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Ugh...now Howie says he has no idea who he will put up this week NT - bratty
3:53PM 05/08/2005

Howie: "Last week when they had HOH they were all cocky, but we're better than that." - bratty
3:55PM 05/08/2005

Janie, Howie and Rachel all say they want Michael to come back. NT - bratty
3:57PM 05/08/2005

James talking to Howie about nom. strategies. Ask what Maggie said, and howie is accusing her of - bratty
4:06PM 05/08/2005

James: So it is still Maggie and April? You might want to think about your safety(to Howie). NT - bratty
4:07PM 05/08/2005

James is including himself back in Howies group. Mentioning "We" alot. Toltalling badmouthing the Crappettes NT - bratty
4:10PM 05/08/2005

Janie listening to CD and bopping: "With or without youuuuu!" NT - Zazny
4:13PM 05/08/2005

James says he would be honored to compete with Howie. NT - bratty
4:18PM 05/08/2005

James asking Janie if he she would mind if he competed with howie instead of her - bratty
4:21PM 05/08/2005

Howie, Janie and Rach talking about how James is trying to get back to their side now. - bratty
4:29PM 05/08/2005

FISH on all feeds. I am outta here for a while NT - bratty
4:33PM 05/08/2005

Live Feed Recap for ALL of today :) - Disneyisme
4:37PM 05/08/2005

F1 and F2- Ap continues trying to convince Jan in Kit...James this James that - amIsane
4:48PM 05/08/2005

BB "Howie, please go to the diary room" NT - amIsane
4:48PM 05/08/2005

BB "HG, this is a lockdown, please go outside and close the sliding glass door." How in DR, seems will be nom. soon NT - amIsane
4:51PM 05/08/2005

R, Jam, Mag and someone else still in BR. Jan in GR still NT - amIsane
4:52PM 05/08/2005
only ones outside are Iv, Ap, and Sar l. Now Beau and Jan NT - amIsane
4:53PM 05/08/2005
All outside at table now. How in DR FISH NT - amIsane
4:57PM 05/08/2005

They are all sit at table. Ap/Jenn playing chess. just chit chat NT - amIsane
5:08PM 05/08/2005
Actually Jam is lying out in the round chair by himself NT - amIsane
5:13PM 05/08/2005

All 4 feeds have the girls (and Beau) sitting around the table, April and Jenn playing chess, the rest of them talking about chess... NT - Disneyisme
5:08PM 05/08/2005

Right before Sarah came and joined the Chess table, you could hear (but didn't see) - Angelfire
5:14PM 05/08/2005

They are having a chess tournament. Beginners: Ap.Jenn..(can not remember who else.) - amIsane
5:19PM 05/08/2005

Fish ... All 4 NT - Cali2Jax
5:26PM 05/08/2005

FISH... Nomination Ceremony? NT - Anonymous
5:26PM 05/08/2005

Still fish.... - Anonymous
5:42PM 05/08/2005

Still Fish! NT - Venusjems
6:07PM 05/08/2005

STILL Fish! NT - Starlady
6:24PM 05/08/2005

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