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Topic #2166464
Kayfan - Howie asking Jan sexual questions... 0 Replies #2166464 5:26PM 13/08/2005
H: When's the last time a guy went down on you? J: None of your business.
H: When's the last time you went down on a guy? J: None of your business.
H: Have you ever had impure thoughts in church? J: Yes, everyone has.
H: Have you ever banged your boyfriend in an airplane bathroom? J: no.
H: Are you going to fart on me again? J: no.
H: If you were a guy, would you bang Rachel? J: I don't know.
H: But she's cute, right? J: Yeah.

H reminiscing on other perverted questions he's asked. Jan saying "fingerbang" is so high school. Janelle talking about how there are rumors about Jenny blowing all sorts of guys in Texas. Howie saying Jen can't sue him for slander.
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Topic #2166470
Skamito - Howie's innapropriate questioning 0 Replies #2166470 5:27PM 13/08/2005
H- Janie, when's the last time a guy went down on you?
J- None of your business.
H- When was the last time you've blown a guy?
J- None of your business.

H- Have you ever banged your boyfriend in the bathroom of an airplane.
J- No.

H- Are you gonna fart on me Janie?
J- Shut up, no.
H- You farted on me earlier.

H- I used to ask you perverted sexual ***** all the time.
J- Like what?
H- Like I used to ask you if your box was shaved, if you had a landing strip, when's the last time a guy fingerbanged you?
J- Fingerbanged, that's so disgusting, who says that?
H- That's why I like it, it's so high school.

They talk about Texas rumors of Jenny's blowing and it cuts to FISH.
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Topic #2166474
Kayfan - Jan and Howie talking about how Jen is a whore. NT 0 Replies #2166474 5:27PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166487
Kayfan - Howie loves boobies and nice manicured "boxes". (Ed: ew.) NT 0 Replies #2166487 5:28PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166498
Skamito - more Howie sex interrogation 0 Replies #2166498 5:30PM 13/08/2005
H- How many guys did you bang in high school?
J- One.
H- (mishears her thinking she said Why) Cause I wanna know.
J- One, I said.
H- Wow, that's awesome, you're not a slut. That's why I love you. You're so innocent and pure I love that about you. If everyone got a turn, you wouldn't be as sexy.

Rachel tells him to stop harrassing her.
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Topic #2166505
Kayfan - Howie thinks Janie is pure and that's why he wants her. 0 Replies #2166505 5:31PM 13/08/2005
Janie only banged one guy in high school. Howie gets all excited and tells her how f-in awesome that is and how it's why everyone wants her, because she doesn't give it up to just anyone. Rachel tells Howie to stop harassing Janie... he says "Sorry, Ray Ray."

Rachel wishes there was another Bible there so she could have something to read.

They all fall back into silence.
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Topic #2166506
Zara - Rachel says to Howie...."don't wake up the king...." 0 Replies #2166506 5:31PM 13/08/2005
"...he is sleeping" in reference to Kaysar. lol so cute!
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Topic #2166535
sowhat - Rachel is cautioning Howie not to wake up 1 Replies #2166535 5:37PM 13/08/2005
the king. She is refering to Ratsar.
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lurker542 - Do you mean KAYsar? NT #2167282 6:58PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2166580
Mirage - Rachel just told Howie..."You're in such trouble, when we get out of here!" NT 1 Replies #2166580 5:47PM 13/08/2005
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tdodd0718 - Sleeping #2166723 6:05PM 13/08/2005
K,H and J sleeping in GR, Rachel munching on chips
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Topic #2166752
danieldaniel - J,H asleep in one bed in the GR while R reads the Bible.. 0 Replies #2166752 6:07PM 13/08/2005
...on the other bed. R is munching loudly on chips and the mic picks up every crunch.

K is asleep in the room as well (on the footbench).

F1/F2 are empty
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Topic #2166918
Mirage - Rachel goes outside and brings James inside. They are cooking something. In the barracks, 0 Replies #2166918 6:22PM 13/08/2005
Beau tells Ivette of a dream he had, which included several snakes in a house. After he relays the dream, he begins whispering about how Rachel went outside and talked to James and 2 minutes later, James comes in and refers to Rachel, as mommy.

(In reality, they walked in together and James said that he felt like it was like his mom calling him in for dinner. He did refer to her as mommy. Also, he joked that normally R wants him out of the house.)
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Topic #2167004
amyt92 - Howie awake..Joins Rachel, James, and Beau in the kitchen 1 Replies #2167004 6:30PM 13/08/2005
James appears to be cooking..Just spilled olive oil all over the floor.

Howie giving Beau a neck massage

Howie: "We love you beau-beau, even when you get drunk and stupid"
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amyt92 - Ivette appears in the kitchen..She whines about it being hot in the house "There must be a typhoon or something somewhere" NT #2167022 6:32PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2167009
Mirage - They are all complaining that it is 75 inside, and that it is cold outside. One of the HG says there must be a typhoon out there! NT 0 Replies #2167009 6:30PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2167236
Kaynelle - Ivette trying to redeem James some more. 0 Replies #2167236 6:54PM 13/08/2005
Ivet to Maggie in the BY: James didn't know how dirty he was playing until it hit so close to home.

