will pick Sarah for POV and the same thing that happened 0 Replies #2080563 10:06PM 04/08/2005
this week will happen next week. Jenn tells Howie that she heard James say the only people I trust in this house is Sarah and Howie "after you (Howie) won HOH".
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Topic #2080577
Tweeds - Evening Recap 0 Replies #2080577 10:06PM 04/08/2005
[Live Show] - Kaysar evicted, Howie wins HOH, hgs are told America's Choice will return one evicted houseguest. [Michael, Eric or Kaysar, Ashlea left sequester so she is ineligible]

Feeds are back up and there is talk about if there will be a double eviction at some point and about the HOH competition. Howie is hoping he gets his light saber as part of his HOH goodies. Janelle says if Eric comes back, she is walking right out the door. Janelle is hoping Michael is the one to return. Sarah mentions how glad she is that they [evicted hgs] have not seen tapes since they said mean things and James did the Eric walk in the DR. The hgs talk about which hg they would like to have back and wondering what America's Choice will be.

Janelle thinks Ashlea left sequester because it was going to be such a long time completely isolated. Howie says to Maggie that he will be willing to listen to ideas from everyone about who to nominate. The Sith Lords are trying to smooch up to Howie but the force is strong with this one and he thwarts their puny efforts. [Ok I embellish a bit but you get the idea]. Everyone gathers to eat some dinner in the kitchen. Things seem very good natured. We slip off into the twilight zone where Janelle and Ivette are talking friendly while they do dishes together.

James is busily trying to lay the ground work to not look like a complete jerk if Michael or Kaysar returns. The S5 are talking about how Michael deserves a second chance and how so many people owe him an apology. Ivette is trash talking Janelle concerning their doing dishes together. Images of the HOH room, basket and photos. The Sith Lords are over analyzing the order in which people were eliminated from the HOH competition. The Sith Lords seem pretty confident that Eric will be returned to them, unless America is stupid (as Jenn says) and brings back Michael. [Not hearing a lot of remorse for how they treated Michael]

Jennifer and Ivette have a chat about what America might vote to do, then head off into bashing Janelle land. April talks to Janelle saying she expects America will choose Michael or Eric. She tells Janelle that James was up in the HOH last week bashing them. April believes whoever comes back into the house will be voted right back out. Time to see Howie's new HOH digs! Howie got trix, black Speedos, a new bandana, icy hot and pictures, possibly of his mom and sister.

April comes to talk to Janelle and starts ranting about James. [Kaysar maybe should have chosen a calmer go between.... hmmm. ok there isn't one. ] Ivette makes a very astute observation "whoever wins HOH puts out chapstick and says kiss our ass". James is talking to Howie about who to put up and also begging to have his key be the first one pulled out.

James and Rachel head downstairs to work out. Howie was saying he didn't feel well and was warm. James seems determined not to let Howie out of his sight. Jennifer and April campaign against James to Howie and Janelle in the HOH. Jennifer tells Howie that James is the only one playing it dirty. Howie says he is all about getting rid of James this week, April says he is the one causing all the problems in the house...[Where have I heard this before?]. April is continuing to talk and talk and talk to Howie. It sounds like he might put up Maggie and someone else, then if there is no veto he has no heartburn voting out Maggie, but if there is a veto, they have control over who wins it and can put up James.

This Recap will be posted in full tomorrow morning as an article.
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Topic #2080584
amIsane - How angry w/ Jam 0 Replies #2080584 10:07PM 04/08/2005
How says if he leaves because he lost a comp. He will walk out and he is fine.
But to be backstabbed by someone whoi gave him their word, that pisses him off.
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Topic #2080596
Disneyisme - Rachel, Ivette, and Beau are in the BR, Ivette, laying down says, "is anybody going to let Howie 0 Replies #2080596 10:08PM 04/08/2005
be available tonight? Otherwise I will just wait until tomorrow." Rachel says let's just go up there right now...."
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Topic #2080614
Disneyisme - Rachel, Maggie, Beau and Ivette in the BR. They are talking about Eric possibly coming back 0 Replies #2080614 10:11PM 04/08/2005
and how hard it is to be sequestered. They are saying Ashlea probably left sequester because she didn't enjoy the experiance and didn't want to come back in the house anyway. Gross, Maggie says she is burping pickles and she didn't have any pickles.
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Topic #2080741
Caribou - HOH room - Jenn sitting on bed beside April. She (April) doing most of the talking, in cirlces mostly 0 Replies #2080741 10:23PM 04/08/2005
Beau arrives at door to see if next person can come up. They say tell them to come up we're all in here.

