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Caribou Howie tells them all in BY that James told him he knows this is so they can't be in sequester. 0 10:06PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Jennifer stuffing her face and trying to talk at the same time. Telling them a convo she just had with Sarah 1 10:13PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah came out to get a plate of food and took it inside. On her way in, she called out Goodnight Everyone and they all called out Goodnight Sarah NT 0 10:14PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah/James in GR discussing who should stay this week 1 10:16PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Maggie recounts what Sarah said, to the BY group 1 10:27PM 05/08/2005
Caribou April and Beau went into SR to see Sarah/james pinatas. They decide they're both evil and leave laughing. NT 0 10:29PM 05/08/2005
Caribou April telling Howie that just as Kaysar turned this house 360, Howie will be known for getting the veto guy out NT 0 10:32PM 05/08/2005
Caribou April in kitchen. James and Sarah arrive - FIGHT! 0 10:41PM 05/08/2005
Caribou BB: April, please go to the DR NT 0 10:41PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah really pissed. In GR with James 0 10:43PM 05/08/2005
ferretkiss [lol] Jam about Apr: that stupid f'in b*tch had to pay twenty thousand dollars to get her husband to f*ck her and marry her [lol] NT 0 10:44PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah says I'm tired i know you want to go to bed right now but i don't 0 10:45PM 05/08/2005
Chunga Sarah is going to pick April as her POV helper. LOL! NT 0 10:46PM 05/08/2005
Caribou James adamant they not go out like Eric 0 10:46PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah apologizing, she knows he wanted this. James says he never watched this show in his life. He got an email about it. FISH NT 0 10:48PM 05/08/2005
electric James: "Sarah.. I've never watched this show in my f'in life. I got an email about it." and then quick flash to FISH NT 0 10:48PM 05/08/2005
Caribou James believes if he goes out first, they'll leave Sarah alone and she may get through. He tells her not to ruin 0 10:49PM 05/08/2005
Caribou James asks BB again to go to DR. "what the f' I already asked once" NT 0 10:50PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah in bathroom alone. Feeds switch to BY. NT 0 10:51PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Ivette took her doll into SR. Got a good look at S/J's. Ivette comes into GR 0 11:05PM 05/08/2005
Caribou James: Ivette you understand this but you won't admit it, they had to get me out. I didn't know entire house had this plan. 0 11:06PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Ivette: the bond i had with you and with cappy, sarah won't even understand. NT 0 11:07PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Sarah says Howie/Rach/Jan pretended to be their friends but never were. They'd been planning this the whole time. 0 11:10PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Ivette busts James on him telling Kaysar that Ivette was gullible and he was going to play her. 0 11:16PM 05/08/2005
Caribou Ivette: you were telling me one thing one day and then something else 0 11:17PM 05/08/2005
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