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someone else is up - Anonymous
9:21AM 05/08/2005
it was james - up to the wc and then back to bed with Sarah NT - Scooterrific
9:31AM 05/08/2005

R to H "The fact is that we have to prepare for him(Er) to come back, if he doesn't..great. but" NT - amIsane
9:34AM 05/08/2005

Howie and Rachel go over the new plan - Zazny
9:36AM 05/08/2005

Rach does not want to go after Jam. If Eric comes back, they are screwed NT - amIsane
9:37AM 05/08/2005

BB "Goodmorning HG's. The food comp will begin in 1 hour" NT - amIsane
9:39AM 05/08/2005

Janelle, Howie and Rachel in HOH - Anonymous
9:44AM 05/08/2005

Rachel calls Janelle to the HOH room. - Fetch
9:48AM 05/08/2005

Howie seems pretty confident that he didn't actually tell any of them that they were safe. - Fetch
9:50AM 05/08/2005

Rach explains to How and Jan in HOH her prob with the plan - amIsane
9:51AM 05/08/2005

Rachel: I would love to put him up, I really would. It's just the thought of Eric coming back is too great. - Fetch
9:51AM 05/08/2005

Janelle joins H/R in HOH for more strategy - Zazny
9:51AM 05/08/2005

I don't believe for one second they're going after Sarah next. Uh-uh. They're going after you and me. (Janelle agrees) NT - Fetch
9:52AM 05/08/2005

Rach does not believe for one second that the others will go after Sar next. No matter what they say - amIsane
9:53AM 05/08/2005

Howie puts his in faith in BB for keeping things equal between sides. - Fetch
9:54AM 05/08/2005

How had said a little earlier - amIsane
9:55AM 05/08/2005

How says here he is HOH w/ nice room and he is the most miserable he has been in the house yet.(LOL) NT - amIsane
9:57AM 05/08/2005

Jan tells How that Jam/Sar were up late last night talking. NT - amIsane
10:00AM 05/08/2005

How is worried and stressed. They need HOH next week too. - amIsane
10:01AM 05/08/2005

Houseguests milling about general chit chat - Scooterrific
10:33AM 05/08/2005

Howie called to DR...Food Comp coming up NT - Scooterrific
10:52AM 05/08/2005

Fish NT - gcarlet
11:05AM 05/08/2005

All HGs standing around with Howie waiting on April to get out of bathroom. NT - mountainmama
11:14AM 05/08/2005

Food Competition - mountainmama
11:17AM 05/08/2005

A bit earlier in the GR, James told Janelle and Sarah that he was the one vote for Kaysar last week. NT - Disneyisme
11:17AM 05/08/2005

Food comp: "Conveyor Belch" - ktan
11:24AM 05/08/2005

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