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Topic #2093901
Caribou - Howie returns to BY from DR. He's very happy with his doll. Everyone loves Janelle's too. 0 Replies #2093901 12:03AM 06/08/2005
Janelle says her doll looks like a harlot. She put a chanel button on, nail polish on the fingernails, and a little pink purse.

Howie says janie's doll boobies are too small!!

Beau holding up his doll - he and Ivette yelling out LOVE IT LOVE IT! Howie thinks it's great.

Howie tells Rachel her pinata is hot.

Howie compliments all the pinatas.

Ivette wants her and Beau's dolls to wear something gay! April suggests they put a tattoo on the hands or something (ed.note. ???? lol)

Janelle is writing on her doll "Oh Howie!!" Howie loves it.
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Topic #2093903
Caribou - BB: Ivette please go to the DR NT 0 Replies #2093903 12:03AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2093917
Caribou - Howie doesn't want to hurt Janelle's doll. He wants to take it with him. Janelle says she's just a buxom blonde. 0 Replies #2093917 12:04AM 06/08/2005
Howie does not want her doll hurt tomorrow (janelle's)

Janelle asks if it's enough makeup and stuff on her doll. They all say God yes! NO one wants more makeup. LOL
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Topic #2093955
Caribou - Sarah passes Howie and Janelle on her way into kitchen. Howie says "sarah hates me janie" in that little voice he does all the time. 0 Replies #2093955 12:08AM 06/08/2005
Sarah said "only for one day" or something. Sarah gets water in the kitchen, now alone in there.
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Topic #2093958
ShannanCGC - How and Jan in kitchen, Sarah walks in and How says to Jan "Sarah hates me Janie" 0 Replies #2093958 12:09AM 06/08/2005
Janie or Sarah said something, but I didn't catch it
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Topic #2093962
Caribou - Feeds switch to Maggie in bed, Beau sitting on another bed talking to her. 0 Replies #2093962 12:09AM 06/08/2005
They whisper about an argument going on in GR earlier with them and Ivette.

Ivette is in DR and hasn't filled them in yet so they're speculating on what happened.
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Topic #2093986
Caribou - Maggie heard Sarah say she was going to f'n beat their pinatas convinces Maggie that Sarah is just as bad as James. 0 Replies #2093986 12:13AM 06/08/2005
Beau says they're f'n retarded.

Sarah returns to GR, saying goodnight to Maggie/Beau on her way in. Maggie offers a curt goodnight.

Beau/Maggie speculate on who James/Sarah will pick for veto. They have no idea, just guessing. Beau hopes Howie picks first since he's HOH. They can't stand another week with Sarah in the house. Maggie worried that this week will go like last week, with James getting himself off.

Maggie says she won't and can't guarantee other's votes because that's not fair. Now they worry that James gets up every week and wins veto every week.

Maggie - he's gotten 3 vetoes in a row! F***!
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Topic #2094019
Caribou - Jennifer and Rachel bring dolls into SR. Maggie sees them first, compliments Rachel. 0 Replies #2094019 12:17AM 06/08/2005
Beau loves Rachels, it has a hoola skirt and coconuts.
Maggie - those are awesome!

Rachel, Jennifer and Beau in SR looking at Sarah/James dolls. They have a halo, fingers, broken heart. Heavy sigh from Rachel. She says it's unfortunate. Beau says yep.

Rachel says everyone is so creative. Ivette's is off the chart, she loves it. Jennifer's is amazing. Rachel says hers is dorky. Rachel says Jenn's is fun with flair, just like her personality.

Janelle's and Howie's dolls still to go into SR. They say Howie's is the best, very appropriate. Rachel leaves SR. Beau and Jennifer remain.
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Topic #2094027
Caribou - F4: Janelle painting a face on Howie's doll NT 0 Replies #2094027 12:17AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094042
HeatedSheriff - A James couples plan. A slim to none chance is better than what he has now. 0 Replies #2094042 12:19AM 06/08/2005
1. Tell H/R/J upfront about plan.
2. Go to one of couples prob I/B, explain must break up couples for big money
3. Promise to put up H/R if HOH next week, since they are power couple and HJ put up JS.
4. Play up "fact" Eric is coming back. Ask Ivette who will America choose; a suicide bomber (I's words not mine), a sexual predator, or a lovable hero fire fighter.
5. With Eric the numbers are 7-3 and we (S&J) want revenge on the old team and will work and vote with the Crappettes.
Last step don't tell anyone. With K the numbers are 4-4-2.
6a. IF SJ get HOH, put up crappette. Proves loyalty and reduces crappette numbers.
6b. Someone else gets HOH, go to them with another couples plan. Sucks, but most Plan Bs do suck.

I realize selling an elimate couples plan is hard, especially when you are a couple but "it's only a game"
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Topic #2094086
Caribou - April leaves BY. Tells Howie she's got his back not to worry. She's standing guard. He laughs. 0 Replies #2094086 12:24AM 06/08/2005
Howie and Janelle in backyard finishing his doll.

Howie - sarah said she hates me
Janie - that f'n bitch
Howie - i hated her weeks ago tho. telling me i got 2 weeks left. she really thinks we're the bad people? she brought it on herself.

