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Topic #2138180
Chunga - Howie and Janelle still talking in HoH about nothing in particular. Everyone else asleep. NT 0 Replies #2138180 3:04AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138184
Chunga - Janelle rolls over for sleep and Howie listens to his CD for a bit, but is now trying to sleep. NT 0 Replies #2138184 3:23AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138618
pooh5983 - Everyone but one is asleep 0 Replies #2138618 6:47AM 11/08/2005
I hear moving but dont see anyone.
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Topic #2138723
pooh5983 - The hg are getting really restless NT 0 Replies #2138723 7:17AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138919
pooh5983 - Feeds are on 0 Replies #2138919 8:06AM 11/08/2005
Feed 1 &4 are on the big room
Feeds 2 is on HOH
Feed 3 is on GR
Everyone is still sleeping
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Topic #2138927
Snarky - Rach is up NT 0 Replies #2138927 8:09AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138931
pooh5983 - Rachel is up and in the WC NT 0 Replies #2138931 8:10AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2138956
pooh5983 - looks like she is getting ready for the gym NT 0 Replies #2138956 8:15AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2139024
pooh5983 - Reachel is doing her workout in the moring on feed 1 and the other are a sleep on the rest of the feeds NT 0 Replies #2139024 8:25AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2139110
Anonymous - Camera man was following Rachel's "Boobies" 0 Replies #2139110 8:35AM 11/08/2005
while she worked out. She nicely wiped off the treadmill and is now doing leg lifts on another machine.
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Topic #2139144
pooh5983 - reachel is doing some stuff in Kichten NT 0 Replies #2139144 8:43AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2139173
Anonymous - Rachel tidied up last night's dishes 0 Replies #2139173 8:48AM 11/08/2005
from the sink and then went to get something out of the fridge. She sniff it and said, "gross, no way". She's now in the storage room and got something out the fridge there.
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Topic #2139193
Anonymous - While Rachel is cooking her breakfast 0 Replies #2139193 8:51AM 11/08/2005
she is whispering and mumbling to herself. I can't tell what she's saying, but it's pretty constant.
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Topic #2139298
terrybelle - Rach sitting in LR, looks exhausted NT 0 Replies #2139298 9:11AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2139321
terrybelle - Rachel must be having happy thoughts 0 Replies #2139321 9:16AM 11/08/2005
she has been sitting on the couch with a really sad look on her face when all of sudden a little smirk came over her face and then a slight smile
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Topic #2139331
Anonymous - Rachel picking lint off pillows 0 Replies #2139331 9:19AM 11/08/2005
in the living room. Saying to herself, "these pillows are horrendous". Now sighing and staring into space.
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Topic #2139347
Anonymous - Close up of Rachel 0 Replies #2139347 9:21AM 11/08/2005
She is talking to herself. Her lips are moving like she is having an imaginary conversation with someone.
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Topic #2139422
pooh5983 - Ivette is up by the sound of it NT 0 Replies #2139422 9:33AM 11/08/2005
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Topic #2139582
Anonymous - R to I: If i leave before Howie, take care of him for me 0 Replies #2139582 9:52AM 11/08/2005
R:I think America loves Howie..I know I do
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Topic #2139617
Anonymous - Ivette & Rach in kitchen 0 Replies #2139617 9:56AM 11/08/2005
Ivette fixing breakfast.

I: I tell you this is the best thing you came up with (talking about something R makes for breakfast. I have it every morning.
R: Thanks. I tell you if I go before Howie, make sure you take care of him for me.
I: I think you're going to last for a long time. I'll be out of here you know why? Because I've had too much to say and I'm unbendable. I just find it funny, you know what I mean? People tell me Iv, play the game. I'll play it but there is only so much I can do. In the real world when I don't like something I leave and I hate it that I can't do that here. You can but it's not a smooth process.
R: But you really don't want to leave right, I mean not yet.
I: Do I want to leave this week - no, I want to see who's coming in. Do I want to leave before I get HOH - no, but there are days when I don't need this torment.

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Topic #2139650
Anonymous - Iv and Rach cont 0 Replies #2139650 9:59AM 11/08/2005
R: I'm really happy for Howie. I think america loves him. I love him.
I: I know you do. I think he's exactly what you need. Have you ever told him?
R: It's not like that. It's just a thing.
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Topic #2139747
Anonymous - Rach & Iv talking about dreams 0 Replies #2139747 10:08AM 11/08/2005
R explaing her baby dream and she had terrible dreams and that's what was wrong with her yesterday and that's why she looked down.
I I had my breaking point before and everyone has the point where they're just..
R: I know, that's why I was glad I had How upstairs, I just had to wait for him to get up so I could cry on his shoulder.
I: The windows look clean.
Talking about wake up music. Last week R had to wake up people. Wants to make them get up and clean the house while R and I supervise.
I: can I ask you a question? Did it somewhat bother you when Janelle's came out before yours?
R: I thought about that actually. It might have bothered me for a moment, but I just let it go. I recognized it.
I: I know that for you you're his partner and you have nothing to worry about but the way I took it was, we know she's your partner and we have to keep her so just put in her key first.

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Topic #2139772
Lelie - Ivette practices nomination speech (for James) 0 Replies #2139772 10:10AM 11/08/2005
I: (re: possible nomination speech)I think alot of people jumped right away. I think the best way to do it is to backdoor.
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Topic #2139833
Lelie - Rachel discusses work after BB 0 Replies #2139833 10:17AM 11/08/2005
She is unsure whether or not she will go back to work for her company. If they hire her back it will be at teh same status.
R:I couldn't pass up this opportunity though, especially when I didn't even chose it for myself. To be one of only 14 people in the country to get to do this...
Ivette is sure Rachel will be hired back.
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Topic #2139848
Lelie - FISH 0 Replies #2139848 10:19AM 11/08/2005
Rachel and Ivette talking about cleaning.
Feed goes to FISH
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