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April is no longer paying attention and she says "I don't want to listen anymore." - Disneyisme
10:14PM 06/08/2005

April saying now "and they said that I started the tiff last night, when THEY came - Disneyisme
10:16PM 06/08/2005

In the gym now Janelle is running and James is doing crunches. - Disneyisme
10:21PM 06/08/2005

James and Janelle - madmax131
10:21PM 06/08/2005

James asks Janelle "not that it matters, but who are they putting up against Sarah?" - Disneyisme
10:25PM 06/08/2005
He goes back in there and whispers to Janelle that April was listening when he left the gym NT - Disneyisme
10:26PM 06/08/2005

James is now back in the gym with Janelle. James says "I'm not contagious, I'm trying to shed - Disneyisme
10:31PM 06/08/2005

James says "if Eric comes back in this house I am going to laugh. My days are numbered. - Disneyisme
10:33PM 06/08/2005

James mentions that Janelle doesn't have a partner any more . . . - ejj1955
10:33PM 06/08/2005

Sarah just getting out of the shower and James getting in, he says "I should have said I was gay when I - Disneyisme
10:35PM 06/08/2005

James, after cleaning up in the shower... walked into the barracks with Sarah and blew his nose. He then decided to call Sarah over and share what - Tarlyna
10:55PM 06/08/2005

James said if Eric comes back and she (Jan) needs a partner, his is leaving - IHateApril
10:56PM 06/08/2005

Howie is outside with April and Maggie saying that "Janie f'd things up for us too, by - Disneyisme
10:57PM 06/08/2005

April says to Mag and Howie "if there is something about me that bothers you let me know.. - Disneyisme
10:59PM 06/08/2005

Beau is outside now, April asks Howie with a big smile "so you like being HOH?" - Disneyisme
11:01PM 06/08/2005

April asks Howie "Howie if I throw myself up there this week, do you swear to god...." - Disneyisme
11:04PM 06/08/2005

Oh brother, Maggie tells "every person in the house has to stand - Disneyisme
11:06PM 06/08/2005

Jen and Ivette are in the bedroom. They are talking about what BB did not allow - Disneyisme
11:11PM 06/08/2005

On quad 2 feeds are on everyone outside except Ivette, Jen, James, Janelle and Sarah practicing their - Disneyisme
11:21PM 06/08/2005

April says "I will say, since you all hated me the most I will volunteer myself to go up." (they laugh) NT - Disneyisme
11:23PM 06/08/2005

Howie says he has talked to James some, but that Sarah will not talk to anyone. - Disneyisme
11:25PM 06/08/2005

Janelle is outside now. April tells her about Jen in the gym and all the crap talk about April - Disneyisme
11:27PM 06/08/2005

April, Janelle, Maggie, in BY: - ejj1955
11:38PM 06/08/2005

Howie, Rachel, Ivette, and Jenn, talking about Jenn's relationship. - ejj1955
11:57PM 06/08/2005

James and Sarah playing chess in GR NT - BHnoah
11:59PM 06/08/2005

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