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Topic #2137848
realitycheck - Jan/Howie working out still in BY and then FISH NT 0 Replies #2137848 12:04AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2137869
realitycheck - Strategy Talk in Bathroom with Beau/Ivette/April 0 Replies #2137869 12:10AM 11/08/2005
April: We have to win it. Better to get rid of...we are agreement that James is dirty, but we know where James stands, but Rachel and Howie. Them together. my feeds died
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Topic #2137885
realitycheck - April to Ivette and Beau: If there is any questions about the vote, I will put my hand on the bible NT 0 Replies #2137885 12:12AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2137887
ejj1955 - Fish on all 4 feeds. Maggie and Jenn were in bed together having 0 Replies #2137887 12:12AM 11/08/2005
a whispered convo, but I couldn't understand much of it. Howie and Janelle in BY.
April, Beau, Ivette in bathroom talking about who comes back, April saying we have to win HOH, I don't trust any of those f*kers. We're all in agreement with James being dirty . . . I won't bash him personally, because I said I wouldn't, but we all know where he stands.
Ap: I can't wait to see what that vote is, but you have to stay calm, because we have to go play HOH right after. . . . I am honestly believing now . . . Rachel asked me this morning, but I told her, how many times do I have to tell you that I'm not going to vote to evict Ivette.

Ap: I specifically said, I vote to evict -- so she could not come back to say I was confusing. (April doesn't actually say Sarah's name, because she isn't supposed to discuss votes.)
Ivette tells them about talking to James about this, how she trusts April and Jennifer because if they voted for her, it wouldn't be pretty with Maggie.
Somone comes in, total silence--oh, I think Ivette went into the WC.
Ap: Tomorrow, if there is any question about the vote, I'll put my hand on the Bible. I've already tried getting around it . . .
Howie comes in, convo breaks up.
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Topic #2137899
BHnoah - April, Ivette and Beau folding laundry and April is saying that Sarah told her that Janelle voted to keep her (S) 0 Replies #2137899 12:18AM 11/08/2005
then saying how Janelle told her last night that she couldn't get away from Sarah
and said Janelle said what should I do
April says you know wwe all made an agreement

my god does she always have to spread lies and change the truth to fit her needs
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Topic #2137918
BHnoah - F2: Howie in Kitchen/Dr fixin some cereal, walkin about there -- lookin @ picture wall, fish tank walking somewhere NT 0 Replies #2137918 12:27AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2137923
BHnoah - F2:now it is James & Sarah in GR playin' chess-- Howie popped his head in now & then leaves NT 0 Replies #2137923 12:28AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2137941
BHnoah - Feed 3/4: April, Maggie and Jennifer whispering about swearing on the bible (in bed). April said so and so asked her to, Maggie said she would never 0 Replies #2137941 12:36AM 11/08/2005
swear on a bible. More whisper whisper but can't make anything out

F1/2: James and Sarah still playing chess in GR (not much talking)
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Topic #2138003
realitycheck - F1/2 Howie moving some items from HOH room to Kitchen, Janelle washing up for bed. NT 0 Replies #2138003 1:01AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138005
realitycheck - F3/4..Maggie and Jennifer talk about non-game things -- outside of the house. NT 0 Replies #2138005 1:03AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138033
realitycheck - F 3/4 James to Sarah: Are you crying? I am happy you are leaving. 0 Replies #2138033 1:11AM 11/08/2005
I happy you are leaving this house.

They kiss and cuddle a bit.

Sarah...how crazy would it be if you hooked up with Maggie. She doesn't have a partner. If you get HOH, you need to tell her, you lost someone important, she lost someone important, you both lost your partners, you have to come up to some sort of understanding to trust and work together.

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Topic #2138036
Anonymous - ja & S talking in GR. Going over the merits of J pairing w/ Mag(hard to make out their whispering) NT 0 Replies #2138036 1:12AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138053
realitycheck - Sarah: Do you really think that you will love me for the rest of your life? 0 Replies #2138053 1:26AM 11/08/2005
James: Yeah, if you don't **** it up.
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Topic #2138054
knifey_spooney - James and Sarah whispering 0 Replies #2138054 1:26AM 11/08/2005
Sarah hates how everyone keeps telling her how she "doesn't belong there" etc. Sarah thinks it means she is a sucky player.

