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amIsane How and Rach worried Jenn and Ap will back out 1 1:25PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic James and Sarah in GR playing chess 0 1:26PM 08/08/2005
amIsane Jam/Sar playing chess. Just Chess talk NT 0 1:26PM 08/08/2005
amIsane Ap/Jenn and Jan whisp about Beau(i heard his name) but their Mics are off and in the pool NT 1 1:27PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Jan has just gotten into the pool and is grabbing the green float 0 1:27PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic BB- Howie please go to the DR NT 0 1:28PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Jen - APril talking to Janie at pool and camera man just took a closeup for a few seconds 0 1:29PM 08/08/2005
gymborebel Jan and Jen in pool...April sitting on the side...howie comes in BY 0 1:29PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Talking about Beau being upset BC Ivette was put up - saying he was flipping out 0 1:31PM 08/08/2005
ihateeric Mag and Beau in Kitchen. 0 1:32PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Sarah saying she feels good being put up there with her (Ivette) more than anybody else 0 1:33PM 08/08/2005
amIsane Iv and Sar in the Rainbow rm 0 1:33PM 08/08/2005
BHnoah Maggie whispers to Beau: If Ivette walks out that door-- I'm f--kin' walking with her NT 0 1:33PM 08/08/2005
amIsane Magg and Beau at kit counter. Rach putting dishes away. Non strategy talk. Movies and quiet moments NT 0 1:34PM 08/08/2005
ihateeric Beau 2 Mag "Will you console Ivette" Maggie "i didnt think i needed to" NT 0 1:34PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Maggie in kitchen refilling her water bottle and standing at end of 0 1:35PM 08/08/2005
amIsane Magg walks into Rain rm w/Iv and Sar. Sar asks if she wants to talk to IV. Magg yes, but she will wait until they done talking NT 0 1:35PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic April - let me say something, also, lets say that Maggie is her good friend 0 1:36PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Ivette called Maggie and Mags just went into the BR with her 0 1:39PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Ivette talking about packing everything, all her bags for Thursday NT 0 1:40PM 08/08/2005
Sunflake Ivette said she *will* pack her bags for Thursday now. Maggie says she will pack hers too, she is that sure Ivette is staying. NT 0 1:40PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic I tells Maggie she looks so thin and Maggie says "what I look is pis*d off" NT 0 1:41PM 08/08/2005
Quench Ivette and Maggie talking in the block room - Ivette I am packing my bag on Thursday 0 1:41PM 08/08/2005
CruiseCritic Isays she has no need to question Maggie at all just by looking at her 0 1:42PM 08/08/2005
Anonymous Iv " I don't trust April and Jennifer" NT 0 1:42PM 08/08/2005
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