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Topic #2163639
strad - frienship gang trying to pressure jen to put kaysar up not james NT 0 Replies #2163639 1:17PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2163686
strad - Ivette-they were just using j&s to get rid of me NT 0 Replies #2163686 1:21PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2163704
strad - jen got the gang to leave by saying she needs to use the bathroom NT 0 Replies #2163704 1:23PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2163755
amIsane - Kay plan for next week HOH if they win 0 Replies #2163755 1:27PM 13/08/2005
Put up Ivette and Jennifer. That way they put team against team (Iv/Beau vs. Jenn/April) and Magg has to pick a team, therefore disrupting the "friendshit" group. If Jenn gets veto, put Magg up.
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Topic #2163769
valentine - Janelle and Kaysar in the GR Bed, 0 Replies #2163769 1:29PM 13/08/2005
just like the old days.

She is laying on her back with the yellow covers pulled up to her chin. Her hair is in a high ponytail.

He is laying on his stomach next to her, but he is on top of the covers.

BB told Kaysar not to obstruct his mic, and then they tell Janelle the same thing.

They both talk back to BB, like angry children.

Janelle: OK!! I'm fuc*ing freezing, OK?

Kaysar: Oh, Janelle the little princess.

Janelle is complaining that she is on the block more than anybody in the house. She doesn't want to think about the sequester house. She seems resigned to being voted off this week.

Kaysar was planning strategy for next week with her, so he seems to think she is staying and James is going.
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Topic #2163780
strad - april and jen whispering in the hoh 0 Replies #2163780 1:30PM 13/08/2005
april whispering that james wants to stay one more week and they should keep him
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Topic #2163791
strad - jen asks april who would april put up 0 Replies #2163791 1:32PM 13/08/2005
april says kaysar.
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Topic #2163821
valentine - Now We See Jenn and April Alone in the HOH Suite 2 Replies #2163821 1:34PM 13/08/2005
sitting on the bed and talking game. They are going over their options. April tells her that while Kaysar wants Maggie out, they now know that Jenn is a huge threat. Jenn thinks there is at least a chance that he won't put her up if he wins HOH.

Maggie knocked on the HOH door: Are you still poohing?

Jenn and April didn't move.

Jenn: We're talking privately.

Maggie, through the door: Oh. I didn't know April was up here. OK. That's funny. I didn't know........ When you get a chance, I need to talk to you, too.(and she moves away from the door)

Jenn and April look at each other. There is irritation on Jenn's face.

April: She needs to talk to you, too (points to Jenn) or does she need to talk to us, two. (indicating both)

Jenn: It doesn't matter.
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Caribou - Also, they plan to tell a lot of lies about James, saying he manipulated them. They laugh about this. Swear each other to secrecy NT #2163945 1:43PM 13/08/2005
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Sunflake - After their talk, they left it with Kaysar going up. (for now) NT #2163879 1:38PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2163855
valentine - Here Comes Maggie 0 Replies #2163855 1:37PM 13/08/2005
after Jenn and April finish their chat in the HOH. Jenn calls her up.

April: Did you want to talk to both of us??

Jenn: I want to talk to her alone.

April, sarcastically: Oh. OK. Whatever.

Now Maggie comes in with a new, diabolic plan.
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Topic #2163877
valentine - Maggie's Diabolic Plan 0 Replies #2163877 1:38PM 13/08/2005
Jenn: If it was between Janelle and Rachel, I'd want Rachel out. I hate Rachel.

Maggie: You can keep Rachel on the block!

And she tells Jenn that she should let everybody know they want Janelle out.

Jenn: Oh no way. Rachel is way too selfish not to use it on herself.

Maggie: You have to convince her that you will put Howie up and we want Howie out over Janelle.
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Topic #2163891
valentine - Kaysar is in Big Trouble 1 Replies #2163891 1:39PM 13/08/2005
Jenn: Now, pretend you are HOH and you're totally selfish. And it's you, James and Kaysar. Who do you want out?

