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Topic #2101354
Disneyisme - April is no longer paying attention and she says "I don't want to listen anymore." 0 Replies #2101354 10:14PM 06/08/2005
Maggie says "you need to, it's important." April tells Ivette that James really reamed her via Jen in the gym. Ivette: "what did he say?" Jen says "details or not important. It's all manipulative and BS."
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Topic #2101370
Disneyisme - April saying now "and they said that I started the tiff last night, when THEY came 0 Replies #2101370 10:16PM 06/08/2005
up to me at the f'n sink." Maggie says there is no way they can infiltrate our group, so they will start to play the others by saying they are being talked about.
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Topic #2101410
Disneyisme - In the gym now Janelle is running and James is doing crunches. 0 Replies #2101410 10:21PM 06/08/2005
James says "all I want is a week where I don't get nominated. It sucks, but it's life. We had numbers." Janelle says that she thinks Mag could be a cop..she heard her say 10-4 (lol)...James said "I interrogate for a living, I know she is."
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Topic #2101412
madmax131 - James and Janelle 0 Replies #2101412 10:21PM 06/08/2005
James: If I was gunning for Howie and Rachel, why would Sarah take out Ivette and Jenn? The only reason I didn't defend myself so much this week is because we had an agreement to not believe anything that side said.
(Janelle just kindof nodding)
James: I thought you three (Howie, Rachel, Janelle) were the smartest in the house but not anymore.

(talk shifts to how they're glad BB doesn't have a scale and how overweight they are)
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Topic #2101441
Disneyisme - James asks Janelle "not that it matters, but who are they putting up against Sarah?" 1 Replies #2101441 10:25PM 06/08/2005
Janelle says "I think Ivette volunteered. But I am not sure, I hear so many stories, I don't know what to believe. Are you going to save Sarah?" He says "hell no I'm not saving Sarah, I've got damage to do. Plus I don't want her in the house with you guys when everyone is being so mean to her." Janelle says "I'm not." James "says well not you, but some of the others are. That's why she isn't talking to any of you, because she has her feellings hurt." Then he leaves.
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Disneyisme - He goes back in there and whispers to Janelle that April was listening when he left the gym NT #2101449 10:26PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2101489
Disneyisme - James is now back in the gym with Janelle. James says "I'm not contagious, I'm trying to shed 0 Replies #2101489 10:31PM 06/08/2005
this disease. Maggie won't even look at me." Janelle says "your seen as a big threat and they aer scared of you. It's tough beaing a tough strong guy isn't it?" She giggles.
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Topic #2101505
Disneyisme - James says "if Eric comes back in this house I am going to laugh. My days are numbered. 0 Replies #2101505 10:33PM 06/08/2005
And If Kaysar comes back he is going to be soooo pissed off at you guys." Janelle says "yes, he will be." James left for a shower.
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Topic #2101514
ejj1955 - James mentions that Janelle doesn't have a partner any more . . . 0 Replies #2101514 10:33PM 06/08/2005
and neither does he. Then he says that if Kaysar comes back, he's going to be pissed at them.
Then he tells Janelle he has to shower and leaves exercise room.
Janelle is as relentless on the treadmill as she is about eating, thank goodness.
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Topic #2101527
Disneyisme - Sarah just getting out of the shower and James getting in, he says "I should have said I was gay when I 0 Replies #2101527 10:35PM 06/08/2005
came in the house." Sarah says "you shouldn't have told them we were a couple. Oh well you live and you learn."
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Topic #2101712
Tarlyna - James, after cleaning up in the shower... walked into the barracks with Sarah and blew his nose. He then decided to call Sarah over and share what 0 Replies #2101712 10:55PM 06/08/2005
he found in his nose! She actually leaned over and looked intently!
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Topic #2101718
IHateApril - James said if Eric comes back and she (Jan) needs a partner, his is leaving 0 Replies #2101718 10:56PM 06/08/2005
Basically offering himself if she wants to. He also said that he wants to stay with H/J/R even still, he can't stand the other side.
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Topic #2101727
Disneyisme - Howie is outside with April and Maggie saying that "Janie f'd things up for us too, by 0 Replies #2101727 10:57PM 06/08/2005
drinking too much last night. But whats done is done." April says she stands up to James all the time, she doesn't allow him to talk about other people. Maggie says "that's why he hates you because he can't manipulate you." April says "he told me one day he needed to talk to me, and I told him 'fine you can talk but that doesn't mean I'm gonna listen'."

