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Howie returns to BY from DR. He's very happy with his doll. Everyone loves Janelle's too. - Caribou
12:03AM 06/08/2005

BB: Ivette please go to the DR NT - Caribou
12:03AM 06/08/2005

Howie doesn't want to hurt Janelle's doll. He wants to take it with him. Janelle says she's just a buxom blonde. - Caribou
12:04AM 06/08/2005

Sarah passes Howie and Janelle on her way into kitchen. Howie says "sarah hates me janie" in that little voice he does all the time. - Caribou
12:08AM 06/08/2005

How and Jan in kitchen, Sarah walks in and How says to Jan "Sarah hates me Janie" - ShannanCGC
12:09AM 06/08/2005

Feeds switch to Maggie in bed, Beau sitting on another bed talking to her. - Caribou
12:09AM 06/08/2005

Maggie heard Sarah say she was going to f'n beat their pinatas convinces Maggie that Sarah is just as bad as James. - Caribou
12:13AM 06/08/2005

Jennifer and Rachel bring dolls into SR. Maggie sees them first, compliments Rachel. - Caribou
12:17AM 06/08/2005

F4: Janelle painting a face on Howie's doll NT - Caribou
12:17AM 06/08/2005

A James couples plan. A slim to none chance is better than what he has now. - HeatedSheriff
12:19AM 06/08/2005

April leaves BY. Tells Howie she's got his back not to worry. She's standing guard. He laughs. - Caribou
12:24AM 06/08/2005

April reappears in BY asking RayRay if she asked for toilet paper. Rachel said they wouldn't let her in to ask. NT - Caribou
12:25AM 06/08/2005

Janelle and Rachel both painting face on Howie's doll as he watches. Janelle is drunk. NT - Caribou
12:28AM 06/08/2005

Ivette arrives in BY. Janelle calls out to her "i overdid my doll...look..she looks like a hooker" Ivette says no she looks cute. NT - Caribou
12:28AM 06/08/2005

BB: James please go to the DR NT - Caribou
12:29AM 06/08/2005

James arrives at doorway to BY and is talking to Howie from there. Can barely hear but he talks about veto and they can believe what they want and - Caribou
12:31AM 06/08/2005

Howie: I don't know whether to look at your doll or bang it. Janie: you can bang it if you want NT - Caribou
12:32AM 06/08/2005

Rachel did nose and ears on Howie's doll. Janelle is writing "Howiewood" on his doll. NT - Caribou
12:33AM 06/08/2005

Rachel asks Howie who he wants to play veto. He's convinced it'll be a sword or a lightsaber. It's whoever is good at swinging - Caribou
12:35AM 06/08/2005

Janelle: i can't believe Sarah got so drunk tonight. She told me out of all the people in the house I hurt her the worst. NT - Caribou
12:40AM 06/08/2005

Janelle: I'm the buxom bosom blonde of BB6!! - Caribou
12:42AM 06/08/2005

Janelle brings up what Sarah said to her again. They all say we never would have screwed her over but they screwed them over first! - Caribou
12:46AM 06/08/2005

April, Jen, and Maggie talking in the barracks. Sarah listening at the door of the GR. - Chunga
12:47AM 06/08/2005

Whispering in barracks - Caribou
12:48AM 06/08/2005

Now they whisper about veto comp tomorrow. Sarah still at door listening. - Caribou
12:51AM 06/08/2005

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