Howie suggests that when he nominates James, the whole table can tell him why, one by one.
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Topic #2080760
Disneyisme - Beau knocks on HOH door and Jenn tells April "people are p*ssed that you have been up here so long..." 0 Replies #2080760 10:24PM 04/08/2005
April says "well they can come up here.." Jenn says "they don't know that." April says "on the other hand we don't all want to be in here at the same time."
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Topic #2080765
amIsane - How can not set in stone the Jam / Sar until he talks w/ Rach he says 0 Replies #2080765 10:25PM 04/08/2005
They plan to on nom go off on Jam. Ap wants to tear Jam a new @ss verbally.
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Topic #2080773
amIsane - Iv says she is not gunning after Jan(yea right. lol) NT 0 Replies #2080773 10:25PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080786
Disneyisme - April says she wants to call James out at the nomination ceremony, in that he said he would nominate Rachel and Howie. 1 Replies #2080786 10:26PM 04/08/2005
Howie says "OK then, what I will say is "I nominate you Sarah and you James and here, the rest of the house will tell you why."
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Caribou - Jennifer says this will make Sarah cry, she'll run to the bathroom in tears. Howie doesn't care because of what they did. NT #2080806 10:28PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080798
Caribou - Ivette and Beau arrive at HOH. Ivette hesitant to enter. April and Jenn leave. Ivette walks in complaining that she has things to do so let's get this 0 Replies #2080798 10:27PM 04/08/2005
over with. Janelle stays put because Howie wants her there, as his brains etc. Howie tells Ivette that they all have a common problem in James. Ivette tries to say Janelle hasn't been a problem for her for the last 2 weeks. Ivette tries to make Kaysar's eviction about her, there's a mark on her back now. That slides by and Howie refocuses her.

Ivette offers to be a pawn and go up with James. Howie says no because they might not get a veto this week. Ivette keeps working on it.
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Topic #2080834
Caribou - Ivette can respect Howie because he honoured HOH plans, whoever was HOH. Ivette respects Janelle because even when she was 0 Replies #2080834 10:30PM 04/08/2005
"at the bottom of the barrel" she still stuck by her group and didn't betray them.

Ivette now recounts James swearing on the bible. And we get FISH.
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Topic #2080864
Caribou - Ivette afraid to put both james and sarah up and tells Janelle that pointedly. Janelle tells Ivette that's what you guys should have done last week. 0 Replies #2080864 10:32PM 04/08/2005
Ivette scared to put them both up. Howie doesn't care because with both up, at least one of them will go for sure. Ivette worried James will be pissed if Sarah goes. Howie says he knows that's why he needs the whole house to back him on this. If Sarah goes this week, we get James next week.
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Topic #2080873
Caribou - Howie and Janelle tell Ivette and Beau that Rachel HATES James. This is news to them but they're glad for it. NT 0 Replies #2080873 10:33PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080880
Disneyisme - Ivette says she is scared to put them both up on the block (James & Sarah). Ivette says James 0 Replies #2080880 10:34PM 04/08/2005
is heartless, "if he goes up with Sarah, Sarah tells him 'if I get it, I will give it to you'...." Howie says "no, whoever wins it, we do know James will be saved." Ivette says "he is going to be so p*ssed off when he goes up..." Howie says "that's why I need the house behind me."
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Topic #2080885
Caribou - Ivette asks if Howie is sure this is the best way. Howie says he wants to backdoor James. If there's no veto this week they can't risk it. NT 0 Replies #2080885 10:34PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080899
Caribou - Ivette tells them to do what they want to do but says "I can promise you, you Janelle are not my target, you Howie are not my target" NT 0 Replies #2080899 10:35PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2080921
Disneyisme - Ivette says "do what you're going to do, but I will tell you this, you are definately not my target." 0 Replies #2080921 10:36PM 04/08/2005
Howie says they will gun for James then Sarah. Ivette says they all have to agree, that her word is as good as gold, she has no problem admitting anything.

Howie says "James can't take on the whole house!"
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