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H: They have to bring someone in the house to f*** things up. - Zazny
12:00AM 05/08/2005

Howie - we're not going to sleep until we decide this here. F*** - Caribou
12:00AM 05/08/2005

Rachel - all you have to do is, when they come to you, just say thanks i'll think about it but don't tell them anything - Caribou
12:02AM 05/08/2005

Rachel keeps telling Howie that Maggie has to understand. She has to go up with James. NT - Caribou
12:06AM 05/08/2005
Correction - Just put maggie up. Backdoor James. NOt sure who Rachel wants up with Maggie NT - Caribou
12:07AM 05/08/2005

Howie - ok i'll do what you guys want. - Caribou
12:09AM 05/08/2005

James in HOH. They all act like they like him. James wants April up and he's asking about meeting with Maggie. - Caribou
12:12AM 05/08/2005

H: Maggie and who...? - Zazny
12:12AM 05/08/2005

James - so what was she trying to do with her interrogation? - Caribou
12:14AM 05/08/2005

Rachel - eric was the biggest child of all... "i'm not hugging any of them" (what eric said when he left) NT - Caribou
12:15AM 05/08/2005

James: So am I being nominated or what? NT - Zazny
12:18AM 05/08/2005

James trying to talk trash about others. Rachel says Let it go James. James comes right out and says is he being nom'd or what? - Caribou
12:18AM 05/08/2005

James - i'm gonna sleep well tonight. actually i'll sleep well tomorrow night. can you please please please put my key in first? NT - Caribou
12:20AM 05/08/2005

Sarah arrives in HOH. Rachel left to shower and get her stuff for bed to sleep in HOH with Howie. NT - Caribou
12:20AM 05/08/2005

James notices Howie's defensive posture and body language NT - Zazny
12:23AM 05/08/2005

James and Sarah really pushing Howie. James keeps playing, commenting on how Howie sits etc. means he's nominating James. Sarah says is there somethin - Caribou
12:24AM 05/08/2005

Sarah inferring to Howie that she knows Howie and Rachel are married. Howie says how do you know? - Caribou
12:27AM 05/08/2005
No response from Howie. Didn't appear to be true to me. NT - Caribou
12:28AM 05/08/2005

FISH on all feeds NT - Caribou
12:28AM 05/08/2005

James now laying across Howie's bed talking to Howie and Sarah. Sarah filing her nails (as usual). Howie talking about putting up Maggie - Caribou
12:31AM 05/08/2005

Sarah - i don't like eric. he used his family and morals and stuff to play the game. always throwing that stuff in people's faces. NT - Caribou
12:32AM 05/08/2005

James asks again, out of the blue, if he's being nom'd. Howie says if he doesn't stop asking he IS going up. laughs.... NT - Caribou
12:33AM 05/08/2005

James - Rachel doesn't like to harp on things but I do because if you're going to lie, make sure it's good. (???) - Caribou
12:34AM 05/08/2005

James infers that Rachel threw HOH for Howie. Howie (nicely) corrects him. He hit the button first etc. NT - Caribou
12:35AM 05/08/2005

James trying to find out about the Maggie convo again. Howie deflecting nicely. NT - Caribou
12:37AM 05/08/2005

All leave HOH. Howie locks the door as he leaves. NT - Caribou
12:39AM 05/08/2005

Howie and Rachel in barracks. That group trying to get Rachel to wear lingerie to bed with Howie. - Caribou
12:47AM 05/08/2005

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