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Topic #2133264
Caribou - Rachel whispering to Janelle poolside, sharing that she told Maggie who came up with the deal to evict Ivette (April/Jen) NT 0 Replies #2133264 1:58PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133272
Caribou - Rachel - what's he gonna do? (James) he's an *****. i don't care. this is howie's game not mine. i have other aspirations. 0 Replies #2133272 2:00PM 10/08/2005
Rachel - this is not the way I wanted to take him out either.
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Topic #2133274
Whatever - Sarah: I really wish I could be here next week because I would really like to kick some ass. NT 0 Replies #2133274 2:00PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133276
bbaddict2005 - Jen to James: I have to respect you - you made it clear which side you were on and why 0 Replies #2133276 2:00PM 10/08/2005
you were on that side. I can't stand that Rachel - she's playing right down the middle, trying to play both sides.
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Topic #2133281
Caribou - April, Jennifer seem to be aligning with James/Sarah. April claims Eric et al never tell them anything. NT 1 Replies #2133281 2:00PM 10/08/2005
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Caribou - Sarah - i've been telling you, howie and rachel are dangerous NT #2133282 2:00PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133286
Caribou - Rachel venting to Janelle at poolside about James. He's an idiot, he's using scare tactics, etc. She talks in normal voice but she can't stand him NT 0 Replies #2133286 2:01PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133306
Caribou - Rachel and Janelle talking men, life. Janelle might set up Rach with Kenny, her friend. Rachel is all for it. NT 0 Replies #2133306 2:04PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133311
Whatever - Jen and April are doing to James and Sarah what they have done to H/J/K/R and Maggie group...making them think they're on their side but they're not. 0 Replies #2133311 2:05PM 10/08/2005
Just doing it to get info.
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Topic #2133332
Caribou - April - Howie told us if you get HOH next week he's going to kiss your ass (talking about James) NT 0 Replies #2133332 2:07PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133339
ferretkiss - in the april/jen/sar/jam conversation april tells big lie about rachel... 2 Replies #2133339 2:08PM 10/08/2005
they have spent some time talking game. april spins the conversation to start demonizing rachel. april tells sar/jam that in the weight room last night, when apr approached the other group about possibly voting off ivette and keeping sar, that rach wouldnt answer and just asked apr what her gut says to do. then april tells jam/sar that she said my gut says to keep ivette because i made a promise. (all of this was true). then apr tells jam/sar that when apr said her gut says to vote out sar, rach said yes im so glad to hear that it is exactly what i wanted to hear from you. (and this was a complete lie and fabrication and apr said it in a really bad way about rach to make rach look bad for james for next week.)
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jreef - actualy, thats what r said NT #2133352 2:09PM 10/08/2005
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ferretkiss - here is the text......... (mods you can delete sorry!) #2133400 2:17PM 10/08/2005
here is the part from last night's post:

rach: asks what is in her gut (Again)
apr: i feel that i made a promise, and i would stick to that.
rachel nods her head very big.

(rachel is telling april not to vote for ivette to go, not in words but by what she is doing in this conversation)
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Topic #2133354
Caribou - Rachel at BY table telling Ivette, Beau and Maggie that James is working April and Jen in GR right now. Maggie says nothing. Beau says yea, they're in 0 Replies #2133354 2:09PM 10/08/2005
GR right now. Ivette agrees with Rachel.

Rachel - he's just trying to scare people. he's one person. don't let him scare you. he has to go. we're 9 other people
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Topic #2133376
Caribou - James tells April she doesn't need to apologize for anything. Sarah tells April/Jen please dont' think anything is personal. April back trashes Rachel 0 Replies #2133376 2:13PM 10/08/2005
while trying to protect Janelle because she "likes Janelle"
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Topic #2133379
Caribou - Rachel and Maggie discuss the HOH blog, how little time they have, how hard it is to cover everything NT 0 Replies #2133379 2:14PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133381
Whatever - James: The three most scariest people in this house right now are Rachel, Howie and Janelle. NT 1 Replies #2133381 2:15PM 10/08/2005
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angel - I think he said the 3 most Scared people was H/R/J NT #2133389 2:16PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133390
Caribou - James talking again about "training" Maggie has had or must have had. NT 0 Replies #2133390 2:16PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133392
Whatever - James: Back to talking about Maggie saying they have an understanding on some level that they have the same kind of training. NT 0 Replies #2133392 2:16PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133394
Whatever - Sarah: He never said she's a cop. NT 0 Replies #2133394 2:16PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133402
Caribou - April and James make up. Agree to be adults, not call each other names. NT 0 Replies #2133402 2:18PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133408
Caribou - April: if Rachel or janelle gets HOH, don't run and kiss their ass. Meanwhile, Jennifer creeped out of the GR. April stared... maybe surprised NT 0 Replies #2133408 2:19PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133411
Disneyisme - James says to April and Jen that no matter who gets HOH next week, if they put him up he doens't 0 Replies #2133411 2:19PM 10/08/2005
really care, becasue he will leave there satisfied with what they told him. April says 'let's not talk bad about each other this week'. Sarah interjects and says "James you shouldn't talk bad about anyone in the house this week, not just April."