Ivette wants to take Kaysar out.

Maggie: He talks to me like I'm the leader of the group.
He hasn't talked to me since he's been here. He's mad
at me.

Mag: I won't believe anything you tell me about James not
wanting me up until I see him get HOH and he doesn't nominate me or
back door me.

Iv: I know how hard this is for you since...Cappy. I'm not saying James means anymore to me than Cappy does.


Maggie: Jen is so strong and independent. I really like that about her, but it makes me feel like.... It's a ver safe way to be HOH.

Maggie: When I was HOH... all 5 of us is HOH.

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Topic #2167267
Kaynelle - A little earlier in the kitchen Beau said he had just shamed 0 Replies #2167267 6:56PM 13/08/2005
his sister. He explained the Sat show was on, and that his sister was
seeing him drunk on his butt.

Jen is surprised by this and said, "You mean people are watching TV and rooting for me right now?" She's excited by this.
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Topic #2167337
SleeplessOnLI - Beau: "When I see myself, drunk on TV, I'm never gonna drink again." NT 0 Replies #2167337 7:03PM 13/08/2005
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Topic #2167359
Kaynelle - Mags to Rach: Are you making dinner for every one? 0 Replies #2167359 7:04PM 13/08/2005
Rachel: I'm making food and who ever wants to eat it-- yeah.

Beau: You mean we all eat together as a happy family? (a tad of sarcasm in his voice.)
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Topic #2167454
ibackdapack823 - What the hell? Maggie going to Kaysar saying she has "heard" that Kaysar is already plotting against her NT 1 Replies #2167454 7:11PM 13/08/2005
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bama_chevygal - Jen told Maggie in HOH room that during the HOH comp, Kaysar said Jen would have to put up Maggie #2168176 8:22PM 13/08/2005
and another strong player from her team (ed. Jen Lied). Then this afternoon April told Maggie that Janelle said something abt Kaysar wanting Maggie on block.

(ed. note: Looks like Maggie is finally catching on to Jen & April's lies)
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Topic #2167490
Kaynelle - Maggie approaches Kay in the BY 0 Replies #2167490 7:14PM 13/08/2005
Can I ask you a question? 2 people have told me since you've been back that you've been plotting against me.

Kay: How is that even possible?

If it was such a big deal and hell bent on getting you out I would have never let go of that button. My intention was to go after James and that's it. I've heard the deal was to take care of James and Sara

Mag: Consecitevly (sp) yeah

Kay: Hopefully that's happening.


Maggie: Do these people WANT me to go after you? Is that why they are lying?

Kay: Make them give you specifics. There aren't any.

I don't have resentment for you. I knew you were gunning for James
and I got caught in the crossfire.

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Topic #2167552
Kaynelle - Kay and Maggie discuss in BY 0 Replies #2167552 7:19PM 13/08/2005
Maggie: I was kind of weird about Rachel keep holding on to the button. I told Jen that it was understandable you kept your button pushed bcas you didn't know what happened and what was promised the previous week.

Kay: I'll answer anything you want. I just want to get through this week.
I just got back. I don't want to lose Rachel or Janelle. That's my thing. I don't know who's saying what.

Maggie- You know I won't say.
I just thought it was a useless thing to say because I thought we were on the same page.

Kay: Obviuosly. They don't want us to communicate.

Mag: I'm sure they are really surprised I walked out here.

Kay: I'm glad you came and talked to me.

Mag: Please don't share this.

Kay - I promise.

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Topic #2167561
strad - interesting kaysar and maggie facing each other with their arms crossed 0 Replies #2167561 7:20PM 13/08/2005
maggie says maybe they dont want us to communicate
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Topic #2167586
Kaynelle - Mag: I'm sick of hearing people talk about each other 0 Replies #2167586 7:22PM 13/08/2005
I'm going right to the source. I feel like I'm in High SChool again.

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Topic #2167602
strad - Kaysar still hasn't a clue 0 Replies #2167602 7:24PM 13/08/2005
Mag-I'm tired of hearing what other people have to say i feel like I'm in HS
K thank you and you can always come to me
m -I would like to discuss certain things...is this gray is this black and white
K-remeber i didnt give you an answer right away if you were safe
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Topic #2167614
Kaynelle - Kaysar now telling Maggie about the deals Jen made to get 0 Replies #2167614 7:25PM 13/08/2005

Maggie is Surprised.

Kays: I didn't want my people going up as a pawn.
5 hours later she completely went back on her word.

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Topic #2167630
Kaynelle - Kay speaks about the nomination speech 0 Replies #2167630 7:27PM 13/08/2005
Kay: Why was her nomination speech directed at me instead of the nominees?

Mag: Maybe she really respects you.

Kay: I find that hard to believe
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