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Topic #2072873
Panda4 - Rachel now goes to wake up Kaysar. She then says Good morning HG's it is time 0 Replies #2072873 9:53AM 04/08/2005
to wake up for the day to the GR clan. Tells them it is 10:00 when asked what time it is.
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Topic #2072875
CougarSpy - Rachel knocks on HOH door. Maggie stirs. Rachel knocks again and says it’s locked. Someone finally unlocks the door. Something is wrong with audio 0 Replies #2072875 9:54AM 04/08/2005
and BB asked that Rachel wake everybody up for the day and start cleaning. Someone complaining it’s too cold.

Rachel now wakes up Kaysar, and says it’s time to wake up. Rachel walks into gold room. Imitating BB, she says, “Good morning houseguests, it’s time to wake up for the day.” Someone asks what time it is and Rachel says it’s 10.

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Topic #2072920
CougarSpy - Ivette – …we start cleaning. A HOH voice – Yes. 0 Replies #2072920 10:07AM 04/08/2005
Ivette – I sleep so horrible last night, I sleep horrible.
Ivette says she had a dream about Howie winning HOH. Rachel asks her about it. Ivette says she was ecstatic. She wondered if Howie had all the girls in his room in the dream.

Rachel says that people should eat breakfast first before they start cleaning.

April told Rachel not to do the dishes last night, but she did some of them anyways. She tells Ivette she has already taken out the garbage and swept. Says there weren’t many towels, but she had thrown some in the dryer last night.

They are now talking about that they should have put foil on the baking sheet last night before someone made fish with cheese.

Rachel says she slept until 8 am, which was a record for her. April responds, “that’s a positive”.

April and Ivette are now talking about April talking in her sleep last night. April would scream and Ivette would ask her what it was. She couldn’t understand what April was saying.

April asks Rachel if she wants HOH tonight. She says sure, who doesn’t

Howie heard in background singing, “Rug ????, Carpet muncher… He has joined April, Rachel, Ivette in kitchen.

A few chores are being divvied up. Rachel says she will vacuum this morning and commented that someone should mop, since it hasn’t been done in awhile.
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Topic #2072954
CougarSpy - F1 show Maggie, Jennifer and Beau lying in bed talking. One of them hogged all the covers last night. General chitchat. 0 Replies #2072954 10:12AM 04/08/2005
Now they are wondering if audio is going to be out all day, or if it’s out because they are going to talk to them all individually.

Rachel is still cleaning in kitchen.

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Topic #2072983
CougarSpy - Rachel is talking with April and Ivette about the audio being out. April – So we won’t be able to have music this morning. Rachel starts vacuuming, 0 Replies #2072983 10:17AM 04/08/2005
so it drowns out chit chat. April is now arguing with Rachel about the proper use of a vacuum (roller height, floors).

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Topic #2073046
CougarSpy - Ivette is telling Howie about her dream again of him winning HOH and how happy she was for him. H – Really? Howie then starts talking about how 0 Replies #2073046 10:27AM 04/08/2005
all of us are here to win something, whether it’s coasters, panties…

April still harping at Rachel about the vacuum about whether it sucks (picks up). [Rachel is vacuuming and April keeps interrupting her.] April is now wiping dishes dry and putting them away.

Rachel says, “The sucker part works, the rest of it is a piece of junk.”

Maggie is in HOH bathroom picking at her zits in the mirror.

Rachel asks Howie if they were going to give them a new vacuum. She says this one isn’t picking anything up. It’s a waste of time. Rachel says she might be able to use the sucker thing in the bathroom, but it’s worthless.

Rachel heads into bathroom to vacuum. Ivette is in bathroom looking in the mirror. Howie says “panties.”

Jenn is now at kitchen Island making a bowl of something.
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Topic #2073099
joannie - Power cleaning before the live show NT 0 Replies #2073099 10:36AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073108
joannie - Kaysar is still in bed. NT 0 Replies #2073108 10:37AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073120
CougarSpy - Maggie and Jennifer are now in the kitchen looking for things to eat for breakfast. One of them says good morning to Ivette. 0 Replies #2073120 10:39AM 04/08/2005
Rachel and Ivette are now arguing about the vacuum. Rachel says we should wait till they get us a new one. Ivette is trying to vacuum the floors with the sucker (hose). Rachel saying you really don’t want to do that. [It appears the roller is not picking up.]

April is saying we should just make up the beds. They don’t want to see a bunch of stripped beds.

Maggie in an annoying voice keeps yelling “Kaysar is a happy boy,” about six times. She’s going on and on about how he needs to get up and clean. Maggie asks what he has done in BB house. Kaysar replies he has slept, but Ivette says he won HOH but what else did he do. Kaysar says he needs to lay for awhile before he gets up.

Now Maggie is saying in large bedroom that they should just put things in piles and hide them. [The room is a mess with stuff everywhere.]

April singing – It’s 10:30, time to get up, hugs and kisses…

James is up now. Howie is straightening up living room and pillows.

More general chitchat about cleaning, hiding dirty clothes [they are on indoor lockdown].