Maggie: Kaysar.

Jenn, smiling: OK. Next!
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Sunflake - Maggie then went back and said she wasn't sure, she would need a long time to think about that one. NT #2163909 1:41PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2163893
strad - maggie is talking to jrn in hoh 1 Replies #2163893 1:40PM 13/08/2005
maggie blackmail rachel that howie will go on the block if she takes herself off
jen is concerned about breaking deals jen feels she will onlu break one full deal putting up kaysar
jen asks maggie who would you put up james or kaysar. maggie says kaysar because kaysar is a more effective leader and james has no credibility
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Caribou - Jen also said she doesn't want to ever lie to someone's face like that. Set them up and then do something else. NT #2163968 1:45PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2163910
Zazny - Jen tells Maggie that she really wants Rachel out, Maggie wants Kaysar 0 Replies #2163910 1:41PM 13/08/2005
Maggie suggests telling R that Howie will go up and that the house really wants Janelle out.

M: Tell Howie that he will be sent home, no questions asked.
J: I would rather have James or Kaysar out of the house first. Then Rachel's my next worry. The only reason I want R to go home is I don't want her in sequester, but that's not really a good reason. James and Kaysar are my priority. The second hesitation, and I know people don't see this now because of what I did last night, in my plan is I would rather not lie blatantly in someone's face and do the opposite.
M: So you can't put up Kaysar?
J: I never said I wouldn't put him up. If I put him him up it would be [the second half of the deal] broken. If I do this to Rachel, it will be 2 deals broken. They don't see it as "half a deal" like I do.

Jen says something like if it's you, James, and Kaysar, who do you get rid of? Mag says Kaysar and Jen yells out "next!"

J: Give me a real answer, don't give me April's *****. Why do you get rid of Kaysar against James?
M whispers something
J: That is a bigger threat than what James is capable of?
M: James's credibility is gone with everyone. We can use him. We can never use Kaysar as a vote
J: That's why you would get rid of Kaysar? April told me why she would vote for both, and it didn't make sense because the one she would keep had more against them. I want to talk to each individually, because when you're in a group.
M: I didn't think you cared.
J: The reason I didn't want to hear before nominations, is because this group talks in circles. I don't want people hounding me. You can convince me why you would want Kay over James and I still vote James off. I don't let people sway me.
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Topic #2163935
valentine - Jenn Says April Wouldn't Give Her a Straight Answer 0 Replies #2163935 1:43PM 13/08/2005
when she asked April the same question.

Maggie: I'm glad you're able to make a decision.

Maggie says that she didn't think Jenn wanted to talk about it since she put her headphones on.

Jenn: I'm tired of this group saying the same things over and over and over. I'm sick of being hounded about what you want to do, cause it's not going to make me change my mind if I don't want to do it.

Maggie sounds a little stunned.

Jenn: Ya'll won't know what I'm doing until I do it. I want ya'll to tell me why you want things done in here. Don't just tell me what to do.

Ed Note: We're witnessing quite a little power trip here.
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Topic #2163976
Zazny - J: Kaysar's the leader. If he stays he will always be the leader. 0 Replies #2163976 1:45PM 13/08/2005
J: James manipulates in a different way than Kaysar. James manipulates why you should keep him. Kaysar manipulates the vote. Kaysar will come out and say things because he will try to control you because he thinks he can. James will say 'let's make a deal.' Don't tell anybody what we talked about.
M: No.
Jen calls up Beau
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Topic #2164052
strad - Now beau in hoh with jen 0 Replies #2164052 1:51PM 13/08/2005
beau says he will evict james because he is not trustworthy but he thinks he can beat kaysar in a pov comp
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Topic #2164060
valentine - Now Beau Sashays Into the HOH Suite 0 Replies #2164060 1:51PM 13/08/2005
and sits on the bed, wearing an acqa polo shirt. He has popped the collar.

Jenn: Well, do you have anything to say? Maggie and April both just started talking, I didn't have to say anything!

