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Nantucket Maggie comes into gold room and asks James for the bible when he's done. NT 0 9:05PM 08/08/2005
Zazny James to Jan: This was dumber than Marcellas not using the veto on himself 0 9:06PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Maggie leaves and James says Howie is the dumbest bleep he's ever seen. He said he's even dumber than Marcellas. (sorry Marci). James 0 9:07PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket James tells Ivette he's hoping if he gets five vetos in a row, he'll get a special veto where he can't be put up. NT 0 9:11PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Feeds switch to the hot tub. Janelle is out there now with Rachel and Beau. Small talk. NT 0 9:12PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle is going to work out now. Howie is at the hot tub now too. They are talking about the wrap party. NT 0 9:15PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Howie rtells Rachel she has great boobies. She says thank you Howie. She asks him to come in. He declines saying he's 0 9:17PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Howie is on the ground by hot tub stretching and talking to Rac & Beau. The discuss how during season 3 there was 0 9:21PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Rachel and Howie are talking about how Maggie is being quiet around them and she must know about the plan to oust Ivette they had planned on. Howie 0 9:25PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Howie says if Ap & Jen tell him one thing and do something else then he'll go off. He says if they thought Mike & James were mean to them he'll be 0 9:27PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle comes outside. Says she doesn't think Jen & April haven't told Maggie yet. Janelle wants Ivette gone because it will be 0 9:31PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle is going to make April & Jen swear on the bible to vote out Ivette. If they don't, they want James to get hoh and go after them. NT 0 9:32PM 08/08/2005
ferretkiss jan/how/rach talk about voting out ivette 0 9:33PM 08/08/2005
ejj1955 Very interesting ... Janelle with Howie and Rachel, says she thinks James/Sarah know about the plan, but 0 9:33PM 08/08/2005
Nantucket April comes outside and says she swears if she gets pB&J next week, she'll go DOR. :) NT 0 9:37PM 08/08/2005
ejj1955 April's insane logic: 0 9:48PM 08/08/2005
mountainmama Jennifer and April are now telling R, Jan, and Howie they plan on keeping Ivette. NT 0 9:48PM 08/08/2005
ferretkiss apr snows howie again !!! 0 9:49PM 08/08/2005
Anonymous april and jenn r selling out j/h/r just like they say j/s sold out howie and rachel NT 0 9:51PM 08/08/2005
ejj1955 April is convincing Howie, but not Janelle. 0 9:52PM 08/08/2005
ejj1955 Janelle says they have to tell James that they tried to save Sarah. 0 9:56PM 08/08/2005
ferretkiss plan seems to be on fizzle 0 9:58PM 08/08/2005
ferretkiss james about how and rach... 0 10:06PM 08/08/2005
KWren11 Sarah to James... "Howie says that you are probably the most liked person by America on the show" NT 0 10:13PM 08/08/2005
ferretkiss jam and sar on hammock (some) 0 10:14PM 08/08/2005
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