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Caribou Howie toots loudly. Rachel says "i hate you Howie" Howie laughs (long & verbatiim) 0 3:47AM 05/08/2005
Caribou Howie - if maggie cannot give us two valid answers then we'll put her up. 0 3:48AM 05/08/2005
Caribou Howie - it was Kaysar's ***** up originally. Rachel - no kidding 0 3:49AM 05/08/2005
Caribou Howie - just fall asleep Howie god dammit! Rachel - yes just please get comfortable and don't move 0 3:51AM 05/08/2005
Caribou Howie asks Rachel what question he had in HOH comp to eliminate Beau. Rachel tells him not to worry about it. NT 0 3:58AM 05/08/2005
seezall I think we may have heard the last of H/R for the night ..she seems to be softly snoring 0 4:09AM 05/08/2005
Caribou All hamsters quiet now except whoever is snoring. Howie fidgeting, not sure if he's asleep but he's quiet at least NT 0 4:16AM 05/08/2005
Geoff1075 All HGs still asleep NT 0 7:25AM 05/08/2005
pooh5983 Everyone is sleeping NT 0 8:05AM 05/08/2005
Anonymous Rachel is up 0 8:28AM 05/08/2005
Fetch Rachel is up and putting in her contacts in the downstairs bathroom. NT 0 8:29AM 05/08/2005
Fetch F1 and F2 appear to be Howie sleeping alone in the HOH bedroom. NT 0 8:31AM 05/08/2005
Fetch Rachel is very contemplative. She pauses after each grooming procedure making me think the camera is frozen. She dries her hands 0 8:35AM 05/08/2005
Fetch She shuffles to the storage room. I hear her mutter "Stupid. So stupid" NT 0 8:36AM 05/08/2005
Fetch Ray-Ray emerges wearing shors and a red tank top. She puts on her running shoes and heads to dark barracks. 0 8:43AM 05/08/2005
Fetch Ray-Ray is on the treadmill. <expletives> NT 0 8:46AM 05/08/2005
Fetch "Howie and Janelle should be put on the block for being stupid by me." NT 0 8:48AM 05/08/2005
Fetch "We can't do this. We CANNOT do this. bzz bzz Maggie bzz bzz. It makes more sense. The game has changed." NT 0 8:50AM 05/08/2005
Fetch "I can't sleep. What, are you kidding me? I didn't sleep last night." NT 0 8:54AM 05/08/2005
Anonymous Rac Rac continues to talk to herself 0 8:56AM 05/08/2005
Fetch "Okay, so this is what it will be: seven against three. ***** it Howie. I threw the HOH competition so he could have it, and what did he do 0 8:58AM 05/08/2005
Anonymous fish NT 0 9:01AM 05/08/2005
Fetch ...and now, time for a fish break. NT 0 9:01AM 05/08/2005
Anonymous Rac Rac goes to HOH Room 0 9:09AM 05/08/2005
Zazny R to H: We were in the best position, and now we're in the worst 0 9:16AM 05/08/2005
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