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Topic #2126091
Zazny - Jen reports to I that the word is that she and James have a pact to never vote each other out 0 Replies #2126091 6:13PM 09/08/2005
Jen says she hears James even admitted it.

I: I swear on anything that we never made a pact. [When we realized we'd be on different sides], we could have conversations, but not games. Now that there is a problem with April and I, I will never let it change my relationship with you, Beau, and Maggie

Jen: You don't care James was your friend and now he wants to get rid of you?

I: He never really was my friend.

Jen: That's why I was never worried. It was a friendship bond and not strategy.

Jen says now James seems like he wants to get rid of his girlfriend. I says no, because she can play veto with her.
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Topic #2126113
Zazny - Jen: A would never vote you off just because she was mad at you 0 Replies #2126113 6:17PM 09/08/2005
Jen: ...but I don't know April. That's why I'm upstairs [watching her].

I: What makes me nervous is A sat there and was saying 'he's a mother *****' so why does she make it such a point to talk to him now. You never stopped talking to them. I never stopped talking to him.

Jen: I don't see her talking to James as much as Sarah. She was telling Sarah 'I never didn't like you Sarah.' And I thought maybe she's trying to clear the air.

I: That gets me nervous. To be ***** honest I told Maggie that when Cappy left the door, she was my partner [who cares about Beau].

Maggie and Beau come in

M: For the record, I'm totally mad at you. I had to [poop]
J: Oh the door. I'm sorry

Maggie walks off, Beau following her.

I: [ed:huh?] I've gotten as close to Maggie as I did to Beau. I was closer to Cappy than I was with Beau. April has a wishywashy way of changing her mind and that makes me nervous. You have to protect her, but she's been having her own issues since she's [stopped smoking]. I know you'd never want to be a pond [ed: she said it!], and Beau would do it for me. That I don't have the 4th vote, that makes me nervous.

J: If I went up, I'd be nervous since I don't trust our group. I've heard you guys wanted me out since the worst week. I'd be the first picked off if it was just us girls

I: I think things have changed.
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Topic #2126143
Zazny - Jen: I think I can keep A to whatever I vote NT 0 Replies #2126143 6:20PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2126191
Zazny - I: Maggie's taking all the heat for what happened! 0 Replies #2126191 6:26PM 09/08/2005
J: Maggie's been a target for 2 weeks. You've been a target
I: For five weeks
J: For a lot of people. A has been a target for a lot of people.

I: Last week everybody was 100%. This week it isn't like that.
J: No matter what they tell you, you won't feel comfortable.
I: In reality, it should be 6-1.
Jen looks disbelieving.
J: I don't know what they're thinking.
I: You have to tell me, Jennifer. We made a pact that we'd all watch each other's back.
J: We made a pact we'd watch each other's back in HOH and nominations. (jokingly) I don't have to tell you everything!

J: People are trying to set me up along with April, so I don't believe anything that anybody says. Everybody in this house is shady. There's a strong chance that 2 people in this house are trying to set it up so it looks like we voted against you.
I: I know that you know that I am depending on your vote, because I can't depend on Rachel or Janelles.
J: We need your vote to give us numbers. Why
I: You could grab other people
J: People who gave me their word and broke it like 5 times already?

Howie comes by and jokingly says "Do you guys know when this conv. will end?"
I: Oh you cut your hair.
H gives them both kisses on their cheeks
I notices he has new underwear on today!
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Topic #2126198
raffila - Jen reveals to Iv that "2 pple" are scheming to make it look like April & I voted to oust you. NT 0 Replies #2126198 6:26PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2126260
Anonymous - Jen to Iv: "You have three votes, you have four, but i got to make you that fourth vote stays" NT 0 Replies #2126260 6:37PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2126291
Zazny - I quizzes H how the votes should go if "the plan" is in effect. Jen starts grooming H NT 0 Replies #2126291 6:42PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2126327
Anonymous - Watching quickly during commercials breaks, Iv tells Maggie what Jennifer told her NT 0 Replies #2126327 6:48PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2126340
Anonymous - April and Jan on Feed 1.. talking strategy NT 0 Replies #2126340 6:50PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2126366
Zazny - A to Jan: To show we are trustworthy, we should stick with the plan [to get rid of S] 0 Replies #2126366 6:54PM 09/08/2005
A: The odds of James winning HOH is slim to none
J: Well you have to look at what kind of competitor he is
A: If he wins, he's putting me up
J: But if you vote for Sarah, he'd protect you
A: My back is covered. But he's lied to us. Should I sit there and listen to him? Do you know what I'm saying?
J: I know what you're saying, April.

