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imnotpunk HGs grilling kaysar about sequester, how AC went down, etc -- he can't answer many of their questions though NT 0 6:45PM 11/08/2005
Sunflake HGs Chit chatting, asking Kay about his time outside the house 0 6:47PM 11/08/2005
citanul Jenny teases everyone and says she's going to let go and open a box. Maggie: You big liar. NT 0 6:48PM 11/08/2005
imnotpunk howie just mooned the HGs NT 0 6:50PM 11/08/2005
ChicagoSly Howie mooned the HG NT 0 6:51PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous Not sure if anyone else caught this 1 6:53PM 11/08/2005
Sunflake Still no one out, Conversations Inside the Box. 1 6:53PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous Everyone telling Kaysar that they saw Beau's "chocolate pee pee" last night. NT 0 6:55PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous Howie has lost his mind he is talking to a stuffie NT 0 6:55PM 11/08/2005
amyt92 Talk about Howie gaining weight/losing muscles..Howie"I got love handles, James still has abs" NT 0 6:56PM 11/08/2005
Cali2Jax The HG's think there is snakes in the boxes ... they hear rattling NT 1 7:02PM 11/08/2005
imnotpunk silence among the HGs as they try to figure out if one of the boxes is moving or making noises NT 0 7:02PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous The houseguests hear something inside one of the boxes 0 7:03PM 11/08/2005
Cali2Jax Fish :( NT 0 7:05PM 11/08/2005
imnotpunk jennifer really wants to let go, tells the HGs she 'wants to know what's inside that box' (the box that is moving) NT 0 7:05PM 11/08/2005
Cali2Jax Feeds Back NT 0 7:05PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous House guests think there is snakes in one of the boxes NT 0 7:06PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous Jen keeps saying she wants to let go and open a box. The 0 7:08PM 11/08/2005
imnotpunk jennifer: it could be a puppy with a rattle around it's neck! (inside the box) NT 0 7:09PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous The HG are all pretty quiet and the camera man keeps zooming 0 7:17PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous James says "I hope you girls know that Howie is raiding all of 0 7:20PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous It doesn't look very steamy in there anymore but Maggie's hair is frizzier than ever. NT 0 7:21PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous Howie : Kaisar do you want me to take your bag up the the HOH 0 7:22PM 11/08/2005
Chunga Howie is so sad. He has no one to play with! :( NT 0 7:24PM 11/08/2005
Anonymous Howie holding up a condom asking the girls "please?" "No Howie" "I'll use two" NT 0 7:24PM 11/08/2005
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