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jan to kays: i wish michael were her he's so fun...not that your not fun kays - dizzy
4:44PM 16/08/2005

Earlier, Beau Was Wrapped Up on the HOH Floor - valentine
4:45PM 16/08/2005

kays just told janie he's going to move out to miami with her and - dizzy
4:46PM 16/08/2005

kays to jan: beau gets so gay when he's drunk! Now he wants out of there away from those people. NT - dizzy
4:46PM 16/08/2005

april is back in the hoh. NT - dabbaby
4:47PM 16/08/2005

april seems to have been crying NT - dabbaby
4:48PM 16/08/2005

Janelle-Kaysar Banter - valentine
4:48PM 16/08/2005

jan looking at the map in GR and testing kays on the capital of countries. he's doing pretty well. NT - dizzy
4:50PM 16/08/2005

When April Returned to the HOH - valentine
4:51PM 16/08/2005
Also Ivette said something about it being April's fault Beau was so drunk, she kept encouraging him to drink. Ape said, - Sunflake
4:54PM 16/08/2005

April: The dill is I can handle personal attacks on me... - memyselfandi
4:51PM 16/08/2005

Jan: Capital of Canada? Kaysar: What does it start with? Jan: M. Kaysar: Montreal. [Ed: LOL. It's Ottawa] NT - awshucks
4:52PM 16/08/2005
J: What is the capital of Italy? K: What does it start with? J: an R K: I dont know. J: Its Rome dumb@ss!! NT - Jovian
4:53PM 16/08/2005

Janelle and Kaysar quizzing each other on world capitals - memyselfandi
4:53PM 16/08/2005
he said he didn't know all the arab and laughed that he knew the european better. NT - dizzy
4:54PM 16/08/2005

Howie and Rachel in the BY, seemed R was saying to let Jan rant - notchbaby
4:54PM 16/08/2005

BB: Rachel, please go to the DR (said a minute after she told Howie she was upset with K for giving away his game) NT - memyselfandi
4:54PM 16/08/2005

Jen didn't come w/Ape, she came with her HANDLER - buffalogirl
4:59PM 16/08/2005
Maggie also said something about her handler and how they both got sick NT - Nikki254
5:02PM 16/08/2005

Iv: April, you change your mind as often as you change your underwear. I think you need to start thinking long term. NT - citanul
5:09PM 16/08/2005
Also, April said she thinks they made a mistake nominating Kaysar. So Ivette made that comment in response. NT - Caribou
5:13PM 16/08/2005

James in HOH with April, Ivette and Beau. James spills what Rachel told him - Caribou
5:14PM 16/08/2005

James telling all to the nerd-herd - Nikki254
5:15PM 16/08/2005
I don't think he mentioned F2 or that he could only win $ with them...he just said R said he should join them and could win with them and that other - wickedgames
5:54PM 16/08/2005

april talking to james beau and ivette in hoh room - strad
5:20PM 16/08/2005

James laying down full out on HOH bed. He slips up and says he now wants HOH so bad next week. - Caribou
5:33PM 16/08/2005
james also said he wanted it so he could put "those 2 up" meaning rachel and howie NT - WendyLee
5:47PM 16/08/2005

Jenn is reading the BB rule book and found somthing that HOH gets luxury comp winnings too. - Sunflake
5:37PM 16/08/2005

The Little Dictator - valentine
5:53PM 16/08/2005

bb james please go to the Dr NT - virdee
5:54PM 16/08/2005

Jen/Beau/April have regrets of pushing out Kaysar - memyselfandi
5:56PM 16/08/2005

5:45 to 6PM BB time - ferretkiss
5:57PM 16/08/2005

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