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mommamia Howie called to the DR. 0 8:05PM 11/08/2005
Shereebie April hollers out, 'C'MON, BB! BRING IT ON!' Crosstalk between HGs. Howie's not back yet. NT 0 8:05PM 11/08/2005
Mareenie Howie is pretty obvious talking to all the guests except Rach and Jan. He's mostly bothering A/Jen/B. NT 0 8:07PM 11/08/2005
Shereebie James tells Kaysar he wants to play chess. Says Sarah was whipping everyone all week. 0 8:08PM 11/08/2005
edinboro Howie being Howie 0 8:09PM 11/08/2005
Kaynelle They ask Kaysar if he got anything for his Bday 0 8:10PM 11/08/2005
Shereebie James and Kaysar are standing next to each other, so they are talking quite a bit. 0 8:11PM 11/08/2005
Shereebie Howie's not back and everyone's still in. April and Jen doing some whispering that I can't make out. NT 0 8:21PM 11/08/2005
Bearylin FISH on Feeds 3 & 4...difficult to hear conversations on Feeds 1 & 2 NT 0 8:21PM 11/08/2005
Shereebie They all seem pretty comfortable, for the most part. Lots of chatting. NT 0 8:22PM 11/08/2005
ktan FISH (minus the BB6 logo) on F3/F4. Tank noise drowning out conversations on other feeds. NT 0 8:22PM 11/08/2005
Shereebie I can barely hear April and Jen... 0 8:26PM 11/08/2005
Bearylin Very close whispering between April and Jenn...could hear Jenn said "would you quit" and Apr said "no" NT 0 8:27PM 11/08/2005
SizzleRI Jen just asked April if she wanted to make sequester and April said yes NT 0 8:28PM 11/08/2005
Chunga Kaysar: "I'm really good at getting girls clothes....on." LOL!!! NT 1 8:35PM 11/08/2005
imnotpunk kay to ape: april, it's pepperoni in there (points to the box) NT 1 8:35PM 11/08/2005
imnotpunk howie's back NT 0 8:36PM 11/08/2005
ktan The boxes have stopped moving on the turntable. No more noise being generated. NT 0 8:40PM 11/08/2005
imnotpunk howie: hey why dont we cut a deal? if james lets go, no one puts him up! NT 0 8:41PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous Howie says let's cut a deal here, James lets go... 0 8:42PM 11/08/2005
hoarsewhisperer Howie telling the HG's ....let's just give it to Kaysar! NT 0 8:42PM 11/08/2005
Sunflake Maggie asks, "Is there anyone that everyone would feel comfortable with them getting HOH?" James says, " yeah, me". Then Howie says 0 8:44PM 11/08/2005
Shereebie Howie tells the HGs to give it to Kaysar. They voted him out last week, pay him back. They all say, but he's had it! 0 8:44PM 11/08/2005
edinboro The wheel of boxes has stopped turning NT 0 8:45PM 11/08/2005
hoarsewhisperer Kaysar shaking his wrists NT 1 8:45PM 11/08/2005
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