A: He's getting Sarah to do his dirty work
J: I feel like I don't know what to do anymore...and I don't care
A: Yeah, yeah.
J: I like Sarah
A: I do too. I let her know that she wasn't supposed to be the one to go

A: Kaysar told me that if we can't get James, we should get rid of Sarah
J: Let's do what Kaysar wants
A: Kaysar could be coming back...
...nobody hates S, she will be harder to get rid of later
J: I would rather be in this house with S than I
A: She'd probably not want to be in this house with any of us 3!

J: Maggie would be the only one we'd been breaking a promise to
A: That's what I have to talk to Jennifer about
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Topic #2126621
rvwinkle - F1-Beau grooming Howie F2-Jen giving Howie pedicure F3&4 Mag & Ivette on hammock NT 0 Replies #2126621 7:17PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2126733
BigBroWatcher - FISH! NT 1 Replies #2126733 7:26PM 09/08/2005
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SueR - Feeds are up and have been for awhile. NT #2127136 8:02PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2127152
Anonymous - F1&2: April & Maggie in Kitchen. F3&4: Janelle & Rachelle in HOH. NT 0 Replies #2127152 8:04PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2127153
seezall - Rachel telling Janelle that they will have to honor the agreement that they made to vote out Sarah NT 0 Replies #2127153 8:04PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2127168
Sunflake - Janelle and Rachel in HOH/April and Maggie in Kitchen 0 Replies #2127168 8:06PM 09/08/2005
(ED: I didn't realize no one was updating -sorry, this is from the last 20 minutes or so)

Janelle and Rachel were discussing what to do now. Rachel says they're stuck and they have to vote our Sarah. They screwed up and now they have to back pedal. There was more rehashing of the situation. They have to honor their agreement. Rachel says we vote Sarah out. Janelle questions this and says she wants to vote the way she wants to vote, why can't she? Rachel says this will ruin everyone's credibility, everyones.

Rachel was saying that she wants Ivette to leave too, but they just don't have the votes. They don't think Eric is coming back.

I switched feeds and April was telling Maggie in the kitchen that because of the way Ivette is acting, April won't be haning around as much. She just can't take Ivette, and that it's nothing against Maggie. Then they start rehashing everything. April admits she wants Ivette to go, but knows it will bite her in the ass. April decides suddenly to go outside, oh - Ivette just came in. She looked at Maggie and Maggie says, "crazy farkin shiate".
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Topic #2127171
seezall - Janelle angry that the other side was told that H/J/R expressed remorse to J/S. NT 0 Replies #2127171 8:06PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2127201
ibackdapack823 - woah closeup of some boobies NT 0 Replies #2127201 8:11PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2127203
JCrude - Feed 4 - Maggie, Jen, Beau, April, Ivette 0 Replies #2127203 8:11PM 09/08/2005
All in and around hot tub. At the BY table in the distance is Howie, as well as James and Sarah.

All in hot tub are talking about the shirts they made and how the dye got under the nails. Maggie and Beau mostly having this conversation.

Everyone is saying fabulous or fantabulous.

April: Do you know how much chlorine is in here?

Beau: I can smell it.

Maggie complaining about nipple coverage in her bikini top.

Ivette": You have enough coverage.

April is staring at James and Howie at the table.

Ivette and Beau telling Maggie to wear a shirt over her top.
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Topic #2127227
seezall - Ha Ha..James is saying he hopes Kaysar will be voted back in so that he can engage in intelligent conversations.. 0 Replies #2127227 8:14PM 09/08/2005
...meanwhile Bo is in the pool going, "Aaa Aaa Aaa Eee Eee Eee Aaa Aaa Aaa"
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Topic #2127250
JCrude - Howie and James Feed 1 0 Replies #2127250 8:17PM 09/08/2005
Talking about running on concrete and how it destroys your knees.

Howie asked James if he played basketball in Venice Beach.

James explaining the merits of hi-top sneakers and wrapping ankles to prevent sprains. James has a brace, a couple different ones, that he wears. He is descriptively explaining each to Rachel and what each one is for. James talking about playing last year with a bad ankle and that it was better he was out.