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Topic #2101734
Disneyisme - April says to Mag and Howie "if there is something about me that bothers you let me know.. 0 Replies #2101734 10:59PM 06/08/2005
I'll try to change it." (She laughs) Howie says "well I don't really like smokers, but you quit so...." April says "well that's not really a reason to nominate somebody." Howie says "Oh I agree."
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Topic #2101745
Disneyisme - Beau is outside now, April asks Howie with a big smile "so you like being HOH?" 0 Replies #2101745 11:01PM 06/08/2005
He says "No way, it's been the most stressfull thing in this game." Howie says "I can't have him in here because I don't know where he stands, he is a threatning player." Maggie says "no he is a dirty player."
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Topic #2101757
Disneyisme - April asks Howie "Howie if I throw myself up there this week, do you swear to god...." 0 Replies #2101757 11:04PM 06/08/2005
Howie "says this week? Oh come on April, you know better than that."
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Topic #2101771
Disneyisme - Oh brother, Maggie tells "every person in the house has to stand 0 Replies #2101771 11:06PM 06/08/2005
up at the veto ceremony and when James takes himself off, we all say one at a time 'Howie you can put me up'." Maggie says that has never happened in BB history. April says "it will show coolness...I will actually go up there though."
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Topic #2101809
Disneyisme - Jen and Ivette are in the bedroom. They are talking about what BB did not allow 0 Replies #2101809 11:11PM 06/08/2005
them to bring in. Jen says that they wouldn't let her bring in a creme colored sweater from Abercrombie, but no logo on it. She said something about their clothes needed to be color, not white or beige. Ivette said she couldn't bring in her army skirt.
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Topic #2101858
Disneyisme - On quad 2 feeds are on everyone outside except Ivette, Jen, James, Janelle and Sarah practicing their 0 Replies #2101858 11:21PM 06/08/2005
veto ceremony of each person saying "Howie I will go up" They go through each person, then Howie clarifies that April will be the one to actually go up to the chair.

On the other 2 feeds are Ivette and Jen talking about boyfriends, relationships etc. (ugh)
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Topic #2101875
Disneyisme - April says "I will say, since you all hated me the most I will volunteer myself to go up." (they laugh) NT 0 Replies #2101875 11:23PM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2101889
Disneyisme - Howie says he has talked to James some, but that Sarah will not talk to anyone. 0 Replies #2101889 11:25PM 06/08/2005
Maggie says, she is not talking to anyone or eating anything especially made by someone else. Howie says "what the hell, can't she stay away from her boyfriend for him to make 500K for her?" Rachel and April defend her saying she is so in love with him she doesn't want to be apart from her.
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Topic #2101898
Disneyisme - Janelle is outside now. April tells her about Jen in the gym and all the crap talk about April 0 Replies #2101898 11:27PM 06/08/2005
April says that they (James and Sarah) are trying to get us all against one another, so beware.
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Topic #2101975
ejj1955 - April, Janelle, Maggie, in BY: 0 Replies #2101975 11:38PM 06/08/2005
April is now blaming the whole campaign against Michael on James! She was wondering if Michael came back whether he would give her cigarettes, and then she asked Janelle if Michael hated her. "He did, didn't he?" Janelle says, "It's more like everyone hated him."
Then April starts in on James as the mastermind of all the evictions since Ashlea (oh, now she's saying that he's the one who suggested Ashlea and Kaysar to Rachel as nominations the first week).
And Sarah is going home "because James is too selfish to take her off."
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Topic #2102075
ejj1955 - Howie, Rachel, Ivette, and Jenn, talking about Jenn's relationship. 0 Replies #2102075 11:57PM 06/08/2005
Jenn wants to marry her BF, he doesn't want to get married. They see each other every two weeks; they live in different towns now. Howie says he must be banging another chick. He tells her to drop him, get another BF, then if this guy (Dan) is serious, he'll propose. Rachel points at Howie, "yes, that's it! Exactly."
Ivette says Jenn wants him so bad because she can't have him the way she wants him.
Jenn says she cheated on him once; he broke up with her and said he wanted to marry someone else; then they got back together. She says he did this "just to twist the knife a little more." Ivette says, "oh, nice."
Jenn says she threatened to leave him once, he gave her a promise ring "to shut me up."
Jenn says he tells her he wants to marry her, wants to have kids, but he can't just yet.
Ivette: "a guy can poke the hole and leave and never give it another thought."
Howie: "It's me!"
Rachel: "Howie is every girl's nightmare relationship."
Ivette says Howie needs a girl with great boobies to laugh with; he won't be with a jealous girl.
Jenn says Dan is jealous; she's not at all. She tells him "Look at that girl, she's hot."

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Topic #2102099
BHnoah - James and Sarah playing chess in GR NT 0 Replies #2102099 11:59PM 06/08/2005
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