Beau,pausing: Well, I love you!

And they hug.

Beau starts rambling about it being 50/50 between James and Kaysar. He sounds hesitant about saying what he thinks.

Now Jenn asks him the same question she asked both April and Maggie.

He looks like he is thinking deeply. (and, it might hurt)

Beau: Um..Um. James, but only because he has gone back on things he said to me. And, um...Kaysar. Kaysar affects people personally. He gets in their head. James only thinks strategically....It's a hard decision. I can see what you are thinking.

Jenn is kind of smirking at his answer and rambling.

Jenn: Who is more threatening?

Beau: I know I have more of a chance of beating Kaysar than James. If it's a timed event, I can beat both of them out of the water.

They are sitting cross legged on the bed, facing each other.
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Topic #2164101
valentine - Jenn Talks About James' Crying Act 0 Replies #2164101 1:54PM 13/08/2005
Jenn: And I know he's going to pull that on me.

Beau: Oh, he's tried that on me a couple of times.

Jenn: I know he's sad over Sarah and all, but no guy I know cries that easily.

Beau talks about a conversation with James when James was kissing his ass.

Beau: I was like, just eat your fuc*ing sundae!
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Topic #2164123
Zazny - Jen asks Beau who'd he vote off between James/Kaysar 0 Replies #2164123 1:55PM 13/08/2005
B: James has promised me things that haven't come true. He swore on the Bible and that got me. Kaysar...I see where he comes from. He effects people personally. Gets in their head...It's a hard decision. I see where you're coming from...uhm....I would vote Kaysar off regardless. I would vote James off because he ***** me off personally.
J: You obviously want them both gone. So who would you choose.
B: I have more of a chance to beat Kaysar in veto. In a timed event I could beat both underwater. [Beau jokes that Eric did bad at POV because he was short]. James would get nervous if I were against him in a competition. He told me...
J: I think that's part of his strategy. Make you think he's on an even playing field with you so you don't think he's a threat. Then he compliments you and you start liking him...He doesn't seem like the kind of guy who would cry a lot. Sarah is gone so he [may start being more emotional].
B: We can use that to our advantage

Jen says in last week's food comp James complimented Jen for helping out, but bashed Janelle for helping out the Crapettes. Jen says she didn't like that he bashed her for helping.

They say that even if James backstabs them next week, they are no worse off than they are this week.

B: I say vote off Kaysar.

Ivette is next, so I'm turning off feeds
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Topic #2164213
strad - ivette in hoh 0 Replies #2164213 2:03PM 13/08/2005
Ivette thinks howie and rachel and janelle cant function without kaysar
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Topic #2164342
strawberry - now they said veto was tomorrow. NT 1 Replies #2164342 2:11PM 13/08/2005
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ejj1955 - That's the veto meeting; the comp is over. NT #2164376 2:14PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2164350
strad - james just told howie and kaysar that they totally underestimated the girls 0 Replies #2164350 2:12PM 13/08/2005
james said the other team is cycling through the hoh room. kaysar just asked why?
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Topic #2164514
ferretkiss - snippet in the afternoon after veto comp. 0 Replies #2164514 2:30PM 13/08/2005
iv talking about nakomis.
maggie, beau, jen there. jan was there, dont see her now. this is in the kitchen.
jen talks about when they (BB) get their (houseguests) pictures and stuff from home (for HOH). jen: do they like get it the first week. [duh]
iv: lets tell jan to come in here and do dishes.
iv: lets go outside. come on. come on.
they disperse, talking about getting hair dye, underwear, and socks.

empty kitchen, lots of water bottles and glasses left on the counter/bar. camera stays there.

