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Howie asking Jan sexual questions... - Kayfan
5:26PM 13/08/2005

Howie's innapropriate questioning - Skamito
5:27PM 13/08/2005

Jan and Howie talking about how Jen is a whore. NT - Kayfan
5:27PM 13/08/2005

Howie loves boobies and nice manicured "boxes". (Ed: ew.) NT - Kayfan
5:28PM 13/08/2005

more Howie sex interrogation - Skamito
5:30PM 13/08/2005

Howie thinks Janie is pure and that's why he wants her. - Kayfan
5:31PM 13/08/2005

Rachel says to Howie...."don't wake up the king...." - Zara
5:31PM 13/08/2005

Rachel is cautioning Howie not to wake up - sowhat
5:37PM 13/08/2005
Do you mean KAYsar? NT - lurker542
6:58PM 13/08/2005

Rachel just told Howie..."You're in such trouble, when we get out of here!" NT - Mirage
5:47PM 13/08/2005
Sleeping - tdodd0718
6:05PM 13/08/2005

J,H asleep in one bed in the GR while R reads the Bible.. - danieldaniel
6:07PM 13/08/2005

Rachel goes outside and brings James inside. They are cooking something. In the barracks, - Mirage
6:22PM 13/08/2005

Howie awake..Joins Rachel, James, and Beau in the kitchen - amyt92
6:30PM 13/08/2005
Ivette appears in the kitchen..She whines about it being hot in the house "There must be a typhoon or something somewhere" NT - amyt92
6:32PM 13/08/2005

They are all complaining that it is 75 inside, and that it is cold outside. One of the HG says there must be a typhoon out there! NT - Mirage
6:30PM 13/08/2005

Ivette trying to redeem James some more. - Kaynelle
6:54PM 13/08/2005

A little earlier in the kitchen Beau said he had just shamed - Kaynelle
6:56PM 13/08/2005

Beau: "When I see myself, drunk on TV, I'm never gonna drink again." NT - SleeplessOnLI
7:03PM 13/08/2005

Mags to Rach: Are you making dinner for every one? - Kaynelle
7:04PM 13/08/2005

What the hell? Maggie going to Kaysar saying she has "heard" that Kaysar is already plotting against her NT - ibackdapack823
7:11PM 13/08/2005
Jen told Maggie in HOH room that during the HOH comp, Kaysar said Jen would have to put up Maggie - bama_chevygal
8:22PM 13/08/2005

Maggie approaches Kay in the BY - Kaynelle
7:14PM 13/08/2005

Kay and Maggie discuss in BY - Kaynelle
7:19PM 13/08/2005

interesting kaysar and maggie facing each other with their arms crossed - strad
7:20PM 13/08/2005

Mag: I'm sick of hearing people talk about each other - Kaynelle
7:22PM 13/08/2005

Kaysar still hasn't a clue - strad
7:24PM 13/08/2005

Kaysar now telling Maggie about the deals Jen made to get - Kaynelle
7:25PM 13/08/2005

Kay speaks about the nomination speech - Kaynelle
7:27PM 13/08/2005

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