James tells her it means she would have been the best player if she wasn't with him.

Before James was saying that he needs to win the money to go back to school. He tells Sarah she came to the house because her life sucks, she has debt and bills and she came here to make them go away (win the money). He was talking about some guy he knows that is taking internet courses to graduate, and how the guy has a LExus. He was instructing Sarah on things to do when she got home.

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Topic #2138064
ejj1955 - James and Sarah in bed, lots of rustling. She said she didn't want to go to sleep . . . 0 Replies #2138064 1:30AM 11/08/2005
he said he needs his strength for tomorrow (LOL). Quiet now, maybe they are really going to sleep.
Howie and Janelle talking, HOH bathroom, Janelle is doing stuff to her hair. They're talking about relationship stuff mainly, not game so much. Talk about what they'd do with the money if they won, Janelle says she'd buy her condo, which she's wanted to do for a long time; give some to her family; get her breasts reduced (WTF?) wants them to be B's not C's, look more natural. Howie didn't really notice that they were fake at first, then realized they didn't move much.
Howie says Rachel has a great, unbelievable body for a 32 year old, ten years ago she was great. Comparing her to Jenn, I think. Howie says they both have great bodies; Janelle mentions that Jenn is too short.
Janelle says she wouldn't want to be shorter.
Howie says he's going to take a shower.
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Topic #2138069
knifey_spooney - Howie and Janelle 0 Replies #2138069 1:32AM 11/08/2005
Howie thinks Jenny has nice boobies for a petite little girl. He asks Janelle if she thinks to too?

Janelle says yeah, but she's too short. Howie says that Jenny told him she is just under 5'1" Janelle says that means she is 5ft

Howie said he told Jen that if she was a little taller, she would be his prototype. He says if they shrunk Janelle she would be good too. Janelle says that she wouldn't want to be shorter.

Howie is going to have a shower. Janelle asks if he wants her to leave? He says no, you can't see thru the shower door anyways. He says how they saw Beau's "pee pee" Howie says "little Bo-bo" Janelle says she didn't want to see Beaus penis. Howie says you didn't eh?
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Topic #2138075
realitycheck - James and Sarah asleep...well they were. 0 Replies #2138075 1:35AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138079
knifey_spooney - Howie re: April - Is this fu*king bi*ch retarded? 0 Replies #2138079 1:37AM 11/08/2005
Making fun of April not wanting HOH next week, she says she wants to get it the next week after. He says why wouldn't she want to assure herself of safety next week.

Talking about the first HOH being understandable to not want, but after that, you are in the game.

Making fun of Ivette wanting eveyrone to throw it so she could get rid of Janelle. JAnelle calls Ivette a stupid b*tch. MAkes fun of Beau being out on the first question 2 weeks in a row.

Howie eating an apple.
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Topic #2138087
Anonymous - Howie and Janells dishing the dirt about April 0 Replies #2138087 1:39AM 11/08/2005
Howie and Janelle yaking about nothing in particular but childish things. I learn that Beau has a big penis, Jennifer is 5 feet tall and that Howie told her that she's a prototype. Howie likes Jennifer and Rachel's boobies but Jennifer's are younger. Janelle thinks that the Thursday night show will be a two hour special. Janelle doesn't trust April or Jennifer. Howie and Janelle start HEAVY trash talking about April. It's now about 1:40 a.m. house time.
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Topic #2138117
knifey_spooney - More Howie and Janelle chatter 0 Replies #2138117 1:49AM 11/08/2005
Howie talking about how someone (Angie? her little sister I think) wants to see her and is missing her.

Howie tells Janie that Michael will go crazy when he sees her. He talks about her features, and says that she makes him crazy. He says Michael will come back and they will go in the Gold room and he will "finger bang" her. Janelle says he will not finger bang me Howie!!

Howie makes a joke about her getting drunk before competitions. Janelle says you guys are mad at me! I told you I could compete! So its not my fault! Howie says its over now, so he isn't going to lose sleep over it.

Janelle asks what are these? Sleeping pills? Howie says no, they're for my "syphillitus"

Janelle gets out of bed, she says the cameras are pissing her off, they follow her wherever they go. Her back hurts and she asks Howie for a back massage when he gets to bed.

She says she bets that Howie is their favorite HOH.

