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amIsane Rach puts plain yogurt in a bowl, scrapping the yog cup and eating it. licks the spoon 1 9:29AM 08/08/2005
amIsane Rach gathers towels. Goes to washer "What is that mess? Jesus Chrrrrrist" 1 9:47AM 08/08/2005
amIsane Rach has taken 3 campaign shirts outside 1 10:05AM 08/08/2005
CougarSpy BB: Good morning houseguests. The Veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes. NT 0 10:14AM 08/08/2005
Anonymous BB Announces POV Ceremony in 90 minutes NT 0 10:14AM 08/08/2005
Rzy2 BB just said "good morning houseguests..veto ceremony in 90minutes(think that is the time) NT 0 10:15AM 08/08/2005
Sharky Good morning HouseGuests; the Veto ceremony will begin in 90 minutes 0 10:15AM 08/08/2005
Rzy2 James is awake..heading to the bathroom NT 0 10:18AM 08/08/2005
Rzy2 Ivette and Maggie awake in kitchen talking about Jen and april..and why they slept in the GR NT 0 10:27AM 08/08/2005
Anonymous BB: Time for houseguests to get up for the day! NT 0 10:31AM 08/08/2005
Rzy2 BB -Good Morning houseguests it is time to get up for the day NT 0 10:31AM 08/08/2005
Rzy2 We have fish-must be trying harder to wake them.. NT 0 10:33AM 08/08/2005
Quench BB: Rachel please put on your microphone. She does BB: Rachel Thank you. NT 2 10:46AM 08/08/2005
Quench The HG's are up and most of them are wearing their various t-shirts with "vote for" slogans on them NT 0 10:47AM 08/08/2005
Rzy2 Ivette April and Maggie outside at table..Ivette has said nothing..Maggie said 0 10:50AM 08/08/2005
Quench Dynamic in the BY. Maggie sitting at the end of the table . April sitting on the chair closest to the end. Ivette sitting at the other end of the 0 10:51AM 08/08/2005
Sunflake April tells What Her and Jenn Did Last Night To Maggie and Ivette 0 10:54AM 08/08/2005
Quench Close up on James' shirt - America Keep Em I want Sarah !!! NT 0 10:57AM 08/08/2005
Quench Ivette telling Maggie - Jen and April were not playing chess and they were not outside 0 11:03AM 08/08/2005
Fetch Ivette turns to Maggie: I was up until two a.m. and then I got up at 3:45 to go pee 0 11:05AM 08/08/2005
CougarSpy ~10:30 am BBT - Ivette finishes in bathroom. She opens up back door. Rachel, who is sunning in back yard lying on a towel, yells “Good-morning.” 0 11:06AM 08/08/2005
Sunflake Ivette Shares Her Suspicions with Maggie and Beau 0 11:06AM 08/08/2005
Quench Ivette - she is now on my sh*tlist. I know I have to be with you guys for now but . . . 0 11:06AM 08/08/2005
Fetch Meanwhile, Beau joins them to catch the end of the conversation. April returns and pulls up a chair. NT 0 11:06AM 08/08/2005
babyd Iv is catching on! Chess game ended early, Whispers started so I am telling you 0 11:07AM 08/08/2005
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