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Caribou Jenn told Sarah/James she hasn't promised them anything (the HOH group). HGs all in BY now NT 0 9:10PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle screams from upstairs, downstairs, outside now!!! NT 0 9:10PM 05/08/2005
Anonymous Sarah "would you guys like a margarita? sorry, you guys can't have one" NT 0 9:10PM 05/08/2005
Caribou James thinks he figured out Howie wants sequester, so he runs to HOH room to tell Howie. Howie says no way. He's here to win. 0 9:14PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Howie shares James latest attempt with Rachel, in HOH bathroom. NT 0 9:15PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle Yvette tells Sarah how mean she was with her sarcastic remark about not being able to drink margaritas NT 0 9:15PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Rachel and Howie now agree they made the right decision. After James left the first time, Rachel says she told Janelle he played us all. Everyone 0 9:16PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle Howie: "why don't they warn us when we will have food, we had a big dinner" NT 0 9:17PM 05/08/2005
Caribou All HGs in BY working on their pinatas. Howie still looking around, taking it all in, very cool he says. NT 0 9:17PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle Jenn: "I love BB sometimes" NT 0 9:18PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle Mag: "Can Janelle lend me her pass just for an hour?" NT 0 9:19PM 05/08/2005
PoisonIvy April the bimbo is decorating her doll with brown hair. wtf? NT 0 9:20PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle James has his pinata flipping off with both hands NT 0 9:20PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle BB: Rachael please go to the DR NT 0 9:28PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle James tells Sarah that he really cannot be out there much longer, she does not want to be out there alone NT 0 9:29PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle Yvette suggests that Maggies pinata's shirt should have "Lactose Intollerant" on it NT 0 9:31PM 05/08/2005
Chunga Sarah decorating her pinata with tears and a frown. NT 0 9:33PM 05/08/2005
PoisonIvy Sarah draws tears on her pinata NT 0 9:33PM 05/08/2005
electric James put a veto necklace on his pinata NT 0 9:37PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle James paints the Golden Veto on his Pinata NT 0 9:37PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Howie hopes this means he gets light sabers, to beat down the pinatas!! NT 0 9:38PM 05/08/2005
Caribou James tells Howie he'll appreciate the one James is making NT 1 9:38PM 05/08/2005
terrybelle Sarah pouring her what.... 8th margarita NT 0 9:40PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah downing drink after drink, sucking them back fast. Her pinata doll looks like it has chicken pox (but I think they're tears or hearts) NT 1 9:40PM 05/08/2005
electric April: "Howie, you don't have to put on a shirt, 'cause you don't wear a shirt usually." NT 0 9:44PM 05/08/2005
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