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Topic #2138119
Anonymous - Finger Bang and Friggin Nerves 0 Replies #2138119 1:49AM 11/08/2005
Howie to Janelle: Ohhhh Howwwwie
Janelle: Ohhhhh Howwwie

Howie to Janelle: When Michael comes back he is going to finger bang you.
Janelle: Michael is NOT going to finger bang me.

Howie: Let's get some sleep for tomorrow
Janelle: I can't sleep
Howie: Well I guess I'll go take a shower.

Janelle: The camera's are always following me around. They get on my friggin nerves.
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Topic #2138125
knifey_spooney - Howie and Janelle speculate about the viewers opinions of them 0 Replies #2138125 1:51AM 11/08/2005
Howie wonders if the viewers like them (Janie and Howie) Janelle says maybe him, but not her. She says she is irritating. The viewers might not like that.

Howie asks if she thinks they like him better than they liked Cappy. Janelle says "God, yeah!"

Howie asks Janelle if she would be friends with Jennifer outside the house. Janelle says maybe ... if she wasn't so weird. I mean who goes around doing everyones nails? She is insecure.
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Topic #2138138
knifey_spooney - Janelle and Howie about the partners 0 Replies #2138138 1:57AM 11/08/2005
Janelle and Howie saying that the first week of HOH was OK because they weren't the targets. Janelle says she had to deal with the whole Ashlea being up on the block thing.

Janie asks Howie what he would have done if his partner was nominated the first week? Howie says he would have tried to rally votes. Janelle says she tried, but eveyrone had already decided, so it was hard.

Howie says Ashlea was a good person, it was bad luck really. He said that he would rather hang out with Ashlea in the house than those idiots (paraphrased)

Janelle asks Howie if he knew about the partners at the beginning. Howie says yeah, him and Rachel figured it out. Janelle asks what Rachels reaction was, and if he knew that Kaysar and Michael were partners. He said he did, because Michael said that Kaysar could be trusted on one of the first days, and Howie wondered what his loyalty was. He said the same about Janelle and Ashlea. He said by the pool on the second day after nominations, Janelle was trying to save Ashlea, and he thought it was weird, so he thought they were partners.

He figured Eric/Maggie out because Eric was talking about a scar on Maggies arm from accross the yard.

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Topic #2138153
knifey_spooney - Janelle: Were all Rachels ex-boyfriends rich? 0 Replies #2138153 2:19AM 11/08/2005
Howie says "keep this between you and me, I don't want to ruin Rachels image in front of America" but she is attracted to prestige and power. He says he has never seen one of her exes in person. He says its not like he was really close to Rachel outside the house, they didn't see each other for a year and a half.

Janelle: Does Rachel like you?

Howie: No, I don't think so...

Janelle: Oh Howie!! Do you like her??

Howie: I don't want to say one way or another...She's pretty etc.

Janelle presses Howie some more.. she keeps asking Howie if he likes her, and will he date her outside the house. He says sure, I'll take her out, like to the movies.

Janelle squeals and says OMG thats so sweet! She asks Howie if he wants to kiss her and why doesn't he? Howie says its like her and Michael, Rachel won't do anything because of the cameras.

Janelle asks Howie if when they get out of the house, he will tell Rachel that he loves her. He says he isn't going to go that far. He says he will bang her and see if it works. He says its like a test drive, no poiint in wasting money on dinner unlesss the banging is good. Janelle says she doesn't know why he puts up a front. Howie says that a first date is like an interview anyways. Janelle agrees. Howie says that is from Van Wilder. He says that his buddy called him up, and they found the online profile of the girl that he was on Blind Date with.
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Topic #2138159
knifey_spooney - More Janie and Howie + (Janelle presses howie about his crush on Rachel) 0 Replies #2138159 2:23AM 11/08/2005
She is talking about Michaels cars, he has a Range Rover and an Audi. Howie says those are nice cars.

Before Janelle was telling Howie that Rachel told her that she always liked Howie. Howie seemed interested to hear this. Janelle wanted to know about how many times Howie was in love before. Howie says about 3 times. Janelle asks if he was ever engaged... Howie says oh god no! Whats the point?

Howie was talking about being a meteorologist. Talk about some weathergirl in Miami that was voted hottest weather girl in the country, and how she is in Cali now. Howie has a Lexus.

Now Howie taking a shower and Janelle fidgiting with things around the bed.
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