Rachel: Are you going into the hot tub? (to JAmes and Howie).

Both are saying yes. James will work out first.

Rachel: I'm asking you for a date in the hot tub.

Howie: Will we drink beers in the hot tub?

Rachel: No.

James: What kind of date is it when the girl doesn't get drunk?

Howie saying he and Rachel should be banging.

Howie is telling Rachel he would bang her and start banging her. Told her she was splittable.

Rachel just ignoring.

Howie can't control his guy when in boxers. The cameramen zoomed in on his crotch. Howiie has a hardon and is showing Rachel through his pants.

Rachel: Howie put it down.

Rachel is laughing at Howie making his errection go up and down.

Ivette is telling Howie to turn sideways so she can see the partial.

Howie said its a partial, about 68%

Ivette says why did you get excited?

Howie: James showed me his (I couldn't hear).

Rachel: He talks about this stuff and causes it.

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Topic #2127252
seezall - Howie has a 68% woodie he got from looking at Rachels 'STUFF" NT 0 Replies #2127252 8:17PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2127269
Sunflake - In the Back Yard and in The Hot Tub 0 Replies #2127269 8:19PM 09/08/2005
James & Howie talking at backyard table. Something about getting away with things, James is talking philosophical. James says that's why he wants Kaysar back, because they used to have these great conversations.
Rachel comes over to join them.
They discuss exercising later (Howie and James). The different types of equipment they have.

Switch to Feed 4:
Beau, Jennifer, Ivette, Maggie, Apirl all in the hot tub. Just chit chatting. Ivette and Beau telling stories. April isn't talking to anyone, she is curled up in a corner of the hot tub.
Jenn wants to know "who invented the thing about the flag touching the floor (burning it) who gives a shiate?"
She then backtracks and they talk about respecting things. They talk about if you put your purse on the ground you loose money faster. (wtf?)

April hollars something over to Rachel from the hot tub. Talk then turns to Howie having a partial.
The hot tub friendship then returns to talk about wierd things their families do, like not putting the bible on the floor or put your purse on the floor = bad luck. Ivette says you have to put your paper money in order in your wallet.

General wierdness and chit chat. Not much really.

Jenn's parents won't let her eat food at fairs and carnivals or she'll get hepititis.

(See I told you, nothing really)
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Topic #2127274
JCrude - Feed 2 Janelle and Howie in kitchen 0 Replies #2127274 8:19PM 09/08/2005
Doing their Oh Boy shtick.

Janelle and Howie at sink. doing something. \

Howie: You're cute Janie.

Janelle: You're cutie HOwie, especially with your new haircut, so handsome.

Howie says I hate Michael.

Janelle" You shouldn't hate Michael. I know you want Michael to come back.

Howie: I do.

Janelle: Who don't you want to come back. Eric, right?

Howie answering mumbling his answer.

Janelle: If Eric walks through the door can I just walk out?

Sarah at table with Janelle. Howie in kitchen moving around.

No talking between the three.
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Topic #2127280
JCrude - Sarah and Janelle going to play chess in bedroom NT 0 Replies #2127280 8:20PM 09/08/2005
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Topic #2127320
JCrude - Feed 1: Janelle and Sarah play chess in the GR 0 Replies #2127320 8:25PM 09/08/2005
Both are sitting on the bed.

Sarah: What?

Janelle: Nothing.

Sarah: Say it.

J" Now April is going to tell Maggie that stuff.

S: She says she won't/

J: Whispering - It is like she already told her.

S: Maggie hasn't said a thing since the veto. It makes me ill to think that you guys worry about what Maggie will do.

J: I think Rachel is concerned that those two girls will make us look bad. They have to be in on it, its all or nothing, but now we don't know. Two nights ago they were like, yeah, yeah, yeah, but last night they said, we've been thinking about it but we don't know personally.

Sarah: You do realize if we don't get them to swing their votes, its gonna be you and Rachel and if you don't get HOH they will pick you off one by one.

J: I know, I told Rachel that and she was like, I know. You know I don't want you to go, I want you to stay.

S: It doesn't matter what people want at this point, the damage is done.

They continue game.

J: It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, I'm just confused. She sighs.

Sarah is chewing on her finger.

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