April tells James that if Janelle or Rachel gets HOH, please don't run and kiss their ass, that's what starts all this crap.
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Topic #2133421
Disneyisme - James insists that when Howie talked to him in HOH, that Howie 1 Replies #2133421 2:20PM 10/08/2005
kept him in there as long as possible to make him look bad to the others. He says Howie kept going over different scenarios, and he knew it was just to keep him in there.
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bama_chevygal - James was saying that Kaysar kept him in the HOH room, not Howie NT #2133465 2:26PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133424
Whatever - James: If Sarah has two votes, Janelle did it to keep in favor with me. NT 0 Replies #2133424 2:21PM 10/08/2005
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Topic #2133444
Disneyisme - Sarah says that Howie played both sides until he chose to be part of the other side, but that 0 Replies #2133444 2:24PM 10/08/2005
Rachel was still playing both sides. April is telling Sarah and James that Rachel was telling Maggie 'if there are 2 votes that go the wrong way, it isn't from me, Janelle or Howie, insinuating it is me and Jen'.
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Topic #2133472
ejj1955 - April and Jenn lying to James and Sarah in the gold room: 0 Replies #2133472 2:27PM 10/08/2005
April has just asked J/S who he thinks came up with the whole A/Jenn vote thing? She's implying it's Rachel/Howie/Janelle (Rachel seems to be the target du jour). This is a complete lie--April and Jenn approached Howie and Janelle late at night, Rachel was sleeping and didn't even know about the "plan" to evict Ivette until the next day.

in mid-convo:
J: I knew there was no way to save Sarah this week. . . . It's personal now.
Ap: I asked, did y'all think you made a mistake. They're like, absolutely not, he has got to go!
Sarah: Kaysar is the one who went to Maggie and told her to put up James and one of your players--said all your players are week.

(can't get it all, they're talking at the same time)
S: He's not trying to make himself into a saint.
J: They used as an emotional pawns. . . . Hate me all you want, but if you're ever HOH, don't make it personal, make it strategic.
Sar: We have no more fight left in us.
Ap: Did they say who they're going after next week?
James: They said Maggie.
Ap: And me!
Jenn: Or me.
Sar: That's why I took you out in the HOH comp, it was a team decision.

Ap: The tables could have been turned. I adore Ivette . . .
Jam: Who on your team doesn't like Janelle? ... you realize that whatever deals you made, based on the lies and duplicity, those deals should be off.
James: I guarantee that the three most scared people in the house are Howie, Rachel, and Janelle.
Ap: Howie told me that James is coming after Maggie and either you [Ap] or Jenn.
James: The moment I knew that everything they told me was a lie was the pinata night. . . .(goes off on Maggie and him having similar training)
Ap: Which she denies.
discussion of this a bit . . .Ap: It doesn't matter.
James: if your team gets HOH next week and I get nominated, I don't care, I just appreciate you told me this stuff.
Ap: how about you don't say anything bad about me, and I won't say anythign bad about you . . .
James: Maybe just once a day, BB needs our fights (LOL).
James: I got completely played by the other side.
Ap; Let me ask you something. If Rachel or Janelle gets HOH, don't kiss their ass.
James: Kaysar was trying to get me to admit that Sarah and I were a team. I wasn't going to do that . . . but the longer he kept me up there, the more doubt it put into you guys' minds about me.
Ap: Let me ask you this. Why are Rachel, Howie, Kaysar, willing to sell your ass out?
James: They have a bond, they're the ones the house was originally going after.
Sarah: Janelle and Kaysar had a bond, they both lost their partners. Howie and Rachel played both sides . . . if there's one vote, we'll know it's Janelle.
Ap: Rachel is already saying, if there's one vote, it's not from me. She's pissed Ivette and I are talking. . . . Rachel wants Janelle out. She said, I'm not asking to keep everyone in our group, I'm asking you not to put up me and Howie.

Maggie comes to tell Jenn that Howie, Rachel, and Janelle are grilling Ivette now. Jenn told her to just pull Ivette away, but Maggie said she couldn't get her away.

Ap: Rachel was pissed that Maggie didn't put up James/Sarah last week. She's pissed she lost Kaysar.
Sarah: It's like chess, you can't look at the piece right in front of you. Everyone is blinded by the first move (note: Sarah treats chess like it's the key to the mysteries of the universe).
James: April, I was restrained on a couple of occasions because of things that were said about me.
April: me too. I'm not gonna say I never said anything about you.

(I have no idea where this is going, so I'm going to post.)

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Topic #2133474
Whatever - Jen outside hugging Howie and then slithering away to go pee. NT 0 Replies #2133474 2:27PM 10/08/2005
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