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Topic #2105638
imnotpunk - james crying(?) in the GR with sarah NT 0 Replies #2105638 1:51PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105656
bbaddict2005 - sarah about cappy "you created a f*ing cult, you psycho" lol NT 0 Replies #2105656 1:53PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105657
BHnoah - James to Sarah: F--k fair,I busted my ass to get each one of them out, now one gets to come back & you leave NT 0 Replies #2105657 1:53PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105659
Zazny - James hates the twist 0 Replies #2105659 1:54PM 07/08/2005
James is crying

J: The bad guy comes in and the good girl goes out
S: I have to pretend that Michael and Kaysar aren't bad guys
J: Did you see Cappy's video?
S: I wanted to shoot him in the head!
J: He's so cocky. He's so arrogant.
S: If America votes him back in they're sick in the head
J: What passion is he talking about? It all started because of Kaysar.

J: I am in this situation because each one of those people and they're coming back. I lose you and they're coming back. I busted my ass to get them out and one comes in and you leave.

J: I can't make a T-shirt for someone coming back when you're leaving. I'm not going to.
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Topic #2105668
Maggiefan - sar says she is goin to make a t shirt 0 Replies #2105668 1:54PM 07/08/2005
that says sarah and james forever. LOL
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Topic #2105684
Mirage - James is pissed big time...He is w/ Sarah and angry after seeing the ad. 0 Replies #2105684 1:55PM 07/08/2005
He is angry one of HG is coming back after he worked so hard to get them out. Sarah says she likes Kaysar, but James feels he put them in this position. James said he can't do it. (no elaboration of what he means.)He is on the bed in the GR and looks very unhappy. Said he didn't want to lose Sarah. They stopped talking and are just staring into space.....
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Topic #2105706
dannimama - Sarah: Do we have to give up so easily? NT 0 Replies #2105706 1:57PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105725
Zazny - S: Do we have to give up? 0 Replies #2105725 1:59PM 07/08/2005
S: Do we have to give up
J: We're not giving up, but there's no way you're going to stay
S: We can still swing votes
J: You saw the conv. with Howie last night

J: I think Ivette's going on the block
S: With me
J: Don't say anything yet because I don't know if it's true. She's doing it because he thinks she's the only one who won't care. The votes are in her corner.
S: If I goes up, you don't think we can swing April, Jen, and Jan?
J: No way.
S: It's not like Janelle wants Ivette here anyway.
J: They believe we really tried to sell them out. They don't care.

J: You've finally seen me cry, so
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Topic #2105745
imnotpunk - james and sarah holding each other in GR while rest of HGs continue making their t-shirts in the BY NT 0 Replies #2105745 2:02PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105753
TheBigSista - rachel just knocked on the door came in said hey and then oh and left NT 0 Replies #2105753 2:03PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105814
imnotpunk - s: i love you j: i love you NT 0 Replies #2105814 2:10PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105830
imnotpunk - beau: i think kaysar is coming back with his speech NT 0 Replies #2105830 2:12PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105847
imnotpunk - I: dont drip on people's, don't drip on people's! oh april! a: sorry guys! ...f*cker! NT 1 Replies #2105847 2:14PM 07/08/2005
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imnotpunk - I: couldn't they have at least given us some f*cking instructions? NT #2105860 2:16PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105877
imnotpunk - I comes to the GR briefly...once she leaves, James says: I wanna BREAK her in half...wanna break them all in half NT 1 Replies #2105877 2:19PM 07/08/2005
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TheBigSista - he continued with and put all the pieces together and make one decent human being! NT #2105886 2:20PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105883
imnotpunk - Rachel: BB can you play some grateful dead music for us while we're doing this? Thanks. NT 0 Replies #2105883 2:20PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105889
bbaddict2005 - Sarah to James in the GR "...God forgive them for they know not what they do" keeps running through my head NT 0 Replies #2105889 2:20PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105909
TheBigSista - sarah says she wants to make a t-shirt they have all day james replies with 0 Replies #2105909 2:23PM 07/08/2005
yeah i am gonna make one saying 'i got rid of ya'll once i can do it again!!!'

(Ed theres the fighting talk!)
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Topic #2105918
imnotpunk - jan trying to find an "old white shirt" she has and see if she can just dye it yellow NT 0 Replies #2105918 2:24PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105922
bbaddict2005 - sarah now trashing Janelle's housekeeping habits...or lack thereof NT 0 Replies #2105922 2:25PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105980
BHnoah - Janelle i think was doing two shirts cause she wants two people to come back (K&M) 0 Replies #2105980 2:32PM 07/08/2005
Jenn said to do first choice on front, second choice on the back

Then someone said for Janelle to make a shirt saying THANKS ASHLEA lol
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Topic #2106085
ciaobella76 - rach, janie, jenn, mag, howie outside by pool NT 1 Replies #2106085 2:47PM 07/08/2005
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ciaobella76 - girls saying how hot kaysar looked in his video plea, like a hot college professor NT #2106090 2:48PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2106106
drummer_inblack - Iv just asked Howie to "get it over with" and pawn her (put her up) 0 Replies #2106106 2:51PM 07/08/2005
She's sick of hearing April and how she's upset over not being able to smoke, so she wants to end it all, and wants Howie to put her up instead.
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Topic #2106113
chaka34 - I told H to put her up against J for eviction - "April can't handle it" (being the pawn) NT 0 Replies #2106113 2:52PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2106246
Denise - Here's the April/Ivette spat, I missed it and it wasn't posted here so I went to another site 0 Replies #2106246 3:11PM 07/08/2005
and reposting it here, hope that's ok.

From TV Clubhouse


Here's 1 version:

This happened a little earlier, April, Beau, and Ivette in bedroom and April told IV it would be best if she went up. Like Spinnaker said earlier April telling them it isn't that I don't trust ya'll.
April goes to DR to vent.
Beau told IV to just go up and she will be the pawn next week.
IV goes out to How, Rac, Maggie, Jenn and tells Howie to put me up, April is stessing way to much..Just put me up. If you all want to vote me out that's fine just put me up. Then goes on about April not smoking she is stressed enough,just put me up.

Here's another version:

Just been listening while doing other things, but Ivette and April have a heated discussion about being the pawn and kind of a mutual "how dare you?' type of spat. Then Ivette goes out to Howie and bashes April but says to just put her up with James, says they should be worrying about other things than this vote, you know what I'm saying?
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Topic #2106289
SassyPrncess - James: Who the h*l could leave their kids for 3 months? (Note: Eric) NT 1 Replies #2106289 3:16PM 07/08/2005
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PSister - He said this in reference to Howie and Rachel because Sarah thinks they are married. H & R have mentioned #2106350 3:25PM 07/08/2005
Fran and Peter so she's wondering if they are their children.
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