Howie says, “Panties.” April singing, “Kaysar it’s your birthday.” Howie asks and April says no its not and repeats that chant. Kaysar still lying in bed says it’s August…

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Topic #2073121
joannie - We have FISH NT 0 Replies #2073121 10:40AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073277
mountainmama - 2:05 est and we still have fish... NT 0 Replies #2073277 11:06AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073464
pooh5983 - We still have fish WHY!!!!!! NT 0 Replies #2073464 11:38AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073467
mountainmama - 11:40 and still FISH, wonder what they are doing? NT 0 Replies #2073467 11:39AM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073537
mountainmama - Feeds back, in the GR I see James and Janelle F3/F4 NT 2 Replies #2073537 11:54AM 04/08/2005
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mommamia - and it looks like they are in an indoor lockdown. NT #2073565 12:00PM 04/08/2005
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John_DK_ - Have been on lockdown since this morning. NT #2073594 12:07PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073549
Tweeds - Morning Recap 0 Replies #2073549 11:56AM 04/08/2005
Eviction Day is getting off to a late start, Kaysar and Janelle were the last to go to sleep and didn't get to bed until almost 5:00am. As of 7:00am they are all still sleeping.

The first signs of life as Rachel awakens to her morning routine. She seems a bit annoyed about the house not being clean, but goes on about her workout, talking to herself. Rachel does the treadmill and then lays on the floor near the gumball machine doing crunches. Rachel is complaining a lot this morning, she seems to be in a very bad mood. Rachel is grumbling to herself about the dishes, the sink, the kitchen in general. She takes out the garbage.

Fish, followed by Rachel knocking on the HOH door telling them she was asked to wake them up. After she leaves, Ivette complains and wonders if she woke up Jan and Howie. Rachel then wakes Kaysar in the barracks and wakes the group in the GR. Ivette is complaining about how badly she slept. Rachel suggests everyone eat breakfast before they start cleaning. They are deciding on what chores need to be done and who will do each chore.

Ivette tells Howie she had a dream that he won HOH last night. He said all of us are here to win something, whether it's coasters, panties... Rachel is vacuuming, April is interrupting her and Maggie is upstairs picking at her zits. Jennifer is making some food for herself. They are housecleaning like crazy before the live show. Kaysar is still sleeping. Howie is straightening up the living room, April is singing something about Kaysar, it's your birthday.

10:40am Fish

11:05 Still Fish

11:30 Still Fish

11:54 GR feed is back up. James ad Janelle Talking.

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Topic #2073672
Starlady - Fish, fish and more fish... [so many new varieties, hope the HG noticed!] NT 0 Replies #2073672 12:18PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073707
terrybelle - Janelle got an AWESOME flat iron from BB, now Yvette wants a new blowdryer NT 0 Replies #2073707 12:23PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2073872
Zazny - A: We have to win it, Janelle! We need those mofos to give us cigarettes! 0 Replies #2073872 12:45PM 04/08/2005
She's talking about the luxury baskets given to HOH
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Topic #2073975
Zazny - April complains about Ivette to Beau 0 Replies #2073975 12:58PM 04/08/2005
B: I like the old April better!
A: Everything I do is not good enough for her. Like if I cook for her, she bitches about it.
B mumbles something
A: She's OCD. When I get her cereal she asks why did I put so much milk in it. When I threw away half a bagel she said 'why did you do that?' She says 'I'm just real anal' and I said you have to stop it because I can't take it anymore. She called me a redneck something when I threw those things down. Don't need to yell at me for it. I can't do anything right by her.
B: It's not you personally
A: Right, it's just her. She admits it, she says 'I know I'm like that.' She says her g/f is not like that. I'm not saying I'm not being a bitch, but my tolerance is much less now
B: Because you're not smoking?
A: Yeah.
B: We all have to learn how to respect one another and not lash out so often.
A: I never knew how bad it was about the smoking thing.
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Topic #2073988
Zazny - Beau hogs the iron 0 Replies #2073988 12:59PM 04/08/2005
A: I'll iron it
B: Give it to me!
A: Why do you like ironing?
B: It's very theraputic to me. It gives me time to think.
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Topic #2074022
Zazny - A: In sequester, I'll be so f---ing bored! 0 Replies #2074022 1:06PM 04/08/2005
B: Don't worry about it
A: How will I not smoke in sequester?
B: Hopefully you can be like 'let's stop along the way'

B: Imagine if you're by yourself!
A: How many monitored phone calls can we make? Do you think once a week
B: Yeah once a week
A: Do you think it will be in Mexico?
B: They have to bring us out of the country because we want T.V.
A: They can watch Big Brother in Mexico
B: They don't get ABC and CBS and American stations
A: I still think they can watch it Amy went to Cancun and they were recognized.
B: Yeah, but it's a tourist trap. [Lots were Americans]
A: [She again says we're like Amy & Marc but better] I don't mean to be rude. Poor Kaysar
B: People will compare us [to Amy & Marc], I'm sure.
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Topic #2074036
Zazny - A: These mofo's itch my ass! 0 Replies #2074036 1:08PM 04/08/2005
B: You put it on the other cheek right?
A: Yeah it's the other cheek
B: So it gives you a little nicotine? And gives you less and less
A: After 14 days, you go down to a lower dose. I don't think it's the nicotene, it's the hand to mouth thing [that I'm addicted to].

April wants fake cigarettes.
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Topic #2074078
Zazny - Maggie has moved out of HOH NT 0 Replies #2074078 1:14PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2074117
joannie - Kaysar is giving Rachel a shoulder message. NT 0 Replies #2074117 1:21PM 04/08/2005
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Topic #2074206
Anonymous - Howie: Deee Cooor Aaaaaa Teeeeeve (You figure it out) as in Decorate NT 0 Replies #2074206 1:36PM 04/08/2005
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