[i switch to quad - fish on all feeds.]
now 2 feeds on april and jen outside with laundry (2 on empty LR).

apr: hopefully dewan will be there and hopefully larissa. larissa is really nice.
jan: yeah she is nice.
apr: i really loved her.
apr: i get to talk to my husband. (jumping up and down).
apr:im gonna go get more towels, and we need more tide. ill be right back.
jan: i feel sad for this lighter, there is no cigarettes to use it.
jan: (sings) its a boring day in the bb house.
beau comes out. ivette at the table eating a sandwich. all three sit at the table.

they are talking about pleasure island in the downtown disney village, where all the clubs are at, bongos, go to epcot.

cam switches to GR showing rachel big smile on her face, but audio is still ivette talking.

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Topic #2164591
valentine - Tidbits From the Last Half Hour 0 Replies #2164591 2:38PM 13/08/2005
* James is in the GR with Rachel and Kaysar. Maybe Howie, too. He tells them that last week, he told Janelle that one of the best things that will happen when he gets out of the house is that he can hear music again. He really misses that.

* James said that coming into the house with a girlfriend is the worst possible scenario of all. Kaysar asked him some questions, and he explains that he had already received the email from casting inviting him to apply when he met Sarah. That got us the FISH.

* After the FISH, we see April and Janelle talking excitedly by the laundry area in the backyard. One of them asked whether BB might have someone to do their hair. Janelle said, "Look at my hair. It's a disaster." Turns out they were discussing life in the sequester house. April thought they probably might have a hair dresser there.

April: And I'll get to talk to my husband.

Janelle: And Michael!!!

April: And we can play with ourselves!!

They jumped around and giggled like little girls.

April: And we'll have our handler people there. I hope that Larissa is there. I fuc*ing love Larissa.

Janelle: Yeah. She's nice.

And we got the FISH on that.

* James is telling the GR group that he took his finger off the button because he saw what Ivette was going through.

James: She was doing it for her girlfriend, and her brother, and her whole family. And I thought, I'm up here doing this for 11 hours and I'm doing it for revenge. And I revenge for who? I don't even know.

He also mentioned that Janelle was up at the glass encouraging Kaysar, and that April was cheering for Jenn and he had nobody.

* James hopes that there are big BB watching parties in Atlanta.

Ed Note: I haven't heard about them, but that doesn't mean its not happening. I don't even know many fans of the show.
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Topic #2164594
KinkyLilBlackDress - Daily Recap to this point 0 Replies #2164594 2:38PM 13/08/2005
Big Brother 6 Daily Recap for August 13, 2005


***Contains Adult Language and Content***

Recap for the recap: After the long endurance HoH Comp, Jenn came out the victor after promising the newly-returned Kaysar to put up Ivette and Maggie for eviction, then back-dooring James. As HoH, Jenn went back on her word to Kaysar, and nominated Janelle and Rachel. But, there is still talk of getting James up there after veto.

8:20am BBT: G'morning, Bitches.
As usual, Rachel is the first up. James rises an hour later, but decided to return to bed. Rachel spends her breakfast silently looking at the Memory Wall, not ranting to herself as we have seen in the past week or so. At 10am, Big Brother plays the theme song as a wakeup call. When the girls in the HoH Room decide to shut the lights off, BB scolds them, saying, "‘What is rude, is you bitches turning off the lights after I told you to turn them on."

10:50amBBT : Jenn and April Further Delude Themselves
Jenn is pissed that she is the only girl, except Beau, that hasn't hosted a Comp, yet. Yes, those were her words. April shares her thoughts on how Janelle is going to be portrayed on the show as a Gold Digger. She tells Jennifer about how she confronted Janelle yesterday about calling them bitches. "I really like [Janelle], but every single thing about her is fake. Her personality is fake. And she's not the smartest tool in the shed." Oh, the irony....smartest tool....isn't it sharpest tool? Comments about being fake coming from the lady with augmented ta-tas and a chin implant.

Jenn: Last week Sarah came up to me at this same time (before the PoV Comp) and said, "This isn't a beauty pageant, Jenn."
April: I didn't know that....
Jenn: She just wanted to use me for my abilities.

Jenn: I just wanted to be HoH before I left. I knew people were going to start nominating us, soon.
April: Do you think Kaysar will nominate us?
Jenn: Yes.
April: You do? Duh....
Jenn: After Maggie first, but yes.