Janelle - you want to get drunk with me or what?
Howie - no we got a comp tomorrow
Janelle - drink with me howie please. we got tequila! see its' calling us! you wanna go in the pool?
Howie - do you really?
they laugh

Here we go with the "oh Howie" stuff.

Howie really doesn't want to play because he wants to ensure they get out James. Howie says Rachel and janelle can have his bed and he'll sleep on the floor.

Howie - you are the reason i got this far
janie - no i'm not
HOwie - you saved me, in the chess comp
Janie - i can sleep in rachel's bed, i'm not sleeping in GR tho
Howie - you can do whatever you want. sleep there and i'll sleep downstairs
Janelle asks RAchel if she can sleep in her bed. Rachel tells Janelle she can sleep with Howie.

Rachel took toilet paper from HOH room because they're down in main bathroom. Rachel admiring Janelle's work on the face of Howie's doll

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Topic #2094097
Caribou - April reappears in BY asking RayRay if she asked for toilet paper. Rachel said they wouldn't let her in to ask. NT 0 Replies #2094097 12:25AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094114
Caribou - Janelle and Rachel both painting face on Howie's doll as he watches. Janelle is drunk. NT 0 Replies #2094114 12:28AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094120
Caribou - Ivette arrives in BY. Janelle calls out to her "i overdid my doll...look..she looks like a hooker" Ivette says no she looks cute. NT 0 Replies #2094120 12:28AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094123
Caribou - BB: James please go to the DR NT 0 Replies #2094123 12:29AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094140
Caribou - James arrives at doorway to BY and is talking to Howie from there. Can barely hear but he talks about veto and they can believe what they want and 0 Replies #2094140 12:31AM 06/08/2005
he'll believe what he knows. He's just worried about Sarah because she's really upset. Howie says "ok well just tell her i love her and i want her boobies if she ever dumps you"

James goes inside.

Rachel - she's not mad? my butt
Howie riffing off this a bit about James backstabbing him. Howie not in a bad mood though.
Janelle - who cares. if there's 3 of us and Eric comes back..
Howie - no we could win HOH and the machine keeps rolling
Rachel - do this again
Howie - mm hmm. it's over now so i'm not crying over spilled milk.
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Topic #2094145
Caribou - Howie: I don't know whether to look at your doll or bang it. Janie: you can bang it if you want NT 0 Replies #2094145 12:32AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094156
Caribou - Rachel did nose and ears on Howie's doll. Janelle is writing "Howiewood" on his doll. NT 0 Replies #2094156 12:33AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094177
Caribou - Rachel asks Howie who he wants to play veto. He's convinced it'll be a sword or a lightsaber. It's whoever is good at swinging 0 Replies #2094177 12:35AM 06/08/2005
a bat. Howie asks which one of them want to host or play? Rachel asks Janelle how she is at swinging a bat and Janie says good, she always had a pinata at her birthdays until she was 13. Rachel says they are good together and wants Janie to play. Rachel will host. Rachel thinks Janelle is a good player. Janie can play and Rachel can sit and throw up during the comp.
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Topic #2094234
Caribou - Janelle: i can't believe Sarah got so drunk tonight. She told me out of all the people in the house I hurt her the worst. NT 0 Replies #2094234 12:40AM 06/08/2005
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Topic #2094248
Caribou - Janelle: I'm the buxom bosom blonde of BB6!! 0 Replies #2094248 12:42AM 06/08/2005
Howie - have they asked you about that?
Janelle - no but i think they're aware that we now know it's not booksum, it's buxom

They laugh about this.

Rachel finishes Howie's doll. Janie loves the ears! Oh Howie! She loves the underwear the best.

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Topic #2094284
Caribou - Janelle brings up what Sarah said to her again. They all say we never would have screwed her over but they screwed them over first! 0 Replies #2094284 12:46AM 06/08/2005
Janelle says she does like Sarah but they made stupid moves on their part. She sold us out, what kind of person is that? I trusted them. Howie agrees. We trusted them with our BB lives. And they didn't give a damn about us.

They painted number 58 on Howie's doll after some sports guy - Wilbur Marshall, linebacker.
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Topic #2094299
Chunga - April, Jen, and Maggie talking in the barracks. Sarah listening at the door of the GR. 0 Replies #2094299 12:47AM 06/08/2005
Jen kinda blasting April about her smoking.
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Topic #2094312
Caribou - Whispering in barracks 0 Replies #2094312 12:48AM 06/08/2005
Jennifer, April and Maggie whispering about April's smoking.
Sarah in dark in GR at the door listening, her ear smushed right up against the door.

Jenn telling April she's been cranky but overall good and she's glad she stop. April thinks she's allergic to the patch so she's not wearing it. April doesn't like feeling controlled, so she can't stand this. Jennifer tells April shes' in control of a lot more than she thinks, it's all a mental game, she can take the patch, she can ignore the patch, she could have brought more smokes, etc.
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Topic #2094325
Caribou - Now they whisper about veto comp tomorrow. Sarah still at door listening. 0 Replies #2094325 12:51AM 06/08/2005
Jennifer is telling them how she thinks it will go.
April wonders who they put up if one of them gets off. Maggie says it doesn't matter cuz there are 4 of us to ensure each others safety. Besides we want them gone.

James returns to GR.

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