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April still at the Bar - no sign of Jen. Janelle comes out of the bedroom and says something briefly to Maggie and then J walks to the bathroom - Suzan
9:33PM 16/08/2005

Janelle finally awake, Kaysar still in bed but I think he woke up from nap too NT - memyselfandi
9:34PM 16/08/2005

jennifer sitting lonely at hot tub waiting for attention. james just came up and continues to suck up to her NT - DALLAZMEX
9:35PM 16/08/2005
James tells her that of all the girls in the house beside Sarah that Jen is most his type NT - memyselfandi
9:40PM 16/08/2005
james says to jennifer that "sarah's always liked you." NT - DALLAZMEX
9:37PM 16/08/2005

Now they are giving her something to smile about, they are bad mouthing Howie. April talking about going to the - Suzan
9:39PM 16/08/2005

April just said Rachel is freakn wierd b/c she buys her clothes too small. NT - littleefan
9:43PM 16/08/2005
Ivette questioned what she meant and April says, Rachel told me she can't dry her clothes because - Suzan
9:46PM 16/08/2005

Beau at hot tub with Jen, Howie is there too and giving Jen a backrub. Jen talking again about her blog and what to write (she - Suzan
9:47PM 16/08/2005
Rachel is sitting in the hot tub. Jen is going over the BB rules again and they figure out that the reason Maggie did not - Suzan
9:58PM 16/08/2005
Howie talking about his "Polock" roomate, Jen asks "what's the difference between Polock and Polish?" NT - Suzan
9:51PM 16/08/2005

April and Ivette have been at the fish tank for awhile. James was in the kitchen when they first sat there and Ivette began trash talking - Suzan
9:54PM 16/08/2005

Howie and Jen talking about The Contender contestant... - GreyHoody
10:10PM 16/08/2005

Kaysar and Janelle are outside playing chess while Howie contines to give Jen a backrub. NT - janka
10:14PM 16/08/2005

Ape just said the thought of Howie touching her shoulders disgusts her NT - Time2getLost
10:18PM 16/08/2005

April is in HOH room getting to be a victim AGAIN - memyselfandi
10:26PM 16/08/2005

BB: April, other house guests, you are not allowed to talk about you DR sessiont NT - Joolz
10:47PM 16/08/2005

April says Howie isn't SUPPOSED to use the C---- or P---- words, but he CAN (?!?) - Kayfan
10:48PM 16/08/2005

Maggie: Is Ivette going to be OK when we vote to evict James? - memyselfandi
10:49PM 16/08/2005

Apr: Can we go to bed? Can we go to bed? NT - Joolz
10:55PM 16/08/2005

I (to Beau): You are not a happy drunk. - Joolz
10:58PM 16/08/2005

April now talking about being victimized by Ivette - memyselfandi
11:00PM 16/08/2005

Stupid Girl (Jen) Mags & April in HOH worrying about how to get rid of James.... DOH ! -- NT - Pig32
11:02PM 16/08/2005

April: I am a stable human being - memyselfandi
11:06PM 16/08/2005

Jennifer talking about pathological liars believing their own lies referring to James!!! NT - memyselfandi
11:10PM 16/08/2005

James, Ivette and Beau: James: I would say "last week you took out my queen, this week we take out your king" NT - Joolz
11:11PM 16/08/2005

Jennifer/Maggie/April have been talking smack about James for 30 minutes now - memyselfandi
11:13PM 16/08/2005

April says she would rather Kaysar win the money than Janelle - memyselfandi
11:14PM 16/08/2005

Howie saying America does not want to watch the nerd herd - seezall
11:21PM 16/08/2005

YAY we get S4 together for the first time tonight - memyselfandi
11:21PM 16/08/2005

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