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frienship gang trying to pressure jen to put kaysar up not james NT - strad
1:17PM 13/08/2005

Ivette-they were just using j&s to get rid of me NT - strad
1:21PM 13/08/2005

jen got the gang to leave by saying she needs to use the bathroom NT - strad
1:23PM 13/08/2005

Kay plan for next week HOH if they win - amIsane
1:27PM 13/08/2005

Janelle and Kaysar in the GR Bed, - valentine
1:29PM 13/08/2005

april and jen whispering in the hoh - strad
1:30PM 13/08/2005

jen asks april who would april put up - strad
1:32PM 13/08/2005

Now We See Jenn and April Alone in the HOH Suite - valentine
1:34PM 13/08/2005
Also, they plan to tell a lot of lies about James, saying he manipulated them. They laugh about this. Swear each other to secrecy NT - Caribou
1:43PM 13/08/2005
After their talk, they left it with Kaysar going up. (for now) NT - Sunflake
1:38PM 13/08/2005

Here Comes Maggie - valentine
1:37PM 13/08/2005

Maggie's Diabolic Plan - valentine
1:38PM 13/08/2005

Kaysar is in Big Trouble - valentine
1:39PM 13/08/2005
Maggie then went back and said she wasn't sure, she would need a long time to think about that one. NT - Sunflake
1:41PM 13/08/2005

maggie is talking to jrn in hoh - strad
1:40PM 13/08/2005
Jen also said she doesn't want to ever lie to someone's face like that. Set them up and then do something else. NT - Caribou
1:45PM 13/08/2005

Jen tells Maggie that she really wants Rachel out, Maggie wants Kaysar - Zazny
1:41PM 13/08/2005

Jenn Says April Wouldn't Give Her a Straight Answer - valentine
1:43PM 13/08/2005

J: Kaysar's the leader. If he stays he will always be the leader. - Zazny
1:45PM 13/08/2005

Now beau in hoh with jen - strad
1:51PM 13/08/2005

Now Beau Sashays Into the HOH Suite - valentine
1:51PM 13/08/2005

Jenn Talks About James' Crying Act - valentine
1:54PM 13/08/2005

Jen asks Beau who'd he vote off between James/Kaysar - Zazny
1:55PM 13/08/2005

ivette in hoh - strad
2:03PM 13/08/2005

now they said veto was tomorrow. NT - strawberry
2:11PM 13/08/2005
That's the veto meeting; the comp is over. NT - ejj1955
2:14PM 13/08/2005

james just told howie and kaysar that they totally underestimated the girls - strad
2:12PM 13/08/2005

snippet in the afternoon after veto comp. - ferretkiss
2:30PM 13/08/2005

Tidbits From the Last Half Hour - valentine
2:38PM 13/08/2005

Daily Recap to this point - KinkyLilBlackDress
2:38PM 13/08/2005

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