Later, April and Jenn whisper about the POV. "If we can't talk we have to use telepathy." Jenn instructs her, "If it's a game like last week, go for Janelle, not Rachel."

12:30pm BBT : After PoV Competition, Kaysar Becomes Target
PoV Details
Pairs: Rachel & Howie, Janelle & Kaysar, Jenn & April
Winner: Rachel

In the HoH Room, Ivette and Beau try to do their best on convincing The Friendship <cringe> that they need to put Kaysar up on the block if PoV is used.

April: If we get rid of Kaysar, they'll go after James.
Jenn: If we get rid of Kaysar, James will be on our side.
April: Big time. They'll go after James first.
Jenn: Don't you dare tell James any of this because I don't want you to give him hope (in case I change my mind).
Ivette: If Kaysar goes up and we send him home, right away the targets for next week will be me and James.
Jenn: Personally, James will probably go up.

The Friendship continue to say that they are playing a 'clean' game, while the Sovereign side has been playing dirty all along. Ivette notes that "The only thing we've done is play nice and that made us gullible. We have to play dirty now." Maggie, Ivette, Beau, and April talk about going back on their promise to Howie and Rachel about putting James up to "finish the deal", putting up Kaysar instead. When Jenn puts on her headphones, to drown out the discussion, April confronts her and asks, "Don't you want to talk about this?" Jenn responds with, "Put it this way, if y'all keep talking about it, maybe I'll hear something to make me change my mind (about putting James up). Jen lets the group know about how she gloated to Janelle on their group having all the power, and it doesn't matter how her group votes. Maggie, of course, loves this.

1:20pm BBT : Back in the Gold Room
Kaysar plans for next week's HoH. If they win, they will put up Ivette and Jennifer. That way, they put team against team (Ivette & Beau vs. Jenn & April). Maggie would have to pick a team, therefore disrupting the Friendship. If Jenn gets the veto, they would put Maggie up. James has been spending quite a lot of time in the Gold Room today, even after what happened last week.

1:30pm BBT : Jenn does her HoH Interviews
As they consume all of Jenn's HoH treats, Ivette and April talk about bringing James into their cult. Sick of all this talk, Jenn tells them all they need to leave the HoH room, so she can use the bathroom. Begrudgeingly, they follow orders, except April, who sticks around, trying to convince Jenn to put up Kaysar. April whispers that James wants to stay one more week, and they should keep him. She asks, "Without taking anyone else in the group in mind, if it were you: Kaysar, or James, who would you put up?" April replies Kaysar.

When April leaves, Maggie comes in. Again, she asks, "Without taking anyone else in the group in mind, if it were you: Kaysar, or James, who would you put up?" Maggie answers Kaysar. Jenn wants to hear Maggie's opinion on things, but lets her know that her mind won't be swayed by the other's decisions. They can keep talking to her, trying to convince her, etc., and maybe she'll take something of what they said. But, in the end, it's her decision, and that she is going to be the one making it. "The reason I didn't want to hear before nominations, is because this group talks in circles. I don't want people hounding me. You can convince me why you would want Kay over James and I still vote James off. I don't let people sway me. Ya'll won't know what I'm doing until I do it. I want ya'll to tell me why you want things done in here. Don't just tell me what to do." Whoa, someone grew a backbone! You tell her, Jenn!

Beau's up next, and plays the wishy-washy-whatever-you-want card. Asking the same question, "Without taking anyone else in the group in mind, if it were you: Kaysar, or James, who would you put up?" Beau responds, "Um..Um. James, but only because he has gone back on things he said to me. And, um...Kaysar. Kaysar affects people personally. He gets in their head. James only thinks strategically....It's a hard decision. I can see what you are thinking."

Ivette's turn. It's no suprise that she's gunning for James to stay. She says that Howie, Janelle, and Rachel can function without James, but fall to bits when Kaysar is gone.

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